Adobe Express vs Clipchamp: Which Tool is Better

By Eva Williams 13 days ago, Software Reviews

Adobe Express vs Clipchamp offer a rich set of features and tools for clip editing. However, Adobe Express is a multi-functional platform where you can perform not only basic clip edits, but also try out intuitive tools for removing backgrounds, animating captions, adding branding elements, etc. In turn, Clipchamp is aimed only at working with video projects.

Adobe Express, previously known as Adobe Spark, may become your indispensable tool for quickly creating visual effects such as logos, collages, presentations, various brochures, and business cards, for detailed image editing, and the like. Here you will find a large collection of attractive templates to spur your creativity, but it is also possible to create your own projects from scratch. All the main clip editing tools are at your disposal: cut and splice clips, and try out various ready-made templates.

Clipchamp is a free resource with rich functionality for creating video clips that match the formats of popular social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. Comparing Adobe Express vs Clipchamp, I can state that both programs come with customizable templates for video clips. You can easily master Clipchamp’s user-friendly interface and take advantage of cloud storage. A variety of priding plans will definitely please you.

What Is Adobe Express?

adobe creative cloud express logo

When you open Adobe Express for the first time, you won’t get lost of functions, as the developers have tried to make the interface user-friendly and neat. Even a beginner will figure out how to use the tools available in a mobile and web application. The main tasks you can fulfill here are image editing, website building, and video clip creation. You can make all of the above with no effort thanks to the thousands of visuals and fonts collected in the library. It also presents some of the powerful tools of other Adobe software, but in a simpler form.

The Canva vs Adobe Express comparison is also frequently discussed. Both products are a great find for users with no experience in graphic design, providing extensive functionality. Canva’s hallmark is a palette of 6 colors, but you can add more if needed, and with Adobe, you can create a logo and tagline that perfectly fits your video outro. What’s more, CC Express has everything you need to create a captivating one-page website unlike Canva, where you can only design it.

  • adobe creative cloud express interface
  • interface adobe creative cloud express

    Adobe Express: Pros and Cons

    User-friendly interface. CC Express is very easy to manage on any platform. But in terms of Adobe Express vs Clipchamp comparison, I should note that when working on a PC, you may be a bit confused at first – the shortcuts and right-clicks you’re used to are missing. However, this is not problematic and you will quickly get used to the controls.

    Basic animation and video. Comparing Adobe Express with the best video editing software, I can say that it offers pretty basic features for working with video. There are 7 ready-made templates, quick steps to cut or split a video, as well as convert it to animation.

    I also want to highlight the voiceover function – it doesn’t record your voice acting separately but is connected to your microphone. The latest version of Adobe Express for smartphones offers clip-cutting and resizing features to optimized videos for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more in just a couple of minutes.

    Rich collection of images and fonts. Each plan has its own number of pictures and fonts available in the library. For example, with a premium plan, Adobe Stock offers you 20,000 fonts and 175 million images. What’s more, all assets are constantly updated. The free plan is not as rich in choice; however, you will only notice this with very heavy use. You will also find some stock audio features, but there are no similar ones for video yet.

    Fast photo and clip editing. Express combines some of the most popular features of the CC group. Particularly valuable are the features of Adobe Photoshop, such as effects, top filters, enhancement, and blurring. All these tools have long become indispensable for most users. Also, it is possible to remove the background from a photo using Adobe AI Sensei technology.

    Excellent collaboration options. The premium plan provides you with possibility to create, manage, and share your projects in the CC libraries. Thus, teamwork and collaboration with the client will always be consistent. Customize your brand and easily add corporate identity elements to your project. Because the software doesn’t have a commenting feature, you can wind up with long email chains.

    Perfect export/import features. The software allows users to export files in popular formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, and MP4, and publish them directly from the program, which is very convenient. However, not everything is so clear with the size and quality of an exported file. Besides, it is impossible to output in some common formats like GIF and less common ones like EPS.

    Handy autosave feature. Perhaps this function will seem to someone redundant, but this is an underestimation. You don’t have to save your progress all the time so as not to lose it in case of technical problems.

    Watermarked photos and videos in a free version.

    What Is Clipchamp?

    clipchamp logo

    ClipChamp is a feature-rich web-based clip editor that has everything you need to spruce up your clips. Rotating, cropping, cutting, adding filters, and adjusting color/brightness – you can do all these tweaks in the program. The developers have created extensive functionality so you can change the background, add transitions and adjust the video speed, as well as insert your own text. If having stock graphic, video, and audio assets is paramount for you, then choosing between Adobe Express or Clipchamp, you should opt for the latter.

