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By Ann Young 2023-11-24, UK Blog

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Would like to get all softwares from Adobe Creative Cloud FREE? Check out these completely legal and technically supported ways using Adobe apps without paying for subscription. Read more about how to save money and get a nice discount on all Adobe products.

Unfortunately, using Adobe Creative Cloud for free all the time is impossible, this period is limited. You have seven days from the first Adobe CC Free Trial launch. However, this time should be enough to decide whether you need all Adobe softwares.

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Free Adobe Creative Cloud Benefits

  • Universal platform
  • Large cloud storage
  • Extensive base for learning
  • Friendly technical support
  • Close integration with all Adobe apps
  • Wide range of softwares
  • Premium fonts
  • Your personal portfolio website

Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trial FAQ:

What should I do at the end of the Free Trial Adobe CC?

Go to the official website, enter additional data in your user account and renew your subscription.

  • Can I change my plan?

Yes, at any time, even if you have already selected and are using a particular subscription. Contact technical support, specify the reason, wait for a response and further instructions.

  • What if some of the available softwares don’t run?

Check the minimum system requirements and your computer specifications. In case it doesn’t help, try to check your PC for viruses and clean them, if found. Next, reinstall all the software completely. The problem isn’t fixed? Contact technical support.

  • Can I get a discount for Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps?

Yes, if you are a student or a teacher of an official institution, you have some privileges, in the form of a 60% discount from the total sum of the selected plan.

  • What is included in Creative Cloud?

20+ creative apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD + step-by-step tutorials, 100GB of cloud storage, your personal portfolio website, premium fonts.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Hacked Adobe CC?

It doesn’t matter whether you download each program separately, thereby collecting the full Creative Cloud package or some standalone versions – all this will be happening through torrent resources. It means that you and your PC will be in danger. I have enumerated the top 4 problems that may occur when using Adobe Creative Cloud crack:

Creative Cloud won’t support additional features

In fact, Creative Cloud isn’t a standalone platform, it depends entirely on Adobe servers. It means that downloaded torrent versions will be limited in functionality. You won’t be able to access cloud storage and work closely with apps. So, it is better to use Lightroom trial version or test other software within certain period of time.

Incorrect work

Using Creative Cloud free hack, most likely, you will encounter a fairly popular problem – lags and various kinds of bugs in any software. All this is due to the fact that versions of your editors aren’t licensed, they have already been processed by hackers. The lines of the source code are broken, therefore, you get incorrect operation of the programs. To prevent such problems, you need to buy Adobe Illustrator and other programs of the suite.

Forget about new tools & special offers

Every fall, you are surely waiting for the release of a new iOS to update your iPhone and test new features. However, if your iPhone wasn’t an original one, you wouldn’t receive updates, because its serial number isn’t found in the database. Creative Cloud works on the same principle. Versions downloaded illegally have the wrong serial number, which means one thing – no further support.

The absence of customer support

As a respectable company, Adobe ensures that the customers don’t have any problems using its products. When you make a purchase at Adobe, you have an opportunity to approach customer support at any time of the day. They will help you cope with all the difficulties concerning the use of the software or figure out how different tools work. Once you install Adobe Portfolio free or another program from the torrent, no one will be able to help you in case you have issues.

Free Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Creative Cloud is a universal platform and there is no alternative to it. However, despite this, ACDsee and Affinity Photo companies convince us of the opposite more and more each year. These aren’t exactly tight platforms with a lot of apps, but the developers offer several versions of image editors that are capable of performing almost all tasks that Adobe Creative Cloud can.

1. Creative Cloud Alternative: ACDsee

adcsee logo
  • Customizable interface
  • Handy tools for work with effects
  • Advanced color correction
  • Possibility to process files from data mediums
  • Complicated learning curve
  • Small amount of cloud storage

ACDSee Company develops cross-platform editors for viewing and managing images, video editing and RAW files. Editors from ACDSee offer a lot of organizational functions and useful tools in the form of advanced deep correction plug-ins and fully customizable interfaces.

