Tokinomo In-Store Marketing Robots Review 2024


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Verdict: Tokinomo is a robotic POP display for in-store marketing, created by a team of professional advertising specialists that have years of experience in boosting sales. Even though it’s primarily designed for organizing marketing campaigns in huge stores, it can also be useful for photographers, photo studio owners, and sellers at small clothing and tool shops.

It’s impressive how simple this tool is to use and install, but the thing I liked the most that I want to mention in this Tokinomo review, is how it uses sequences of movement, light, and sound to interact with buyers in a gaming and memorable manner, instantly breathing life into the product and attracting loads of new clients.

  • Efficient tool for brands, retailers, in-store marketing agencies
  • Innovative solutions for photographers
  • Increases shopper engagement
  • Usage of motion, light, and sound technologies
  • Easy installation and campaign implementation
  • Unique ideas for each brand
  • No pricing information
tokinomo in-store marketing robots interface

Tokinomo was developed by top-class specialists from the best digital marketing agencies, engineers and software developers. They used web design software and all available sound and motion sensor technologies to create an interactive advertising robot for store shelves.

Complete Tokinomo Review

tokinomo in-store marketing robots logo

Tokinomo is a robotic POS display. It uses bright colors to stand out visually and encourage customers to make a purchase.

What is particularly appealing, is that the robot is made of quality, yet affordable, materials that significantly lower production costs, simplify assembly and transportation, while being durable enough to be used in a busy retail environment.

Efficient Marketing Choice for Photographers

tokinomo interface main features of tokinomo

A Tokinomo advertising robot on your shelf will draw attention to the product and provide an entirely new way of brand communication at sales points. Tokinomo’s interactive approach is explosive, memorable, and highly effective. The robot uses a motion sensor to detect buyers that approach the shelf to create a spontaneous interaction that provokes immediate interest and engagement.

Tokinomo’s moving arm makes products pop out of the shelf and greet customers. The motion template can be adjusted to insane levels that can even make your product dance in a jingle rhythm.

Moreover, the usage of light that falls onto the product and personalized audio messages, which turn products into storytellers, will attract the buyer’s attention and help convert them into clients. With the help of professional audio enhancers, you can adjust the sound in a way that it will be clearly heard by customers of all ages.

Product Awareness Boost for Brands

When purchasing products, buyers spend most of their time in autopilot mode. Usually, they’ll simply glance at your product without stopping to think about what makes it unique. Tokinomo instantly attracts attention since it appeals to more senses by combining motion, sound, and light.

Tokinomo’s light, audio, and motion capabilities allow brands to establish a deeper emotional connection with the customers. It will help you demonstrate the values and individuality of your brand by using methods that go beyond static displays and product packaging.

Fast Sales Growth

tokinomo interface increase in sales

Regular retail ad campaigns are aimed at lowering prices and introducing discount systems, but that can lead to weakening your market position and lowering your net profit. Meanwhile, Tokinomo allows boosting your sales by increasing engagement rather than dropping prices.

On average, Tokinomo campaigns boost sales by more than 200%, while traditional store campaigns like discounts, store radios, selective and static displays reach only 20%.

Those are fantastic results, but there’s another statistic that is even more impressive: over 50% of people remember the brand’s name after leaving the store, and 30% even memorize the product’s advantages. This means that your product or brand is far more likely to pop up in their head when the customer will think about your product category in the future.

Robot Usable in Any Conditions

Tokinimo in-store marketing robots were designed to work using electricity, but if there’s no suitable outlet near the shelf, they use the special battery provided by the company that can work up to 7 days without any interruptions and recharged in just 12 hours. Tokinomo can also be used in fridges, both open and closed ones.

The maximum weight supported by the robot is 1.5kg, but it’s advised to not go above 1.2kg for safety concerns. In some cases, you can also place objects heavier than 1.5kg as long as you use special settings.

The robots can be connected to a WiFi network and they also have a built-in SIM card in case there's no WAP at the store. This allows you to control them in real-time, which is extremely convenient.

However, Tokinimo doesn’t require an internet connection to work on a supermarket shelf. All campaign parameters can be set remotely before installing the device, allowing the Tokinomo in-store marketing robots to work properly even without a constant internet connection.

Multifunctional Cloud Platform for Quick Management

tokinomo interface cloud platform

The cloud platform is designed to be used by the campaign development team. Thanks to Tokinomo’s powerful cloud interface, you can control each aspect of your campaign from any device anywhere in the world.

For instance, you can upload audio files, as well as create and change campaign settings in real-time. You can add/remove devices from your campaigns, and assign devices for different campaign locations/stores.

You also have access to a tool panel that includes information about active/pending campaigns, their duration, and location. You can check the status of each device and the overall status of the campaign while having quick and easy access to all relevant data reports.

Easy Setup and Remote Access

All Tokinomo devices are connected to wireless data servers, meaning that all settings like audio files, sound volume, and motion templates can be changed remotely. By using professional POS software, you can quickly and easily set up an efficient workflow for your robots.

Moreover, since you can receive access to data in real-time, you can control the campaign anytime you want regardless of the number of involved locations. After setting up the Tokinimo in a store, you can track the results of your campaign in real-time and make frequent adjustments. This means you can continuously increase the effectiveness of your campaign to achieve maximum results.

Convenient Mobile App

tokinomo interface mobile app

The Tokinomo mobile app is available for iOS and Android and was developed to simplify the installation process for the implementation team. You can use the mobile app to check the equipment’s functionality once you’re done installing the robot in the store: audio, motion, and light.

The mobile application also lets you connect the device to a WiFi network, set up SIM cards from different mobile service providers, adjust the volume (if you want it to be different for a specific robot or store), and perform complex installation quality control.

Impressive Awards and Partnership with Popular Brands

tokinomo interface international awards

The Tokinomo team has won multiple international awards for providing an innovative retail and digital POP display tool. The company has cooperated with many popular brands including Coca-Cola, Lays, Heineken, P&G, Unilever, and Henkel.

Their portfolio is highly impressive: thanks to Tokinomo, Coca-Cola UK has boosted its sales by over 300%. Tokinomo has worked with brands from many different industries and has a wealth of experience not only in working with food companies but household chemical and industrial manufacturers as well.

Tokinomo Prices

To find out how much Tokinomo costs, you’ll have to reach out to the company’s representatives since their prices are calculated individually for each client and depend on the product, the number of robots, and the services that you need. You can contact them via email or phone call to schedule a consultation.

You can also fill out the provided website form by typing in your contact data: first name, last name, phone number, email, company, and even country since Tokinomo works with international brands. You should also let them know the Job Title and use a separate field to write a message about the services that you want to receive.

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