Adobe Premiere Elements vs iMovie

By Ann Young 13 days ago, Software reviews

Adobe Premiere Elements vs iMovie

If you need a reliable video editing software, I recommend you to choose the one from Adobe Premiere Elements vs iMovie. Read on the article to learn their feature sets.

Adobe Premiere Elements is the video editing software that is the industry standard and widely used by both amateur and professional photographers and video editors.

iMovie is a powerful editing tool that simplifies video editing with a great user-interface and an easy to use features that allow you to edit, record, convert, or export your clips.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Premiere Elements is much more powerful and feature rich than iMovie. With Elements, you are getting the most out of every dollar that you spend on it, because it allows you to maximize what you already have. It comes with a comprehensive guide that explains in detail everything that you need to work perfectly with the software, as well as technical support from Adobe, should you encounter any problems along the way.

Adobe Premiere Elements is the winner >

Adobe Premiere Elements Features:

  • Trimming capabilities
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Real-time preview
  • Remix music
  • Grains reduction

What is Adobe Premiere Elements?

adobe premiere elements interface

Adobe Premiere Elements comes with a huge list of features that enables you to edit and combine different video clips, photo images and audio tracks into one smoothly running piece. Some of the main advantages that it has over the other common video editing software are its user-friendliness, flexibility, high quality, and the fact that it comes bundled with Adobe Elements platform, the pre-installed in most new computers.

One of the main things that you will find in the Element's package is the fact that it lets you quickly jump between views by converting your video footage or photos into a panoramic film with the help of one simple drag. This feature is very useful for getting a quick overview of how the shot should be converted into a video and eliminates the need for complex video editing processes.

What is Imovie?

imovie interface

The advantages of iMovie are its user-friendliness, high quality video output, built-in video compression features and unique video editing features. It also has a unique drag-and-drop feature for easy file organization and auto-tagging facilities. These functions make it very easy for new users to work with this video editing software.

iMovie also provides several professional features including: video transitions, video cuts - detects and uses individual video cuts while editing, various effects - includes 50+ effects for overall video processing and smooth transitions. Another great option of the program is its translucent Image feature which creates a translucent picture from any video input. Overall, iMovie is very useful for editing long videos as it provides ease of processing, high quality output and allows you to add text and graphics to the movie.


adobe premiere elements logo
imovie logo

Adobe Premiere Elements & iMovie Features:

  • Quick Edit mode
  • Smart guides
  • Overlays collection
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Asset organization
  • Zooming option
  • Easy cropping
  • Split video feature
  • Ability to add music
  • Creative transitions

Adobe Premiere Elements and iMovie Price:

STARTING PRICE $99.99/license Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the most popular video editing software in the market today. It is used by millions of people every day and is known for its professional features and ease of use. The latest features include HD support, an array of photo retouching tools, support for multiple cameras on a single computer, and a cinematic style interface.

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