Whatistheplant AI Plant Identifier Online Review 2023


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Verdict: Whatistheplant is a unique plant identification project. This AI-driven software was created by the iNaturalist team. In this review, we will tell you how this software can identify a plant from the picture and provide users with the necessary information.

In addition to artificial intelligence, specialists use CNN technology. Due to this, they managed to collect more than one hundred thousand plant images in the data library.

You can use Whatistheplant to access the detailed description of any plant in the world. It will allow you to explore flora at a professional level.

  • Advanced AI-based plant finder classifier
  • 100+ thousand data
  • Speedy identification
  • Intuitive
  • Reliable data from WFO, POWO, and Wikipedia
  • Online mode only
whatistheplant interface

Whatistheplant comes in handy for photographers who specialize in nature photography. If you love to travel and take pictures of exclusive plants around the world, this platform is for you.

The program easily identifies any plant in the photo, providing you with details. You can use this data to write a description or add a hashtag to your image.

Whatistheplant Main Features

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Whatistheplant AI plant identifier online is the most accurate tool you've ever used. The platform helps you learn more about plants. Using the software, photographers can make their flora photo exhibition more engaging.

Fast Plant Identification: Simple Guide

It’s easy to identify any plant with this image recognition software. You just need to drag or upload an image from your PC to the search box.

Step 1. Upload Image

whatistheplant upload photo

Though Whatistheplant is developed by a team with years of experience in artificial intelligence technologies, it’s rather intuitive, which makes it suitable even for people without a technological background.

Keep in mind, the software has some restrictions on the downloaded images. It supports specific formats, including PNG, JPG, and JPEG. You can upload a 5MB file. We’d recommend uploading a snapshot and making sure the server works fast.

Step 2. Information Processing

whatistheplant how to use

Once the program identifies the image, you will see several windows with information about this plant. You’ll find all results lined up with a rating list. Whatistheplant provides you with the name of the plant and its detailed features. You can follow the link to learn more information from Wikipedia.

You can use Whatistheplant AI plant identifier online to get detailed information about the desired plant, its species, common and scientific naming. You will get information from various resources, including Wikipedia, WFO, and POWO.

Wide Plant Database

whatistheplant identifier online

Whatistheplant has a large plant database. Since the software is based on Artificial Intelligence and CNN technologies, it can collect and store more than one hundred thousand plant photos in the library.

You can quickly check out the plant database. You should go to the bottom of the page and click on the desired plant picture. Since the library includes 10+ thousand identified plants, this software is especially useful to botanists, gardeners, florists, and people interested in flora.


Whatistheplant is a free service. You do not need to register since it’s available online. Enter the platform, upload a picture or click on the necessary plant and get the details in no time. The main point is to meet the size requirements and upload an image in PNG, JPG, JPEG formats.


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