Photobooks Pro Apple Photo Book Printing Service Review 2024


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Verdict: PhotoBooks.Pro is not only a convenient online service for printing photo albums but also a great platform for creating the desired book design by yourself. In this PhotoBooks Pro review, I will tell you how this service allows you to create books and albums using templates in PDF format.

I like that PhotoBooks.Pro can prepare photos for printing using various book design software, including InDesign, Illustrator, Pixellu Smart Albums, Affinity Publisher or other programs. A professional photographer who needs more than one copy of an album can save money by purchasing at least 5 copies.

  • Excellent photo printing
  • Uses the best programs for creating photo albums
  • Large selection of bindings, covers, and photo papers
  • 22 photo book sizes
  • Print from PDF file
  • Special prices for photographers
  • Few examples on the site
  • Some problems when uploading photos
photobooks pro apple photo book printing interface

PhotoBooks.Pro creates photo books for businesses. The company creates albums of high quality that can be compared to Apple photo books. With this service, you can use customizable templates and create new Apple Photobooks from your Photo Library.

Complete PhotoBooks Pro Review

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Although Apple has stopped printing its own photo books, PhotoBooks.Pro can still print projects created in Apple Photos, iPhoto, and Aperture. The service allows customizing the size of a file. You can choose one of two options, hardcover or paperback.

Creating a photo album does not take much time. You can print your book in 3 simple steps. Besides, the service allows using different layouts and changing the number of pages, which can reach up to 100 pages.

Easy Method of Creating Photo Books for Photographers

photobooks pro interface creation of photo books

If you would like to know how to make a photo book, order the services offered by PhotoBooks.Pro. The company can create a book from a PDF file in three steps. You only need to upload the document, design a cover, and receive a ready photo album.

If you need to order an Apple Photos project, you need to create your photo book in Photos first. When working on the project, press the option key and then click on the Buy Book button.

The other way is to hold the control key and click on the gray backdrop to save a book as PDF. Then you need to import your PDF file into PhotoBooks.Pro and place an order. As a result, you will receive a photo album that looks like your other Apple photo books.

Use of Advanced Tools

photobooks pro interface photo printing software

It is one of the best photo printing apps for iPhone and Android. With PhotoBooks Pro apple photo book printing, you can choose media material for an album and use such desktop programs as Book Designer, Apple iPhoto Book Printing, Apple Aperture, Adobe InDesign, Lightroom and Apple Photos for creating photo albums. You can also use any other convenient app for making photo books.

Photobooks.Pro prints PDFs from all of these and other programs, so you can use professional software and retain ownership of your digital files. This option isn’t provided by many companies that create photo books on demand.

High-Quality Image Printing

All full-color albums printed by the service have professional quality. You can select gloss or matte lamination. You can order hardcover or paperback copies. Besides, the company offers a variety of wire-stitch and stitching options.

If you want to print a book similar to that earlier Apple photo albums, PhotoBooks.Pro will do everything to make your album look exactly the same. Of course, the quality might be a bit different but the design will be virtually the same.

Make sure to enhance your photos beforehand to avoid problems with colors. You can edit them by yourself or order photo retouching services. FixThePhoto experts use calibrated monitors.

You can send all your photos or illustrations for retouching so that our specialists will correct colors and prepare your images for printing.

Great Selection of Design Options

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They use professional photo printing software to design a photo book of the right size. They will print it on high-quality photo paper and use the best bindings. You can choose 4 options of photo paper.

I like most Express Satin Paper, which is an uncoated paper comparable to silk. It is ideal for color pages with a lot of text. This paper is quite affordable, thin and has excellent quality.

You can order a trial copy to compare it to books printed on other budget types of paper, like Express Photo Silk Paper, Premium Photo Paper, Elite Heavy Photo Luster Paper, Elite Semi-Gloss Paper.

When it comes to bindings, they range from classic to unique, from saddle stitch to wire stitch. Choose from wire, paperback, and hardcover photo books. There are also 22 different albums sizes to select from, with full-color interior prints or black-and-white prints with full-color covers.

Professional Bulk Book Printing

You can get a wholesale price when ordering at least 5 copies of the same album. In this case, you will receive a 5% discount, and this percentage will increase depending on the number of books you want to print. This gives you maximum freedom to design and buy as many copies as you want.

PhotoBooks.Pro offers free proofs for bulk orders. You can check the page margins, image quality, spelling, front and back cover margins, spine, etc. Thanks to it, the printed albums will look exactly as you want.

For any order over 15 copies (or $500), you can get a printed preview copy. You just need to write in the comments that you would like to receive 1 copy before the company will print the remaining copies.

Quick Turnaround

photobooks pro interface bulk discounts

The service fulfills orders quite quickly. However, if you need more than 25 copies, the turnaround time will increase.

They can create a hardcover photo album in about 5 working days. You will receive a paperback album in about 4 working days.

The company always meets deadlines. For an urgent order, you can leave a comment with the expected deadline or contact the company directly.

PhotoBooks.Pro Prices

PhotoBooks.Pro offers photo-quality full-color book printing and black-and-white text printing services. The cost of an order depends on the album size, paper type, the number of pages, etc.

The service has a fixed price for the binding. You can purchase an album starting from $9.99.

Since all photo books are individual, the price is based on the following formula: base cost + (number of pages * page cost) = photo book cost. For example, the price a 20-page bound paperback book will be $4.99 + (20 * $0.25) = $9.99. To learn more about types of photo books and their costs, check out the company’s catalog.

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