Black Iris Films Review 2023

Black Iris Films

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  • Price: starting at $1.500

Verdict: Black Iris Films is a video production company that consists of experienced filmmakers. They use ahead-of-curve marketing strategies along with original production to deliver the message of your brand and attract new customers to your products.

These experts can create stunning and creative videos to meet client’s vision. Such content will help any business stand out from the crowd. Besides, the company offers professional photography services, so you can also order a photoshoot to promote your products.

  • A great option for photographers
  • Drive video engagement
  • Team of experts
  • Lots of fields and industries
  • End-to-end production
  • Video content & strategies developed for each client individually
  • No price list on the website
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The agency produces interesting videos for boosting conversions and taking your video marketing experience to a new level. Many clients praise the company for affordable services and quick turnaround. The filmmakers help you establish a strong emotional connection with your target audience.

Complete Black Iris Films Review

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Black Iris Films has immense experience in filmmaking, photography, and media content creation. Clients underline the high level of their services and great quality of marketing videos. Their team of experts can make people feel absolutely comfortable when being filmed.

The company tries to follow the most recent trends in marketing and social media, as well as stay current with the most recent technology and selling strategies. The professionals of Black Iris Films aren’t afraid of experimenting with newfangled techniques for creating motion pictures, sound and music, as well as editing ready-made videos.

Stunning Videos and Photography

black iris films photography

Black Iris Films creative filmmaking involves many video genres including business presentation clips, your company story, or commercials. Taking into consideration the interests and preferences of your potential audience, the agency creates a stunning visual narrative. The firm can boast a hard-working, energetic and helpful team of experts who are ready to fulfill all your filmmaking needs.

Black Iris Films can also help you with portrait photography and fashion photography. The professional staff knows well how to take photos in harsh conditions, restricted spaces, and capture fast-moving objects. No matter where your photoshoot took place, the quality of the images will be top, for sure.

End-to-End Production

Considered as experts in photography marketing, these guys not only create stunning videos about your brand but know how to promote your business, webpage, or product online.

The company shows their clients how to use a video for developing their photography business. They are ready to undertake a whole production process: from concept development to editing with the help of professional video editing software.

Professional Team

Taking advantage of the best modern video marketing practices, they do all the job on time staying within the budget and meeting deadlines. Taking into consideration client’s ideas and preferences, the company creates stunning video content.

Besides, they are quite passionate about their work and stay calm during the whole production process. Considered as one of the best explainer video production companies, Black Iris Films cooperates with some commercial and public organizations.

Impressive Portfolio

black iris films portfolio

Black Iris Films services are quite versatile, meaning that the company can work with different types of businesses. Let’s take a video for ACS, which is a co-working space for IT professionals, as an example. The clip created for this company features clients’ success stories, underlining the advantages of ACS.

In cooperation with F45 Bondi and Outback Academy Australia, Black Iris Films also created a clip to celebrate the enthusiasm of the Invictus Games competitors. The aim of this video was not only to popularize the games but also to underline the power of sport to inspire friendship and community.

Independent Reserve received a great number of new leads thanks to the promotional video on their freebie offering (a tool for calculating tax and cryptocurrency) produced by Black Iris Films. The aim of this clip was to attract more leads and increase the number of sign-ups to their platforms by advertising the already mentioned tool developed in cooperation with KPMG.

The company also managed to create a video for Manad Plus’ homepage, explaining the complicated solution it provides in a brief but exciting way. With the help of stunning animation, Black Iris Films told about the problems Manad Plus can solve and explained their methods. This served as the basic script for the voice-over that came after the animated clip.

Black Iris Films Prices

The agency had fixed prices on its services that start from $1,500. During a thirty-minute discussion, they can help you develop a $500 individual video marketing strategy to promote your brand with no obligations.

Besides, the professionals of this filmmaking company are always ready to provide you with useful tips on how to increase your traffic, attract more leads and bump up your conversion rate with the help of a video.

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