12 Best Grain Filter Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

A grain filter app allows you to make your images unique by applying film or grunge effects to them. Unlike using desktop programs that may require some time to get used to them, most applications are very intuitive and help achieve the necessary result in a quick way.

The range of grain apps is truly impressive allowing you to make subtle changes or alter the entire look of your picture.

Top 12 Grain Filter Apps

  1. Fix The Photo App - Vintage editing by professionals
  2. 1967: Retro Filters & Effects - Many retro filters
  3. Tezza - For photo and video
  4. Picsart - HDR settings
  5. Snapseed - Selective image correction
  6. VSCO - Advanced shooting mode
  7. Retro Cam - 80+ color filters
  8. 1998 Cam - Random light leak filters
  9. Adobe Photoshop Express - Automatic photo correction
  10. Wild Shot - 10 presets without limitations
  11. Mextures - Unique combination of textures
  12. Photofox - Works with raw files

The film grain effect looks great in photos creating a unique atmosphere. However, if you are involved in professional image editing, it’s better to apply such effects in Lightroom using film Lightroom presets.

I have created the list of the most popular grain apps for iOS and Android that will help add grain touches to your photos. Professional shooters, bloggers and amateurish photographers may easily use them for their projects.

1. Fix The Photo

Vintage editing by professionals
  • A free trial version
  • Streamlined photo editing
  • Short turnaround time
  • An extensive choice of services
  • Photos are enhanced by following clients’ requirements
  • None

Verdict: The FixThePhoto App is an all-in-one app for those who need to edit their photos on the go. You can entrust your images to a team of professionals who will take into account all your requirements and send you your polished pictures back within the shortest time possible.

To give your photos a vintage feel, they can add some grain or turn your images black and white. In addition, the team can change the texture of your photo and add scratches to artificially age it. You just need to upload the pictures that you need to enhance, send your detailed instructions, and wait a few hours to get the results. As the app has a trial version, you can test it for free.

fix the photo grain filter app interface

2. 1967: Retro Filters & Effects

Many retro filters
  • 200+ retro filters
  • More than100 color leak effects
  • User-friendly app
  • None found

Verdict: 1967- Retro Filters is an unusual mix of old and new. This grain filter app contains classic filters, but the developers decided to move away from standard interface design.

With this application, users can quickly take a new picture in the style of film photography, adding a grain effect, crop it to the necessary size, either using pre-created layouts or free transformation. Also, the app has almost 70 different filters to help you quickly stylize your photos.

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage various features. For example, if you need to change the filter, you don’t have to return to the general menu - just swipe left or right. To change the intensity of the filter, you need to move your finger up and down.

1967 retro filters & effects grain filter app interface

3. Tezza

For photo and video
  • Simple to use
  • Lots of powerful tools
  • Built-in presets and filters
  • Frequent updates
  • Few free effects

Verdict: Tezza is an interesting and multifunctional photo and video editor with original presets and many great tools.

This grain app doesn’t include many free filters. In fact, there are only 4 free effects, which you can apply to photos in an intuitive way. If you are interested in more original filters, get ready to pay for them.

If you have a clear idea you want to bring to life, you can somehow do without paid filters and take advantage of those available for free. They are enough for giving your photo Vintage and Moody atmosphere.

Besides, this grain effect app allows adjusting exposure, fix inky shadows, work on “dusty” areas, etc. Unfortunately, the “Dust” overlay is presented in one version only, while more profound manipulations entail additional expenses.

tezza grain filter app interface

4. PicsArt

HDR settings
  • Flexible photo adjustments
  • Simple to use
  • A huge variety of free filters and overlays
  • In-app purchases
  • Expensive content
grain filter app picsart logo

Verdict: PicsArt drawing app has a set of features for photo editing that resemble those available in free Photoshop.

Looking through the available toolset, you will find instruments for basic image edits, as well as special brushes to embellish your pictures with eye-catching effects – sparkles, matching captions, unusual color mixes, etc.

Using this beginner-friendly app, you can easily add vintage and retro touches to your photos and make them similar to works of famous film photographers. Dust and grain effects make it easy to achieve film-like results.

picsart grain filter app interface

5. Snapseed

Selective image correction
  • Handy image editing instruments
  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • Brushes for selective adjustments
  • Amazing photo filters
  • For more experienced users
  • Lacks auto-save feature
grain filter app snapseed logo

Verdict: Snapseed is a pro-level free photo editing app created by Google. It contains a huge collection of image editing tools to turn an average photo into something mesmerizing.

You can enjoy full control over the picture editing process thanks to a set of sliders that make altering vignette, blur, temperature and other photo parameters a breeze.

Using this grain filter app, you can apply film-inspired effects, unique Retrolux filter, and more. Actually, it is possible to combine several effects similar to how you use layers in Ps, to achieve a more striking result.

snapseed grain filter app interface


Advanced shooting mode
  • Appealing and simplistic design
  • Decent exposure and color editing toolset
  • Integrated camera
  • 10 free presets
  • Compatible with RAW format
  • The majority of filters are present only in a paid account
  • Absence of dark mode
grain filter app vsco logo

Verdict: Developed by Visual Supply Company, VSCO is one of the best grain apps. It is also meant for snapping pictures, enhancing them via different adjustments and filters, as well as sharing them.

