Stormy Solis Presets Review 2023: Examples & Alternatives

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Lightroom Tips

If you are interested in photography and have a blog or a portfolio website where you post your best photos, make sure to take a closer look at Stormy Solis Lightroom presets. They were created for those who want to give their pictures a professional feel by adjusting brightness, tweaking colors, and improving the white balance. Use them if you want to transform the atmosphere in your shots and give them a cinematic look.

On the official website of Stormy Solis, you will find a range of presets in different styles. They are suitable for enhancing lifestyle and portrait photos. You can use them to make colors richer and increase the level of detail as well as improve contrast and make the tones better balanced. You can use all the collections of these presets in the newest versions of Lightroom, from 2018 and higher.

Stormy Solis Lightroom Presets Collections

All the Stormy Solis presets included in the packs listed below come as a bonus for photographers who pay for a web-based workshop. To take part in it, you need to pay $350 for 1 season or $1200 for all seasons. It’s impossible to buy them separately. You will get access to all the materials available on the official website of Stormy Solis. If the owner of the website decides that she won’t provide educational services anymore, students will be warned a year in advance. It will allow them to study all the materials before their access gets discontinued.

After making a purchase, it will be impossible to get a refund. Stormy Solis has the right to change all the content posted on her website as she sees fit.

Mauka + Makai Presets Pack

stormy solis presets mauka and makai

Number of presets included: 11

If you are an avid traveler and enjoy taking photos during your trips, use this bundle of presets to give your pictures an unforgettable feel. It was created for improving landscape, seascape, wildlife, and outdoor lifestyle pictures.

Whether you prefer taking photos in the city or in the countryside, this all-in-one pack is perfectly suitable for travel photography. It will help you make your pictures more unique. These presets were primarily created for those who need to perform color correction and make tones brighter while preserving their natural look. Some of them make color tints colder, emphasize shadows, and add some contrast.

Days of Gold Presets Pack

stormy solis presets days of gold pack

Number of presets included: 10

Using these presets, you can emphasize golden tints and create a mesmerizing atmosphere in your photos. They are suitable for adding the sun glare effect and making reflections more beautiful. Thanks to them, you can add some depth to your photos and give them a realistic feel.

In case there are many details in your pictures, it might be a daunting task to edit them without giving your photos an artificial look.

This bundle was created for those who want to avoid the moire effect and emphasize patterns without blurring the textures. If you have never applied such effects before, make sure to read how to add presets to Lightroom.

Light of Mine Presets Pack

stormy solis presets light of mine pack

Number of presets included: 16

This pack of effects was designed for those who want to enhance photos taken in winter. They will make colors glow and create a magical atmosphere in the frame. Use them to make colors brighter and add cool tones to emphasize the beauty of the snowy wonderland. They will make your photos stand out among the rest and highlight the important details.

When taking photos in winter, you might struggle when trying to capture pictures with the right saturation, contrast, and lighting. It might be difficult to achieve a perfect result because of reflections. After learning how to use batch editing in Lightroom, you can apply these presets to enhance multiple photos at once. They will help you transform pictures with the overcast sky and make it look as if you captured a winter fairy tale.

Aina Presets Pack

stormy solis presets aina pack

Number of presets included: 8

In case you specialize in wedding photography and want to make your photos more visually-appealing, this bundle is what you are looking for. Use these presets to fix minor issues and give your photos a magical feel. They allow you to enhance your images and make them look as if they were taken by a world-known photographer.

Some of these effects are more suitable for making basic edits, while others let you give a vintage look to your pics. You can also use them to fully transform your photos and make them more engaging. After enhancing your pictures with the help of these presets, you can further edit them in Lightroom.

fixthephoto color correction service fixthephoto company color correction service

Want to Make the Colors in Your Pics Richer?

Order these services if you want to quickly tweak colors in your photos without making them look unnatural. There is no need to experiment with applying different presets as you can entrust the task of enhancing your photos to professionals.

Everlight Presets Pack

stormy solis presets everlight pack

Number of presets included: 8

These presets were created specifically for those who need to quickly edit their travel, wedding, and portrait pics. In case your images contain too many bright colors and distracting blue tones, try applying any of these effects. They will help you improve WB and fix overexposed or underexposed areas.