Among useful features, I would like to note the video editor. In addition to advanced tools, you may use it to interact with your PC – record video from the screen without leaving the editor. This is quite convenient because it saves a lot of time. For instance, with this feature, you can record tutorials.

2. Creative Cloud Alternative: Affinity Photo

  • Plug-ins support
  • Cheaper than Adobe products
  • Multi-level image editing
  • The lack of tools to import and manage images
  • No correction depending on lens profile
  • No cloud storage

Affinity Photo offers quite a wide list of applications: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. Each of the apps is universal and has its own advantages. A distinctive feature of this platform is the purchase of a licensed version immediately. You don’t have to pay every month, like after free trial Adobe Creative Cloud expires.

If we talk about the impressive functionality, so far the photo editor is leading. You can professionally retouch your images, combine pictures for panoramas, create HDR effects and draw with a variety of brushes. It also includes advanced tools, batch photo editing, font effects and lens distortion correction.

3. Adobe Photoshop Alternative: Pixlr

Pixlr logo
  • RAW support
  • An ability to extend plug-ins
  • Doesn’t require a powerful configuration
  • Cheaper than Photoshop
  • Requires stable Internet access to run
  • The performance isn’t as good as in Photoshop

With Pixlr Editor, you get the tools similar to Photoshop ones. I’m talking about sharpness, blur, noise, levels, masks and curves settings, and these are just a few of them. You can find the art filters you expect as well as the auto-optimization options. Pixlr provides a set of tools containing brushes, fills, stamps, selection and healing tools. You can resort to this program once Photoshop trial is over.

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4. Adobe Lightroom Alternative: RawTherapee

RawTherapee logo
  • Open-source
  • RAW support
  • Batch photo processing
  • Deep color correction
  • Complicated learning curve
  • Some tools require improvement

RawTherapee is an open-source, cross-platform application. With an extensive set of picture editing tools and multithreading, you can correct distortions, improve colors, restore details in your RAW files and more. It is worth mentioning that the image editor supports batch photo processing which makes it one of the most powerful Lightroom alternatives.

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5. Adobe Illustrator Alternative: Inkscape

Inkscape logo
  • May be used as Illustrator plug-in
  • Advanced manipulation capabilities
  • Large number of filters
  • Plug-ins support
  • Old-format interface

Inkscape is another free tool that emulates Adobe perfectly. The toolbox makes it easy to create and edit scalable vector graphics (SVG) files with advanced manipulation capabilities and a wide range of filters – both functional and artistic. Among interesting tools, I will highlight the grid gradients and interactive smoothing of pencil lines, as well as funny effects of contours. It is worth mentioning that you may use Inkscape as a plug-in for Illustrator.

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6. Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative: DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve logo
  • Deep color correction
  • Support for various plugins
  • Support for practically all formats
  • Complicated to learn

DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing app. It is so good that it is used when recording long movies and TV programs. Specializing in color correction and audio post-production, DaVinci Resolve boasts impressive features, such as curve editors and primary color wheels. It also supports face recognition tracking, giving users the ability to play around with skin tones, eyes and lips color.

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7. Adobe After Effects Alternative: Blender

Blender  logo
  • Cross-platform
  • Completely free
  • Easy to learn
  • Unsuitable for creating professional visual effects

One of the few top-quality cross-platform alternatives to After Effects is Blender. With its help, you may produce ultra-realistic animated graphics and 3D visual effects. Both amateurs and experts use their texturing, particle modeling and compositing tools to create stunning works with an extra dimension.

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FREE Adobe CC Freebies

Have you purchased all Adobe Creative Cloud apps? Then you will definitely need various plug-ins, whether it is a brush for Photoshop, a preset for Lightroom or LUTs for Premiere Pro. You may download and test them for free, they will simplify the work and reduce the time spent on post production.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud Free

creative cloud free trial

In case you have doubts about buying a subscription, get Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trial. Don’t miss the chance to test the features of Creative Cloud, as well as all the applications available with this subscription.

Instead of downloading versions of the program from third-party resources that can’t be trusted, it is better to download Photoshop CS6 free from the official website. This way you will avoid system failures and problems with the law.