For all the film photography lovers, VSCO offers a Film filter that mimics the appearance of analog film shots. Check out helpful VSCO editing tips to achieve amazing retro pictures.

In VSCO, it is possible to tweak color saturation, contrast and exposure. By clicking on the Tone button, you will be able to adjust highlights and shadows. These manipulations are crucial, especially if you wish to make the face look less shadowed in a shot.

vsco grain filter app interface

7. Retro Cam

80+ color filters
  • Straightforward
  • Nice light leak filters
  • Immediate preview
  • 3D effect
  • Logo on the photo
grain filter app retro cam logo
Retro Cam

Verdict: Retrocam enables users to simulate analog photo effects of the ‘80s without any difficulties. Simply upload the shot to the app, pick a filter, add dust textures, scratches or light leaks, and you are good to go!

The vintage filters of this grain app are thoroughly designed to achieve the true-to-life retro vibe and turn a regular shot into a more atmospheric and appealing one.

retro cam grain filter app interface

8. 1998 Cam

Random light leak filters
  • Saves pictures to the gallery automatically
  • Absence of watermarks
  • Free app
  • No paid filters
  • Picture quality gets worse
  • Unable to enlarge pictures
grain filter app 1998 cam logo
1998 Cam

Verdict: 1998 Cam is another effective grain filter app that adds the stunning vintage analog film vibe to pictures and videos.

The app is completely free for both iOS and Android users. All the capabilities and filters of 1998 Cam are free as well, but you will have to deal with plenty of ads.

With 1998 Cam, you can apply a clear vintage flair to the shots. The app’s toolset is divided into four categories: an array of lighting effects, a number of overlays imitating wear, seven vignettes and multiple preset filters.

Using the “3D” mode, it is possible to add a peculiar blur to pictures. The camera function within the app will come in handy.

1998 cam grain filter app interface

9. Adobe Photoshop Express

Automatic photo correction
  • Intuitive
  • Excellent integration with other Adobe products
  • Free app
  • Decent standard picture editing toolset
  • No extra adjustments are required
  • Not compatible with RAW file format
  • Difficult to save

Verdict: Photoshop Express Editor is compatible only with JPEG files smaller than 16MP and no wider than 8,191 pixels. It is built in Flash rather than HTML5.

The app’s toolset is divided into two categories: Edit and Decorate. The former features basic tweaks, resizing, cropping and white balance adjustments.

Among less widespread tools that aren’t found in the majority of similar apps are add film grain to photo, a fill light function to minimize rough shadows, as well as an automatic correction that gives suggestions on how to quickly enhance the colors in the picture.

adobe photoshop express grain filter app interface

10. Wild Shot

10 presets without limitations
  • More than 15 retro effects
  • 200 filters
  • User-friendly
  • Limited functionality in a standard version
grain filter app wild shot logo
Wild Shot

Verdict: Wild Shot grain filter app offers more than 200 effects to enhance your images. This app is created for professional shooters and bloggers, who consistently edit pictures. What is more, you may create vintage effects with scratches or film grain.

The application allows adding subtitles and linking them to images. Almost all features are free, including professional filters, retro dust and scratch effects, chromatic aberration, etc.

If you choose a premium subscription, you will get over 200 presets in more than 20 packs. By the way, all the filters are regularly updated and enhanced.

wild shot grain filter app interface

11. Mextures

Unique combination of textures
  • More than 80 original textures
  • Convenient work with layers
  • Saving textures as Formulae
  • Sharpness and temperature can’t be adjusted
grain filter app mextures logo

Verdict: Mextures uses a combination of textures to get the desired outcome. Having applied these effects (created from actual 35mm film scans), you will get everything from grainy overlays to light leaks and fine-tuned gradients that may be successfully combined.

You may choose among 130 textures but thanks to the included layer manager and the possibility to combine multiple layers, you are not limited to basic edits. What is more, you can rotate and move each texture to get the desired effect.

mextures grain filter app interface

12. Photofox

Works with raw files
  • Numerous photo-editing and creative tools
  • Stunning results with special effects
  • Intuitive interface with lots of tips
  • Ad-free
  • Lacks some photo editing tools and effects
  • Paid
grain filter app photofox logo

Verdict: Photofox is a grainy filter app that offers creative photo editing tools and effects. Boasting an intuitive, ad-free UI, it doesn’t have an integrated photo-sharing community and lacks some competitive tools.

However, it has numerous advantages that attract more and more users. It remembers the process of image editing and saves ten latest editing sessions. Photofox makes 3D transformations, including tilting and rotating. You may also use the Refit tool to distort the perspective.

Moreover, Photofox successfully works with raw files allowing you to use multiple layers. It has an Analog tool offering a good selection of film-inspired filters. It is a great app to add vintage effects that make images look as if they were taken with the best film camera.

photofox grain filter app interface