    This is an excellent video editor for YouTube, Instagram, and other social networks, and web platforms. With ClipChamp, you can create your own movie with professional voiceovers thanks to the AI ​​Voice Generator feature that turns text into speech. What’s more, a free version gives you an infinite number of video clips to create, access to all the basic editing tools, and the possibility to save a video without watermarks (however, this does not apply to projects where stock assets were used).

    • clipchamp interface
    • interface clipchamp

      Clipchamp: Pros and Cons

      Well-arranged interface. The interface is very easy to use. Functions and tools are located very conveniently so as not to interfere or distract a person from a project. The developers have presented almost all effects, filters, and other features visually, which greatly simplifies access to them.

      Plenty of free video templates. If you compare Adobe Express vs Clipchamp in terms of templates, you will see that both have a lot to offer. The templates of the latter are designed specifically for some event or direction. Some will fit perfectly for advertising, others for business presentations, and the rest are dedicated to some important events. All template elements can be changed, replaced, and customized.

      Templates are available in both vertical and horizontal formats to meet the requirements of different social networks. I advise small businesses to pay special attention to this resource – the number of templates for advertising, marketing, and sales promotion is simply overwhelming.

      A lot of video transitions. With Clipchamp, you can add various transitions and effects to your clips. What’s more, here you can create such transitions even yourself. Such elements are often used in advertisements or YouTube videos. Try out the “branding” kit, which consists of fonts, shapes, top-quality images, and other assets to make them even more attractive.

      Free stock footage, audio, and images. In stock assets, you’ll find something special for every vibe, genre, or event. You will also enjoy a rich selection of royalty-free music, pictures, and sound effects for your clips. All this, combined with the “branding kit” already familiar to you, will make your project catch everyone’s attention.

      Perfect text options. Clipchamp has 42 text overlay styles, many of which are animated. They are conveniently grouped: Title, Caption, Two-Line, Special, and Intro/Outro. The big advantage is that fonts are not tied to templates, and you can change them, as well as choose any color you like. More than 60 typefaces are at your disposal.

      Features to work with sound. The free version has 11 background music soundtracks to choose from, while the Business version has 21. Simply drag and drop any of them onto the timeline, adjust the volume with a slider, and keep creating. You can also separate audio from a video to save it separately. However, this feature is only available in Clipchamp for Windows 11.

      Perfect export and sharing options. Clipchamp formerly required a subscription to export HD video, but now even free accounts may export to 1080p. If your project is less than 15 seconds long, you can save it as a GIF, which gives another point to this program in the Adobe Express vs Clipchamp battle. The export screen includes buttons to share your video as a link directly from Clipchamp, as well as options for uploading to Google Drive, YouTube, TikTok, OneDrive, Dropbox, Pinterest, Box, and LinkedIn.

      Slow export rendering

      Most stock content requires a subscription

      Adobe Express vs Clipchamp: Price

      adobe creative cloud express price

      Freemium applies to Adobe Express. This means that the product is available both paid and free, but in the latter case, its functionality will be somewhat limited. You can find the app in App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and browser for free.

      Adobe Express Premium version costs $9.99 per month and offers 20,000 Adobe premium fonts and 175 million free images from Adobe Stock.

      The premium version is free for users with K-12 plans and is available with Creative Cloud All Apps subscriptions and flagship single-app plans over $20.

      clipchamp price

      The editing functions of Clipchamp are free, but a premium subscription gives you unlimited online storage and access to more stock content.

      Clipchamp Creator is available for $9 per month and includes unlimited video exports, full HD 1080p exports, unlimited cloud storage, and unlimited audio content.

      Clipchamp Business costs $19 per month and includes unlimited video exports, full HD 1080p exports, unlimited cloud storage, unlimited audio stock, and a branding kit.

      For $39/month, you may get Clipchamp Business Platinum, providing you with all the above-mentioned options plus unlimited video and image stock usage and premium templates.

      Adobe Express vs Clipchamp: Who Wins?

      The decision is based on your objectives. Basic clip editing is available in Adobe Express. Here you get everything to improve your clips for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms just in a few minutes. The great advantage is that you can do this directly from your mobile phone. Thanks to its flawless integration, CC Express might be a wonderful addition to making designs quickly if you already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

      Clipchamp is a wonderful clip editor suitable both for artists and marketing specialists. It’s simple enough to get started with right away, yet it has enough functionality to create more complicated video clips. Its cloud connectivity, stock libraries, and graphic features make it simple to complement your movies with everything you want. Clipchamp will satisfy you in splitting and cutting videos or creating pro-grade video presentations.

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