Adobe XI vs DC

By Ann Young 13 days ago, Apps and Software

Adobe XI vs DC

If you don’t know what Acrobat version to use – Adobe XI vs Adobe DC, you must read this article to learn all the pros and cons of each.

Adobe Acrobat XI is one of the most popular software applications for both Macs and PCs that allow people to create, edit and share PDF files and many other types of documents.

Adobe Acrobat DC is the industry-leading software for creating and working with secure digital files for both novice and seasoned computer users who are interested in enhancing the performance of their programs.

Final Verdict:

If to compare these two versions, Adobe Acrobat DC is much more advanced and rich-featured. It is packed with all new instruments which make it extremely user-friendly. You can use all advanced features from the start without having to install any additional components or plugins.

Adobe Acrobat DC is the winner >

Adobe Acrobat DC Features:

  • PDF creating and editing capabilties
  • E-signatures support
  • Sharing options
  • Easy conversion to PDF format
  • Different viewing modes

What is Adobe Acrobat XI?

adobe acrobat xi interface

One of the biggest advantages of Adobe Acrobat XI is that it comes with a full range of tools for manipulating PDF files, including options for simple and advanced customization. You can use custom styles and themes with features that let you create unique document structures and manage fonts, borders, and formatting in several ways. You can also make use of advanced features for everything from renaming multiple items in a group to hiding or activating tabs.

One of the greatest advantages is the feature that allows you to preview documents in their native size in portrait mode. Also the software contains built-in printer support, which allows you to print PDF files directly from Acrobat. In fact, it includes everything that you would expect from a program meant to edit, manipulate, and share documents and images.

What is Adobe Acrobat DC?

adobe acrobat dc interface

Adobe Acrobat DC provides tools to enhance the performance of many common applications such as PDF, WinVista, Office and other Windows-based programs. With it you can create, edit and search for PDF documents which can be easily stored and delivered to others on the Internet.

The software enables you to access your PDF files from any location and is highly reliable for synchronized access between electronic devices and personal computers. This means that when you get ready to share your latest work of art with your friends, colleagues or family, you do not have to take time to transfer the documents by copying them over networked computers or storing them on external hard disks. It is also possible to publish PDF documents to the web and send your files to all those who need them.



Adobe Acrobat XI & Adobe Acrobat DC Features:

  • Flexible sharing
  • Documents and images conversion
  • Security options
  • Multiple editing features
  • Adding interactive elements
  • In-built printer
  • HTML conversion
  • Ability to combine files
  • Adding comments
  • Creative Cloud integration

Adobe Acrobat XI and Adobe Acrobat DC Price:

STARTING PRICE $12.99/month $12.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

All the features of Adobe Acrobat DC have made the application one of the most popular PDF readers on the market and it is obvious that once you download it, you will never use any other programs for your PDF needs again.

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