Sonatafy Technology Company Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 5 days ago, Apps and Software

Sonatafy Technology

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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: $25-53 per hour

Verdict: Sonatafy Technology is a trustworthy company engaged in the development of software and mobile applications for photographers, designers, video post-production specialists, and other creative professionals. Here, you can order business-oriented apps and solutions for convenient cooperation with your clients.

Before getting down to work, the team thoroughly studies your request and all demands. Moreover, I like that they focus on your creative approach and philosophy and develop software & apps based on it.

  • Develop cloud-based and mobile apps
  • Reasonably priced services
  • Unique design and high performance
  • Additional services are charged separately
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Nearshore Software Development uses an integrated approach when developing applications for clients. There is a large team that consists of designers, IT specialists, engineers, and developers, working on every project.

Sonatafy Technology software development company not only guarantees the high quality of its products, but also makes sure all applications fully reflect the business concept, clients’ ideas and values. This is especially important for photographers, who need applications that prove their professionalism and are immediately associated with their activity.

Sonatafy Technology: Main Features

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Sonatafy Technology adheres to the Nearshoring principle in its work. This means that they work with clients from nearby regions to ensure a complete understanding.

This approach ensures that the team works with a client from the same time zone, so it is convenient to stay in touch. They also speak a language they both understand and are in a single cultural environment. This method has proven to be very efficient, as both sides share the same worldview and can easily agree on the outcome.

The Full Codebase and Contribution Audit of Photographers’ Apps

sonatafy technology audit

Before creating a new application for a client, Sonatafy Technology evaluates the efficiency and performance of the one he/she used before. If you are an experienced photographer and you have a specialized app for photographers, you can order its audit from Sonatafy specialists.

They will assess how relevant the application is in terms of code, design, and functionality. Experts will identify areas that require improvement. In addition, IT specialists and engineers will answer all your technical questions.

On-Demand Web and Mobile Applications Development

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Most of the company’s clients are photographers and creatives who need top-quality applications and software for their business. The company creates them on the basis of progressive Agile technology, which ensures the highest quality and compliance with all modern requirements for technological products.

At the consultation, you can discuss your ideas concerning the application, its functionality, design, and other important characteristics. If you need a photography business app, specialists will study your activities and the services you provide in detail. The functionality of such an application is aimed at providing a convenient workflow for the business owner.

Speaking of customer applications, Sonatafy Technology representatives learn the photographer's target audience meticulously and define the needs of each individual group. For example, some clients may need a photo editing app to improve images for social networks. Others would like to have a vignette app or a grain filter app.

Cloud Apps Development for Photographers

sonatafy technology cloud apps

Cloud-based applications help photographers optimize their working routine and expand capabilities. This web development company can create SaaS apps, employing such technologies as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

They can create any type of apps, starting with cloud storage for photos, and ending with various editors for images, tools for teamwork, etc. You can ask them to embed all the functions you need for work. In addition, Sonatafy will not only develop them, but will also launch, test the operation, and eliminate possible drawbacks.

Quality Control and Performance Monitoring of Developed Applications

sonatafy technology quality control

Unlike other app development companies, Sonatafy Technology pays special attention to the launch of the developed product. They release it in a quick way, output to the most popular sites for sale, and popularize among potential consumers.

The team also controls the quality of the software for photographers, without a surcharge for services. Thanks to a well-organized quality control process, there will be few problems with releases. Moreover, the product will get on the market quicker and achieve higher customer satisfaction. What’s more, you’ll have to spend more on maintenance services.

Sonatafy Technology Prices

The prices for the company's services depend on many factors, ranging from the complexity of the application or software, its internal content, design and other parameters, to the number of specialists who are working on launching a particular application.

On the website, you can see the cost of a consultation with agency representatives – $25-53 per hour. They provide more detailed information on prices upon request. You can write to Sonatafy customer support, specifying your request, and a company representative will contact you to provide all the necessary information.