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clothes remover app for ios and android

Clothes Remover App for iOS and Android

With this clothes remover app, you can get rid of some clothes or go for total nude, thus creating jaw-dropping images. The app runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices, allowing you to make the most mind-blowing edits in several seconds.

Rest assured, we prioritize user privacy and safety, and the app strictly adheres to necessary rights and permissions to ensure a secure and enjoyable editing experience.

Unlike similar applications, this tool by FixThePhoto allows you to get manually edited images. If you are doubtful about the quality of the outcome, you can place a test order for free.

remove clothing app

Another pleasant characteristic of this remove clothing app is that you can upload photos of different quality – from shots snapped with a phone to high-rest images taken with a professional DSLR.

Why People Need to Remove Clothes from Photo?

People may want to remove person’s clothes in images for different reasons. Such an effect is regularly used in marketing campaigns. Besides, by making such edits, you can create really funny images to make your friends laugh. Another reason to resort to such changes is for removing visible creases and other distractions in photos in a quick way.

cloth remover app

If you are seeking help with complicated photo editing, you should get in touch with the FixThePhoto team. They accept custom orders, covering different types of image edits.

You can ask experts to retouch face & body, improve the background, remove/add objects, or even perform damaged photo restoration.

Using Remove Clothing App: Before & After Photos

It is a very interesting idea to send nude photos to your loved one to add passion to your relationships. However, not every woman is ready to pose without clothes to get such sexy images. Fortunately, nowadays, it is possible to get seductive photos without participating in uncomfortable photo sessions.

app that removes clothes

With the help of a user-friendly cloth remover, you can quickly get rid of any attire piece. You can upload any photo and remove clothes step by step, leaving just some elements or choosing a completely nude look. You can use our app to make you look skinny or highlight specific body parts, preserving lifelike proportions and shapes.

When you order clothes removal via our app, you can be sure we will stick to your requirements and remove only those outfit pieces you indicate. All corrections we make are realistic. Your photos will be ready according to the chosen deadline.

In fact, you can snap a photo right at your home and send it to us straight away. Our retouchers will remove the needed clothes, and make other corrections you request. It usually takes us a couple of hours to complete edits and send the result to clients.

How to Remove Clothes from Picture?

upload face retouching photos
Upload photos
select retouching functions
Select image retouching services
wait for the order
Wait till the order is ready
get your photos back
Download your photos

You can find this clothing remover on App Store and Google Play. Download it and start making an order. Our application can stay on par with the best apps to remove unwanted objects from photo when it comes to the quality of the changes made.

  1. Open the app and choose a picture you want us to edit.
  2. Select the “Individual Retouch” option on the list. There are many other services that can come in handy as well.
  3. You can export your finished images right from the app within several hours.

fixthephoto cloth removal example fixthephoto company cloth removal example

Tools to Remove Clothes from Picture

There are different approaches for removing the model’s clothing in photos. Experts particularly favor the Erase Tool, Blur Mask or Blur Brush Tool, and the Blend Tool.

Erase Tool. It is a go-to instrument for many specialists that need to delete clothes from a picture. It's usually located in the toolbar of a photo editing program.

To use it, you need to select each piece of clothing separately, change the size of the cursor, and begin erasing. This method is helpful when you want to remove several items and have enough time for making precise movements.

Blur Mask or Blur Brush Tool. The Blur Mask works wonders if you need to make a part of an image look blurry. Experts use it to draw attention to another area of a photo. When it comes to removing clothes, it can be used to make the clothes look fuzzy or hide them at all.

The Blur Brush Tool is also helpful if you need to make specific parts of an image blurry. For instance, you can use it to blur small parts of clothes.

Blend Tool. This is a modern instrument that you can use to combine different parts of an image together. It's like copying and pasting pieces of a photo to hide something, like a piece of clothing. You can also use this tool to add cool effects and make the hidden area look more realistic.

Why You Should Choose Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch

removing clothing from photo

The FixThePhoto team has created a user-friendly app with lots of intuitive features. It is absolutely understandable to people of different ages and occupations that want to improve pictures. Instead of harnessing the capabilities of automated tools, FixThePhoto experts perform changes manually and always prioritize the realism of photos.

You only need to import shots, type in instructions, and wait the notification that your images are ready.

The team can not only remove clothes from photo but also apply other changes. For instance, editors can make a model’s face slimmer, add makeup, remove distractions, recolor hair, and more. The best part is that you can order the desired changes right in the app 24/7.

You can make corrections yourself in Photoshop or other programs but if you have no prior experience using such software, you are bound to spend lots of time removing clothes from images. It is better to delegate the task to experienced editors.