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Verdict: Rusolut is a team of experienced digital solution developers that creates tools for data recovery and digital forensics. The developers have great experience in advanced data recovery and forensics technologies widely used around the world by both small DR companies and law enforcement agencies.

I like that Rusolut develops technologies, programs, equipment, and teaches users how to implement them in daily work. The company has developed tailor-made training courses aimed at understanding technologies and helping data recovery specialists, digital forensic experts and business owners use them effectively.

  • Powerful and flexible software for recovering and repairing photos and video files
  • Fast data recovery
  • Unique and high-quality adapters
  • Meticulous approach to technology development
  • Treat every client with special care
  • Lack of pricing details
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Rusolut is one of the best software and app development companies. It provides effective, simple, fast, and affordable technological solutions. The team consists of engineers, mathematicians, and programmers who use their knowledge and rely on the latest technologies to create tools that help people recover and keep data safe.

Complete Rusolut Review

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Rusolut develops sophisticated and complex solutions for various industries. They created Visual Nand Reconstructor – advanced software for data saving and restoring with a large database and regular updates. The company provides a lot of documentation and guides along with sample videos, downloadable exercises, and support for all your needs when things get tough.

Rusolut offers special training and courses to help you get a deep understanding of how to work with the best data recovery software. You can independently reconstruct algorithms of new devices, obtain data, analyze images and devices, etc.

Unique Data Recovery Product for Photographers, Data Recovery Engineers and Digital Forensic Experts

rusolut visual nand reconstructor

Visual NAND Reconstructor (VNR) is universal data recovery software and a platform for forensic analysis from damaged media. Rusolut provides VNR with a comprehensive and highly customizable set of tools. It includes useful time-saving features such as an integrated solution database for common devices (or those you've already hacked).

VNR allows seasoned engineers to create and adapt solutions for new types of devices, including software-configurable voltage control, manual options, software block filtering, tools for visual identification, and reverse engineering of new XOR keys. Visual NAND Reconstructor is the most comprehensive and powerful set of flash recovery tools available.

Developers use electronic components from leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA, and Asia for VNR production. They design, manufacture, and test all components of VNR equipment in one of the largest research and production centers in Europe.

Efficient and Fast Data Recovery from Any Media

rusolut emmc-nand reconstructor

The company offers tools to improve the data recovering process from flash drives even in difficult cases. Users are bound to enjoy an innovative interface, extensive customization, and control over data recovery. Since even the best photo recovery apps don’t always deliver the desired results, you can use this advanced software as photo recovery software.

VNR has a powerful interface that allows you to experiment with data, understand patterns, and extract what you need. It helps analyze hidden/obsolete/bad NAND blocks. By using the new eMMC-NAND module, you can read faulty data from memory. Besides, the program can recover data from even broken flash drives.

eMMC-NAND Reconstructor is a revolutionary technology developed by the Rusolut. It mainly aims at law enforcement (mobile forensics and other fields). It provides the deepest level of data recovery from areas of eMMC chips unavailable before.

eMMC-NAND Reconstructor includes software for automatic and semi-automatic data extraction and recovery from eMMC chips via the NAND interface. It works in tandem with the VNR starter kit. You get a lifetime license when using this tool. What’s more, it has a built-in database of automatic chip solutions with instant online synchronization. The software only works with the original eMMC-NAND reader and adapters.

Great Learning Possibilities through Clear Training

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The Rusolut team creates programs and teaches how to use them. The slogan sounds like “Purchasing the best-of-breed technologies is only the first step. The knack to use them with 100% efficiency is the new level”. The company offers several courses, including Startup Course, Advanced Course, and Monolith Pinout Discovery Course.

The Startup Course is basic training that includes an introduction to data recovery from flash devices. It explains VNR technology and allows you to understand all the basics and dilemmas of chip-off data recovery from flash-based devices. In addition to the theoretical part, the training includes real practical cases that you have to solve on your own.

The Advanced Course focuses on recovering data from unsupported devices and complex cases with already known controllers. It shows you how to extract and prepare the required components, as well as best practices for using VNR and dump analysis. For each theoretical subject at the training, you’ll get a practical case as an example.

The Monolith Pinout Discovery Course focuses on inference analysis and disaster recovery of monolithic devices. The MPD training includes all the information you need to work with monolithic devices. It consists of several training examples for signal analysis. Besides, it presents a complete methodology for preparing a pinout, which you can test practically with a physical device.

Activation, Software Updates & Priority Support

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Rusolut is ready to help you with VNR, any question, problem, or issue. The developers and engineers are researching new flash drives and their configurations to keep Visual Nand Reconstructor at the cutting edge of technology and meet market demands. Having the latest software and databases is the only way to quickly and efficiently recover data from new NAND storage devices.

Therefore, the company periodically updates the software and database. If you are having difficulty downloading the latest version, the support team is ready to help.

You can get help by getting VNR which includes premium support. You can get quick help by turning to the Help Center. Plus, you have a lifetime reader warranty with access to knowledge base, and software activation.

If you purchase VNR + EMMC-NR, you will receive, in addition to the above-mentioned features, priority support, and help with eMMC-NAND cases.

Helpful Data Recovery Documentation

rusolut flash data recovery technology

The company has created several straightforward books to help you understand the software. Although the product has an intuitive interface, you may need further clarification.

The first part of the NAND data recovery and forensics book/VNR guide is the basics. It is especially useful for beginners. The second part includes Software, useful for engineers and programmers.

Alternatively, you can download "VNR Product Specification". You will find technical details, equipment descriptions, and more.

Besides, the site has a helpful guide called Chip-Off Data Recovery & Digital Forensic Analysis of Broken Flash Storage Devices. It describes the data recovery and digital forensics methodology used in cases where access to data through a standard device interface is not possible (physical, electrical, firmware, or other damage).

Rusolut Prices

You can easily contact Rusolut by phone, e-mail, or the support service.

If you want to get high-quality training, press the relevant button on the page. You can also order individual training so that a Rusolut specialist comes to your office. It may be especially useful for large teams. To learn more details about services and pricing, contact company representatives.

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