Addevice App Development Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 19 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Addevice company develops all sorts of applications for businesses and individual users. It has been engaged in this sphere for many years and knows how to create targeted apps that will assist people with different tasks.

I like that the agency has a growing team of creative experts who listen attentively to clients’ demands and come up with several solutions to satisfy them. I really appreciate that they develop high-quality applications and help you understand what product you need even if you can’t clearly explain what outcome expect to get.

  • Creative and responsive experts
  • Lots of thematic mobile apps
  • Adapts to clients’ needs
  • Doesn’t create desktop software
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Addevice service has united talented mobile app developers, web designers, programmers, graphic designers and other professionals who work persistently to provide clients with top-notch applications.

You can address Addevice company if you need photo and video packages, social networking and messaging instruments, healthcare apps, and even AR programs. Modern businesses often order specialized mobile apps, e.g., applications for photo and video post-production.

Addevice Main Features

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There are many app development companies, so Addecive experts have to offer something unique to interest clients. The highlight of this service is a very meticulous approach to work. They don’t use ready-made templates, but come up with original solutions to create apps that are bound to interest users.

Before Addevice experts develop an app, they conduct an in-depth analysis of your business to understand its distinctive features or the author’s style (if they work with a photographer, videographer, and the like). Thus, they can create a product that will perfectly match your brand, make you stand out from competitors, and will promote your services.

Wide Range of Imaging Applications

addevice imaging apps

If you are engaged in a photography sphere and want to make your workflow more streamlined you can address Addevice agency and order different applications for photographers. For example, they create apps for image enhancement, applying filters, adding effects, defining and fixing defects, and more. They can also create special tools for business promotion.

Addevice experts always ask what type of application you need. Everything depends on your specialization and the goal you want to reach. For example, photographers who make and sell filters/presets, often ask experts to create a filter app, so that their clients can download it, import their photos and embellish them using a multitude of available filters.

You can also order photography business apps, a night photography app, or a double exposure photo app for you to simplify routine actions.

Photo and Video Content in a Single Package

addevice photo video apps

If you want to promote not only photography, but also videography services, you need a purpose-built app allowing you to display and share video files. In this case, you can get in touch with Addevice developers and ask them to create a functional photo and video editor for Instagram. The best thing is that they can extend the app’s functionality with AR elements.

Therefore, you will get a powerful application that can stay on par with 2 full-fledged programs. With such an app installed on a mobile device, correcting photos and videos becomes a breeze.

Various VoIP Solutions for Photo Business

If you work with other photographers on a project and want to exchange your ideas as quickly as possible, you can’t do without a purpose-built application. Addevice experts can easily develop such an app based on your demands. This can be a simple application for sending text messages only, or something more feature-rich with voice calls, online conferences and the possibility to share files.

With such an application at your disposal, you can be sure you’ll always get timely information on the project, new ideas your partners have, etc. For starters, you can get a basic app and then ask specialists to expand its functionality in accordance with your business needs. 

Business Partner Search Applications

Addevice company creates special partner search apps, using which you can find link-minded people and those, whose services are related to yours. There are no geographical limitations, which is amazing for people working remotely. For example, photographers can find retouchers, designers, videographers, and other skilled creatives for joint work on a project.

Since they have vast experience in creating such applications, they can offer you really interesting products. The apps are tailored for various types of communication, which can have a positive impact on how you organize meetings with potential partners, explain your ideas, etc.

Health Boosting Apps

addevice health apps

A hectic pace of modern life drastically affects our health. Photographers and videographers always have many tasks to cope with, so they usually forget about physical exercises. To bring your lifestyle in order, you can hire Addevice experts and ask them to create a health app for Android and iOS that will be fine-tuned based on your requirements.

For example, you’ll get notifications to drink water, do eye exercises, have a rest, etc. Besides, you don’t need to use third-party personal trainer software, as Addevice can include workouts in your app.

The company creates apps, trackers, checklists, and other solutions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, using the latest technologies and AI capabilities. If you want to take care of a whole team, you can buy a corporate package.


Since Addevice company creates apps for virtually all industries, it is impossible to create a price list that will cover all those products. All orders vary in complexity, the number of elements, and the duration of development.

If you want to learn the approximate cost of your app, you need to contact the company’s representatives and communicate your demands. The exact price will be calculated only after you talk to an app development expert.