Apply these presets if you need to make the grayish tint less noticeable and give white objects a more natural look. These filters will be especially useful for improving photos taken in bad lighting situations. Use them to improve WB and edit shadows. They will enable you to implement a variety of portrait photography ideas. Using the presets included in this bundle, you can also improve other colors in your photos and give your images a warm and soft feel.

Wistful Presets Pack

stormy solis presets wistful pack

Number of presets included: 7

In this collection, you will find 7 professionally designed presets that allow you to give a cinematic feel to your photos. By applying them, you can darken dark tones as well as adjust contrast and sharpness.

Using any preset from this bundle, you can create a nice atmosphere in your photos that were taken in autumn. They allow you to improve the color temperature, adjust saturation as well as change luminance in red, orange, or yellow channels. I recommend using these filters when editing portraits in Lightroom. They are suitable for making the color scheme look more natural and giving an airy feel to your shots.

Entwined Presets Pack

stormy solis presets entwined pack

Number of presets included: 6

This collection includes 6 presets that will be a perfect solution for enhancing photos taken during autumn and winter. Similarly to other filters, these Stormy Solis presets enable you to add pastel tones to your photos as well as make your pics brighter.

These presets are suitable for outdoor portrait photography enthusiasts. At the same time, you can use them for improving your indoor photos, as they enable you to add soft, pastel colors to your pics. By applying these filters, you can improve the color of the face of a model and make minor skin imperfections less noticeable.

Where to Download Stormy Solis Lightroom Presets

These days, there are a lot of platforms that are advertised as those that allow you to download Stormy Solis presets for free. However, most of them don’t provide any links at all. Some of them contain links to fake presets.

I spent several hours in wain trying to find a site that delivers on its promises and enables users to download these presets. As the result, I divided these platforms into 3 categories.


If you want to find original Stormy Solis Lightroom presets, beware of fakes that are available on different platforms. These presets may seem similar to the original ones but they are no more than bleak copies. Some photographers release their presets under the name of the popular brand hoping to grab the attention of their audience.

After testing out some of these presets, I concluded that they can’t be compared to the original ones. These are budget versions with uninspiring pastel and matte colors. While you can use them to quickly enhance your pics, you are unlikely to be impressed with the result. In no way can they be compared to the original Stormy Solis presets.

Hacked Content

When looking for these presets online, I have found a lot of platforms that claimed that they allow users to download cracked Stormy Solis presets that are the same as the licensed version. The owners of such websites provide illegal content claiming that users can download it without paying anything.

You should be aware that these presets break Stormy Solis’s copyright and might contain malware that will infect your computer. As the result, after downloading them, you may need to reinstall your OS. Besides, your data might get compromised.


I have seen a lot of blog posts and articles about these presets. You will find plenty of reviews where bloggers discuss various Stormy Solis effects without providing their readers with download links. Some sites and blogs have articles with misleading links. After clicking on them, you will be redirected to a page with paid presets. Even if you find an article titled “Stormy Solis Lightroom Presets Free,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to download these presets without paying a penny.

Verdict: I don’t recommend looking for the original presets on third-party platforms. It’s better to go to the official website, where you can download them legally without breaking the copyright.

Stormy Solis Lightroom Presets vs Instagram Filters: Which Is Better

comparing stormy presets vs instagram filters

Before buying Stormy Solis presets, think about whether they are more suitable for enhancing your photos than regular Instagram filters. Make sure to compare the key advantages of Stormy Solis and Instagram filters to make an informed choice and select a solution that suits your needs best.


stormy solis logo
Stormy Solis
instagram logo
  • Nice color tint
  • Enhanced skin texture
  • Developed by a professional photographer
  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive
  • An impressive choice of filters
  • Free of charge
  • Simple color correction

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Final Verdict

stormy solis presets logo

Stormy Solis presets were created for photographers who need to improve photos taken during different seasons. They are suitable for making colors in outdoor pics brighter and adding a vintage effect. Using them, you can adjust contrast and exposure.

Instagram filters will come in handy for non-professionals who want to make their social media pics more attention-grabbing. You can apply them in a few clicks and give a unique look to your photos. To make your photos look as if they were taken by a professional, try combining them with Stormy Solis effects.

FREE Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

In case paying $350 for workshops that include these presets is too expensive for you but you want to speed up your workflow, make sure to apply these free presets created by the FixThePhoto team. This bundle includes RAW and JPG presets that you can use without paying a dime. You can use them to enhance your photos in Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Mobile.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.