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Verdict: Styldod is among the best virtual staging service providers that are ready to collaborate with any business involved in the real estate industry. A huge advantage of this service is that it allows you to order retouching for interior shots, virtual staging of both commercial and non-commercial properties, as well as the creation of real estate promotional clips. You can use this company to realistically furnish a room by using existing furniture.

They process and complete orders with maximum efficiency while also providing quick edits for clients that aren’t completely satisfied with the initial delivery. This service is a great option for photographers, real estate agents, and brokers.

  • Convenient and fast order completion process
  • Realistic virtual staging results
  • Order completion in 24-48 hours
  • Several styling options
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Free unlimited rework
  • Free trial offer
  • Email replies take 24 hours
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Styldod provides a broad range of virtual retouching and staging services. You can order virtual staging and renovation, architectural planning, and virtual tours, as well as website and video creation and clip enhancement. If you end up being unsatisfied with how your photos turned out, you can simply write to the Styldod team and get your money back.

Styldod Service — Main Features

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Styldod is a digital design agency that is aimed at servicing real estate businesses. The process of using their services is extremely intuitive. You can create a listing for your property or project with the help of any of the 30 provided interior design styles. The platform lets you upload pictures of the venue’s interior without worrying about the furniture or objects featured in it. That’s because the tool will produce a 3D version of the room that is void of any clutter.

Simple Registration and Order Placement

styldod ordering process

I was highly satisfied with how quickly Styldod processed my order. When I was first making my request, I expected it to take a long time but everything went along smoothly and my images were imported into the system almost instantly.

During the order placement stage, I had to pick a furniture style for the spaces I planned to decorate. Thanks to the provided before/after photos that you can open in full-screen mode, the ordering stage allows you to have a good understanding of what kind of result you’re going to get. This is also the time when you have to upload the photos that the designers will have to work with.

Once your rooms are imported into the service, you’ll have to specify the type of space they represent and then go through a checkbox menu to pick the objects and furniture you want to include. The list of potential options depends on the “Room/Area” category you’ve chosen. Additionally, the system lets you add notes in a separate section to request essential items that might have been missing in the checklist.

After you’ve provided all the necessary information, you’ll be shown the order summary and a price quote. Once you pay for the order, you’ll be taken to the platform’s dashboard that allows you to track the progress of your current project and make all future requests.

Overall, I consider the customer experience and provided workflow to be convenient and user-friendly. Image uploading was fast, the guidelines were brief and to the point, and the order placement process took less than 10 minutes.

Variety of Design Styles

This virtual staging software provides 8 distinct design styles for you to pick from when making your order. It’s up to you to pick a style that matches your venue, location, and market the best.

You can pick between Contemporary, Glam, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, Modern, Traditional, Industrial, and Coastal options. Before you finalize your selection, you can check out multiple examples of what each style can look like.

Help Visualize Commercial Properties

styldod commerce visual staging styldod commerce visual staging

By employing virtual staging to showcase a commercial listing, you can ensure potential buyers get a better idea of how potentially profitable it can be to purchase your property. Styldod services include all types of virtual staging as their experts have experience working with office spaces, restaurants, motels, shops, industrial complexes, and all kinds of other commercial properties while filling them with appropriate furniture and items.

Akin to orders related to living quarters, their employees offer an unlimited number of revisions while the order placement process itself is identical to requesting a virtual staging service for an apartment or house.

Advanced Services to Market Real Estate Listings

Styldod positions itself as a “design technology” enterprise, meaning its list of provided services extends further than that of a regular staging company. The most notable examples of such extra services are Matterport virtual staging (for 3D tours), accurate floor planning, 3D rendering, and 360° tour creation.

The company’s experts can transform an empty room into a Matterport virtual space while filling it with trendy furniture that matches your desired style and will help potential buyers visualize the venue via 3D touring. As the client, you get to decide what design style will be used for decorating the room while Styldod will ensure the produced scene looks realistic and appealing.

A floor plan allows you to showcase how a venue is structured, offering relevant information about the existing space, functionality, and convenience. The company’s employees rely on floor plan software to create 2D B&W floor plans. The result you receive is straightforward, clear, and highly accurate while representing the best way to demonstrate a property's layout to interested parties. Such a plan comes with room names, measurements, indicated distances between objects, surface types, etc. If you want an even more detailed visualization, you can request the designers to add furniture or paint the rooms in different colors.

