Topaz Sharpen AI Review 2023 – Is It Worth Buying?

Topaz Sharpen AI
Platforms: Win/Mac
Price: FREE 1-month trial / $79.99

Whether you are a designer, who needs to use sharpening tools to enhance your images, or a professional photographer on the lookout for photo enlargement software, you will appreciate Topaz Sharpen AI.

This software has a wide array of features that are highly useful for those, who work in the areas of landscape photography, wildlife photography, and bird photography as well as in other adjacent areas.

  • Effortless adjustments
  • Batch processing
  • Advanced sharpening options
  • Convenient UI
  • Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins
  • High hardware requirements
  • Long response time
topaz sharpen ai interface

With the help of Topaz AI Sharpen photo sharpening software, you can make your photos look ultra-sharp even if they have been taken at night. Another selling point of this software is that it enables one to crop photos more quickly and enlarge images for the subsequent printing.

To make your job even easier, it can also be used as Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in.

Complete Topaz Sharpen AI Review

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The professional team working at TopazLab over the course of the previous year presented several AI-powered editing tools. Each of them is catered to a specific task.

For instance, you can reduce noise levels by using DeNoiseAI, enlarge your pictures using GigapixelAI, and make unblur image online with SharpenAI. Let’s consider the main advantages of this versatile software.

Sharpen AI has been created to detect the signs of blurring and fix this issue by correcting an image and bringing it back to focus.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

topaz sharpen ai

What makes AI Sharpen so distinct in comparison with similar editing tools is the application of Artificial Intelligence technology.

By using this software that has learned to detect a difference between noise and an image itself, analyzing millions of pictures, you will get an opportunity to take the quality of your works to the next level. Sharpen AI detects a detail that needs to be fixed and rises its sharpness level.

What is more, this software is capable of recovering a particular part of an image, which is very helpful for those, who are looking for a smart editing tool.

Effective Sharpening Modes

topaz sharpen ai modes

Sharpen AI starts from detecting the cause of decreased image quality, be it an issue caused by the movement of the camera, poor focus, or overall blurriness.

  1. Stabilize mode is helpful when you need to reduce blurriness caused by reverse motion. Thanks to it, any hand-held picture will look as if it was taken in a studio from a tripod.
  2. Focus mode is capable of correcting up to 10 pixels of blur caused by poor focus which is quite handy if you have some issues with your camera’s focus.
  3. Sharpen mode is a useful tool when one needs to rise an overall sharpness level of a picture. It can be used to make slight adjustments. If you don’t use a tripod, your image is likely to look soft due to some camera wobbling. To fix it, you can make it look sharper.

Intuitive Interface

The Topaz Sharpen AI has an intuitive user interface with two main editing modes, namely a manual or auto one. If you aren’t a top-notch professional photographer yet, make sure to choose the latter. Advanced users can edit pictures in a manual mode by using sliders. Besides, the software offers various presets and adjustment sliders, allowing users to fine-tune the sharpening parameters according to their preferences. Keep in mind, that you can use Topaz Aharpen AI as a standalone application or as a plugin for popular software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Seamless Integration

topaz sharpen ai lightroom integration

As Topaz Sharpen AI comes not only as standalone software, it can be used as a plugin for Topaz Studio, ON1 Photo RAW, Affinity Photo, Capture One, Lightroom, Luminar, as well as Photoshop.

Thanks to it, it is compatible with most of the editing tools you might ever need for your work.

Fast Performance

Developers made sure to optimize Topaz Sharpen for Intel CPU and iGPUs with Intel OpenVINO™ to deliver a seamless working experience. Provided you have a 6th Gen Intel GPU or higher, you will enjoy up to five times faster processing speed.

Selective Adjustments

topaz sharpen ai masking

Another highly effective tool allows for the selective sharpening of a selected area of your image. It was the most eagerly anticipated feature of the recent release and developers made sure to introduce it. You can use a masking tool to change sharpness levels for selected areas of your image.

Time-Saving Batch Processing

topaz sharpen ai batch processing

Those, who take a lot of pictures regularly will appreciate the batch processing tool that allows one to edit multiple images as quickly as possible.

You just need to adjust the settings, choose the files that you want to process, and start the ultra-fast batch editing.

High System Requirements

One of the key drawbacks that I have to mention in this Topaz Sharpen AI review is that this software has high hardware requirements, one of them being a powerful GPU. Before installing Topaz Sharpen AI, make sure to check if your PC meets all the requirements.

Slow Performance

As Sharpen AI is a GPU-demanding software, the editing process might seem too slow if your PC is not powerful enough. Some tasks require more time as the quality of your images might be too low to edit them quickly.

Topaz Sharpen AI Price

topaz sharpen ai utility bundle

Sharpen AI comes at the affordable price of $79.99. Topaz also offers Utility Bundle comprising four editing programs with a 40%-off discount. You can purchase them for $249.99 while buying them separately will cost you $359.96.

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  • What is Sharpen AI?

This is the software that detects the main issues with your image, be it poor focus, signs of camera shake, or softness thanks to Machine Learning. Then, it enhances the quality of your images.

  • Does Sharpen AI support the most common file types?

Yes, AI Sharpen works with PNG, TIFF, and JPEG file formats.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to work with RAW files yet but you can always convert your files by using an image converter. It will help you convert RAW to the supported file types and edit it with Sharpen AI.

  • Is it possible to edit an image using 2 processing modes at the same time?

When you can’t fix a focus, sharpen your image, or use a stabilization tool simultaneously, you can perform processing several times. Just start from one mode, save a result, and use another mode to continue editing.

  • Does Sharpen AI support all color profiles?

While Topaz Sharpen works well with RBG color profiles, its developers are yet to add CMYK support to this list.

  • Why the result looks better in some cases?

As this software is powered by AI, it will produce stunning results in some cases and a bit less impressive photos in others. Even if you use the same camera with the same settings to take your pictures, their quality will still vary depending on the focus and outside conditions.

The AI system will analyze an overall look of every image, its contents, and pixel size to produce the best result for every single shot. As this software constantly improves, you can also try processing your images again once developers release a new version.

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