Tropic Colour LUTs Review 2021

Tropic colour LUTs help you create an incredible film in few seconds. These plugins will help you add bright cinematic tones to your pics and videos.

Each LUT is suitable for a wide range of images and movies, be it wedding, landscape, portrait or other photos and videos. You can quickly apply them to your files in Photoshop, Luminar or any other photo or video editing software.

Tropic Colour LUTs Collections

I have reviewed 11 LUTs Tropic Colour Bundles that allow creating a special atmosphere in your videos by adding bright or dark dramatic tones. You may apply them to videos in various genres.

These LUTs are suitable both for beginners and experts. If you need to enhance your videos even further, make sure to contact professional video editing services.

1. Tropic Colour LUTs: Teal & Orange

tropic colour luts teal and orange

Number of LUTs included: 10

With this LUTs Collection, you can adjust color contrast in your clips. The combination of orange and turquoise-blue is perfectly suitable to highlight objects in the background of your video.

These are complementary colors; they are opposite on the color circle and create a pleasant contrast when being balanced. If you specialize in family portrait photography, you can use them to create impressive video presentations. Those who are interested in fine art portrait photography can use these LUTs to enhance their portfolios.

The turquoise color highlights shades while orange adds the golden tint to light areas in the foreground. Highlighting skin tones, these Tropic Colour LUTs make a viewer focus on fine details, such as facial expressions.

2. Drone Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts drone

Price: $30
Number of LUTs included: 10

Drone Tropic Colour LUTs are designed for drone projects. It is a unique choice for photos and videos of wild nature, air, sports and travels. These effects will make your drone videos brighter and more saturated.

The bundle is suitable for all types of landscapes. When creating these LUTs, the designers were inspired by different cities of the world. Here, you can find various color tones that will help you enhance photos and videos of cold and winter steppes, low brightness city buildings, deserts, etc.

3. Urban Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts urban

Price: $30
Number of LUTs included: 10

Urban Tropic Colour LUTs are perfect for embellishing shots taken in the city or its surroundings. The set includes 10 LUTs for enhancing skin tones and the city environment. Make your images and videos look cool and dramatic by adding cold metal tones to light, medium and dark areas. Thus, you can improve your footage while preserving natural skin tones.

Using this collection, you can add bright colors to your cityscapes. Urban tropic colour LUTs allow you to add deep cold tones to create an ideal cityscape. They are suitable for improving gray, blue and metal shades while preserving the brightness and warmness of your objects.

4. Nature Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts nature

Price: $30
Number of LUTs included: 10

Nature Tropic Colour LUTs are ideally suitable for photos and videos of nature. Be it a jade forest or the azure sea, they will help you highlight colors in your photos and videos.

Gold and brown, forest tints and deep blue colors help capture the beauty of nature. These premium LUTs were created to highlight natural colors by making them brighter and more vivid. With them, you can add beautiful bright colors to your landscape photography or video projects.

5. Archival Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts archival

Price: $30
Number of LUTs included: 10

Photoshoots, video and digital projects enhanced with the help of Archival Tropic Colour LUTs will look bright and sharp. This set will save you much time and ensure impressive results. With it, you can add warm, light brown tints and gray and blue colors.

Here, you will find 10 various LUTs designed by famous portrait photographers. For example, the Nitrate LUT adds golden tones to the skin while the Print LUT highlights dark colors to make the face more expressive.

6. Vintage Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts vintage

Price: $30
Number of LUTs included: 10

Before applying these tropic colour LUTs, make sure to read a tutorial on how to make a photo look vintage. These effects are perfectly suitable for various genres, including wedding, landscape, romantic and other videos. The LUTs create a fantastic nostalgic atmosphere by adding warm tones.

They allow you to make an image warmer and more appealing. Having applied these effects, you will highlight the necessary details, hide any drawbacks and achieve better contrast and balance. With them, you can add unique vintage touches to your footage without using complex techniques.

