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Verdict: Brain Concert is an international IT & Business Training center that offers all types of IT courses, from standard courses to individual options. The first thing that signifies the company’s reliability is a professional team in which every member has been in the industry for over 10 years. Together they develop courses that can be useful for photographers, marketers, managers, web designers, business owners, or executives.

I like that Brain Concert adheres to a flexible approach while delivering information to their clients: all lecturers have profound knowledge of the sphere they specialize in and constantly hone their skills to teach their students in an interesting and resultative manner.

While many companies struggle to present information in a comprehensible way, these experts have worked out certain strategies that help them split confusing notions into constituents that are easy to understand and use in business.

  • A rich library of IT courses
  • Use eContent to share information efficiently
  • Various training topics
  • Useful e-books and videos for photographers
  • Helpful tips on the blog
  • No info about pricing
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Brain Concert offers different categories of courses. In addition to IT courses, you can find those aimed at educating those who sell products, work with clients and regularly communicate with people, hold a leadership position and often work with employees. The company will help you and your staff members acquire the necessary business writing, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Complete Brain Concert Review

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Brain Concert doesn't belong to online learning platforms, it offers courses of different duration, so you can choose the curriculum based on your free time, knowledge, and skills. A team of professionals will help you select individual courses for your employees and find the most suitable training solutions for your business goals.

Effective Training Options for Photographers

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Brain Concert’s teaching materials are structured to educate interactively. Use eContent to make sure the information is interesting for your learners and they can use it in their work.

eContent has interactive and highly practical programs that help improve team relationships, become a better leader, and gain leadership skills. For example, you can choose the Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure and Stress module to learn how to organize other people when the company experiences hard times. You will better evaluate your strengths and weaknesses when solving different problems.

I like the Effective Sales eContent module, which is designed specifically to help account managers achieve their goals in today's dynamic and demanding business environment, significantly increase their productivity, learn business approaches and methodologies, and hone their skills. Using practical methods, lecturers explain t0 their students how to behave at every stage of business negotiation.

Large Selection of IT Courses

One of the main specializations of Brain Concert is IT technologies, so the range of courses dedicated to this topic is pretty large. Choosing the Web Design course, you’ll learn how to work in professional web design software, how to create a straightforward UI, and more.

You can choose a course depending on your existing knowledge in order to learn IT not from the ground up, but to get new knowledge or fill in gaps, learn to use code editors for Mac and website builders for photographers, troubleshoot Windows 10 errors, etc.

Advanced Business Communication Skills

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Brain Concert learning solutions include several courses touching upon business relationships. For example, the Business writing skills module is designed to help employees understand how to conduct professional communication in a written form. With this knowledge, you can formulate complex business ideas and communicate them effectively in a variety of professional situations.

The Business Negotiation Skills course combines the theoretical knowledge of negotiation and practical tasks. Students are involved in business games, training, group discussions and creative tasks, which will help to better consolidate the acquired skills. Besides, you can find out how to use email marketing software.

Business Courses for Any Company

Brain Concert courses are developed to cater to the needs of as many businesses as possible. For instance, the Product Management course covers the Product Management mindset. Combining lectures and a practical part, you can get a general idea of the Product Management role, working strategies, and tactical responsibilities.

I believe the GDPR training is very useful, as people can learn more about European General Data Protection Regulation. Brain Concert helps participants understand the European privacy model, key privacy terminology and practical concepts related to personal data protection and cross-border data flows.

Brain Concert also provides production courses. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Management course, designed for industrial enterprises, dwells on the causative factors of occupational accidents, basic safety management elements for accident control, risk management, and insurance programs.

Useful Learning Materials

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The company has collected useful materials that will come in handy at courses. You can download the Adoption of Agile HR and Induction in companies eBooks to help you retain employees and meet your business goals.

Also, those interested in IT, will be pleased with the video about learning motivation. This information highlights the advantages of constant learning and studying new fields. If you are a director of a company, you’ll understand why investing in professional corporate training will pay off down the road.

Training Organization in Classrooms

Brain Concert also organizes classroom activities. You can find out in advance in which city, in which language, when and how long the training will last.

They also provide info on the price and the type of the course, so you can schedule your visit. Most often, classes are held online, so you can study within the comfort of your home or office.

The training topics are diverse – from flexible test automation to Java Advanced. For example, one of the more recent sessions was called Security for Developers - an Offensive Approach and was dedicated to work safety.

Helpful Tips in an Informative Blog

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Brain Concert has a helpful blog awash with up-to-date tips for aspiring and experienced businessmen, IT pros, digital content creators, as well as recommendations on social media for photographers. There are proven tips for onboarding employees, product management, and agile business management.

I like that all the tips are down-to-earth, so even during the pandemic, you can educate your employees and grow your business with helpful training materials. You can find tips on how to create a learning culture so that your employees feel motivated to develop and your business has a more efficient working environment.

Brain Concert Prices

Brain Concert approaches each company individually, so the cost is calculated depending on the services and needs of your business. You can order a call to discuss your business goals and choose the service that is most suitable and useful for your company.

You can also talk to one of the employees on WhatsApp or contact company representatives by filling out the form on the website. In the form, you need to indicate your name, surname, organization name and your position, contact information and describe what you want to improve in your business or what courses your company is interested in.

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