If you’re willing to pay a bit extra, their experts will also create a basic 3D floor plan. Such a plan can be useful for showing flooring transitions, door trajectories, and other aspects while also being more appealing to potential buyers and making them more inclined to make the purchase.

Creating 3D Models into 3D Representations

styldod 3d rendering

The service’s employees create 3D renders to implement their clients’ design concepts and produce attention-grabbing assets for promoting real estate properties. By relying on CGI, they add textures, room layouts, colors, decoration items, furniture, lights, and so on. Such technology allows conveying the essence of a space and utilizing the combination of shape and function to highlight its value.

To showcase the exterior of a building, Styldod designers use 3D exterior rendering. Skillful implementation of this technology allows architects and designers to convey their vision to contractors, buyers, and contest committees.

Another service that allows you to view a room from all sides is the creation of 360° virtual tours. To take advantage of this service, you need to have 360° pictures that were taken with a 360° camera. Simply upload the images and the company’s professionals will create a realistic virtual tour within 24 hours by using the best virtual tour software on the market.

Upload Any Kind of Photos for Virtual Staging

Another aspect that I liked is the ability to upload photos of rooms with furniture and unfurnished spaces. Experts suggest using empty pictures for virtual staging to ensure the result fits the design style better but if you don’t have such photos, the company provides “Occupied to Vacant” and “Object Removal'' services that will get rid of all unwanted objects during the staging process.

As for the size of the photo, the perfect value for virtual staging lies in the 1 to 10MB range. Company experts suggest reaching out to a professional photographer to take proper pictures of your property to ensure the result will look as appealing as possible.

Ability to Reimagine the Property and Renovate It

styldod virtual renovation styldod virtual renovation

Styldod employees also offer virtual renovation and remodeling services that entail the enhancement of structural components like flooring, walls, kitchen layouts, ceilings, etc.

You can take advantage of virtual remodeling to set up a property for multiple generations of potential buyers that might have different design and aesthetical preferences. You can pick the option you want to implement by first checking out some before/after photos.

Make the Room Look Its Best

The Styldod team offers a real estate photo editing service. Other than deleting unwanted objects from a photo and freeing up space, the retouchers can change the lighting, remove dust specs, and flash reflections. You'll receive a more realistic image that shows the property as you would see it with your eyes instead of the perspective of a camera lens.

Some other options provided by the retouchers include brightness and contrast tweaks, white balance adjustments, sharpness, and tone enhancements. They can also add flames to the fireplace, get rid of wires and outlets, and change the sky in the background. The entire process takes no more than 2 business days.

Website Creation to Showcase and Market Your Property

styldod website development

Their experts can help you create a website that you can use for posting your property listings. You can pick from customizable themes that are aimed at real estate businesses, photographers, brokers, etc. The developers strive to produce highly-responsive websites that can be accessed across all kinds of devices and screen types.

They can also fill your property site with relevant content that will provide a satisfying user experience, fast load times, and gain high search engine rankings. Their experts will create all the necessary banners, add image and video galleries, and provide relevant Google map and street view data.

Professional Video Creation and Enhancement

Other than real estate shooting, Styldod services also include video creation. Their team produces property video footage by combining stunning photos and merging them into a cohesive narrative that tells the story of the listing in the form of a walkthrough. Such videos also contain vital info like the address, size in square feet, price, agent contacts, etc.

The company is highly proficient in real estate video editing, which allows you to present your property most appealingly. Other than editing real estate footage, their experts are also willing to work with other types of videos, as the range of their expertise includes the enhancement of property, drone, personal branding, and social media videos.

Unlimited Revisions

I like the fact that the company’s employees are ready to keep refining a project for as long as it takes until the client is fully satisfied with the result. The provided satisfaction guarantee and the unlimited number of revisions are one of the most appealing parts of their services.

Natural and Creative Staging Results

The modern furniture that is added to virtual staging renders looks highly detailed and stylish. The layouts used by the designers also look realistic and visually appealing. The sliders on the delivered images are excellent, however, they did cause a slight drop in terms of download speed.

Styldod Prices

If you order virtual staging for 8 or more images, it will cost you $16 for each image. Meanwhile, orders for less than 8 images cost $19 per image. Commercial virtual staging is slightly more expensive, as the current price stands at $24 for each photo. Lastly, Matterport staging will send you back $25 per hotspot.

Prices for Virtual Renovation begin at $5 per photo, depending on the type of enhancements you need. Website development will cost you a yearly fee of $30 per site. Video creation costs $20 and the price for editing your footage is the same. If you want to learn the cost of other Styldod services, simply visit their official website.


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