Warm, saturated tones in some LUTs resemble the atmosphere of the 1960-70s. By using B&W LUTs, you can make your videos look like a film-noir.

7. Buffnerds Media Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts buffnerds media

Price: $15
Number of LUTs included: 10

This set is suitable for introductions, films, and presentations. The LUTs are very bright and allow you to add neon or raspberry-red colors. They will help you add bright blue colors to create a club atmosphere.

Buffnerds Media Tropic Colour LUTs also include light tints that help focus viewers’ attention on portraits and accentuate details. This set is perfectly suitable for an advertising video where you need to highlight a person/goods. You can also use promo video ideas to make your content more engaging.

The collection includes 10 LUTs. At the moment, this bundle is sold at a 50% discount and costs only $15.

8. Bold Abstraction Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts bold abstraction

Price: $30
Number of LUTs included: 10

The Bold Abstraction Tropic Colour LUTs are suitable for dark food photography since they allow one to adjust the contrast between the light and darkness. With them, you can highlight and single out details to emphasize the central object.

Thanks to Abstract LUTs, you can dim the background, add blur, make colors darker or less bright. They are great for gloomy atmospheric videos and portraits that will look more vintage thanks to brown tones.

9. Wedding Essentials Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts wedding essentials

Number of LUTs included: 10

Wedding Essentials LUTs will help you change the skin color. You can add light, golden colors, warm tints by adjusting the white color. These plugins can be applied to footage recorded in any lighting conditions. With them, your videos will get a cinematic look and become brighter.

Wedding Tropic Colour LUTs will make your films unique by highlighting the skin tones. All effects are different. There are warm and soft as well as cold and contrast effects.

To make your footage look professional, make sure to use professional wedding photo editing services. Besides skin correction, imperfection removal, texture enhancement, teeth whitening, they specialize in deep editing, split toning, aerography, etc.

10. Black & White Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts black and white

Price: $15
Number of LUTs included: 10

This collection is inspired by various black and white films. You can use these Black & White Tropic Colour LUTs for all types of black and white photography and movies.

With them, you can apply soft matte tones to your footage, add light and blue tones, delicately adjust shades and create a fading effect. The deep black color allows creating an old movie effect.

Apply these LUTs to your videos to highlight all the details. They are perfect for travel, wedding and family videographers since they do not distort light and shade, help you enhance contrast and preserve the smallest details.

11. Lut Collection Tropic Colour LUTs

tropic colour luts lut collection

Price: $175
Number of LUTs included: 9 sets

This collection includes all the necessary LUTs for editing. These are 9 bundles including Archival, Subtle Mood, Bold Abstraction, Teal & Orange, Vintage, Urban, Nature, B&W and Drone LUT Pack. You can use the set for fast and professional color correction of your videos and photos.

Moreover, you can save your money. Plus, there is a discount, which allows you to save up to $80. You will get 90 presets for various videos, including B&W, wedding footage, ads, portrait portfolios and other projects.

Tropic Colour Instagram

tropic colour instagram

Username: @tropic.colour
Genre: LUTs, Presets, Textures, Collections
Followers: 67.8K

On the Tropic Colour Instagram page, you will see colorful photos and videos edited using these presets. You can find out the name of the LUT, preset or texture as well as the collection they were taken from. Each post description contains all necessary info.

Tropic Colour regularly posts photos and videos enhanced with the help of their LUTs. Plus, they provide videos of the editing process and useful tutorials. On their Instagram page, they inform followers about discount offers and new collections.


tropic colour luts alternative

Although prices for Tropic Colour LUTs are rather low, some people are looking for alternatives. Pay attention to the LUT bundle described below. It includes 160 must-have tools that allow you to increase/reduce the intensity, correct contrast and fully transform the atmosphere.

Using this set, you can enhance nature videos, portraits, cityscapes, wedding footage, etc. All you need to do is learn how to use LUTs in Photoshop, install them, and you'll be able to easily adjust light, brightness and other parameters to get great results.

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