Kenji ROI Amazon Listing Optimization Agency Review

By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software

Kenji ROI

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Verdict: Kenji ROI is a well-established company that provides Amazon optimization services. Its professional team specializes in product images, Amazon search optimization, video production, A+ content creation, etc.

What makes Kenji ROI agency stand out among the competitors is that they can quickly help you grow your Amazon business by creating engaging photo, video and text content that aligns with your brand’s identity. 

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  • Boost Amazon sales with PPC
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This team has created over 1300+ Amazon listings to help its clients improve their conversion rate, drive new customers, and boost sales. Kenji ROI offers several packages so that you could find an option that suits your budget best. The agency provides the best Amazon product photography services for those who need to create engaging listings.

Kenji ROI Amazon product photography is the only one Amazon agency that was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Foundr. Nowadays, it’s one of the top Amazon listing optimization agencies that provide PPC optimization services.

Kenji ROI Review: Main Features

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Kenji ROI will help you create attention-grabbing listings of your products. The team will analyze your target audience, select the keywords that are relevant to your potential buyers, describe the main advantages of your products, and improve the position of your listings in search results.

High-Quality Photography for Your Products and Services

kenji roi photography

If you want to stand out among your competitors on Amazon, you will need to learn more about lifestyle product photography or contact an agency that provides such services. Kenji ROI specializes in Amazon photography. The agency is based Canada with a division in Bali. It works with models from Europe, Russia, North America, and Asia to create product photos that match US Amazon shopper demographics.

If you have a big budget, it makes sense to hire professional models to take product photos. However, lifestyle photos might seem too expensive for some people. To make their services more affordable, Kenji ROI created “Photo Manipulation Lifestyle Images.”

The agency will implement your product photography ideas and select the right lighting. With the help of professional software, they will create eye-catching product photos with a perfect balance of light and shadows.

Useful Infographic Images for Amazon Sales

kenji roi infographic

To show the main benefits of your products to your potential buyers, the company will create detailed descriptions that will help prospective customers to make an informed choice. By using graphic design and text elements, the agency can create informative listings.

Kenji ROI Amazon listing optimization and PPC management agency creates infographics with text that can be read even in the Amazon app. Their infographic images are optimized, which allows your clients to load them quickly and read a description of a product they intend to buy.

Perfect White Background Photography for Products

kenji roi white background

Amazon has strict image requirements. The main image should have a white background without the text or graphics. While some sellers add graphics, their listings might get deleted.

For product photography white backgrounds is essential. Kenji ROI takes product photos in their studio in Bali, Indonesia. They use professional photography gear. The team can delete blemishes, dust, and various imperfections to make your photos look more professional.

Professional A+ Content Service with US Copywriters

kenji roi professional content

Kenji ROI team comprises highly qualified copywriters based in the US. Since all of them are native speakers, they can describe any product in detail without omitting any important nuances.

The agency works with professionals who know how to enhance your photos and select graphics that align with your brand’s identity. Your customized store will look more like your website and not a page with regular Amazon listings.

Thanks to high-quality images, graphics, and detailed descriptions, your listing will engage more potential customers and drive them to purchase. Since 2016, Kenji ROI has been creating A+ Content EBC for brands that sell their products on Amazon.

Amazon Listening Services that Maximize Keyword Ranking

kenji roi listening services

The agency conducts extensive keyword research to ensure that your listing will be ranked higher than others. Its experts create Triple Optimized Amazon product descriptions to make listings appear at the top of a search page.

The team comprises experienced copywriters who know how to create an effective description of a product. They use the newest techniques and the most suitable keywords to promote your products. The team will show your products in the best light and make your listings appear higher than your competitors’ listings.

Kenji ROI provides top-notch Amazon copywriting services and knows how to drive a potential customer to purchase. They will analyze your target audience and learn what keywords trigger them. The agency knows how to boost your sales by improving Amazon keyword ranking.

Modern Storefront Design to Attract Clients

kenji roi storefront design

To drive traffic to your website, the agency will create an engaging landing page. You can customize it to your liking by selecting various tabs and posting targeted ads to find new customers on Facebook or Google. Kenji ROI will also help you get sponsored ads and start working with Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads.

Kenji ROI Amazon listing optimization and PPC management agency will create an attention-grabbing design of your store and set up your website. First, they develop a strategy, then they implement it and set up your Amazon account. The agency can also develop a brand image. By customizing your Amazon store, you can emphasize the main advantages of your brand.

Advanced PPC Management to Improve Your Business

Thanks to Kenji ROI, you can improve Amazon ACoS. It will allow you to allocate your marketing budget wisely and maximize your profits after optimizing your listings. The agency has a team of PPC experts that consists of professionals based in Canada and the USA.

To boost your sales, you need to pay attention to your PPC strategy. Nowadays, it’s hardly effective to create a regular listing. Kenji ROI will help you learn how to use Amazon Ads to maximize your profits on the platform.

Kenji ROI Prices

The agency provides a range of product photo retouching services. You can order one of the three available packages. Silver Photo Package allows you to enhance 7 photos, including 1 main image, 3 infographics and 3 white background images. Besides, you will get a professional shot list consultation. You need to pay $497 for this package. The price includes a studio photoshoot.

Gold Photo Package includes 8 total pictures, such as 1 main image, 3 infographics, 3 white background images. You will get a professional consultation as well. The total price of $797 also covers 2 photo manipulation lifestyle images with a model and a studio photoshoot.

Platinum Photo Package costs $1597. The price covers 11 images, including 2 main images, 3 infographics, 1 image with a white background, professional consultation, 3 lifestyle images with a model, 2 lifestyles with the headline, studio photoshoot.

Full listing copywriting services provided by the agency cost $397. The experts will come up with a title, bullet points, product description, search term keywords, subject matter keywords, keyword insight spreadsheet.

Besides, they will conduct customer research and provide you with valuable insights. Amazon storefront design services cost $597. For this price, you will get unlimited category pages, a new layout, infographics, and a consultation about a strategy.

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