Macube Cleaner Review: Pros & Cons

Macube Cleaner

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Verdict: Macube Cleaner is one of the best cleaning and optimizations tools specifically developed for Mac users. It perfectly copes with cleaning up trash, old and bulky files, rarely used files and apps, thus, freeing up disk space.

I like that the program located and selectively deletes local email attachments, needless iTunes backups, and unused language packages.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Over 3mls downloads
  • Multilanguage
  • Integrated uninstaller
  • Smart Scan system
  • Limitations in the non-activated version
macube cleaner interface

The software stands out from competitors with a fluid and straightforward cleaning process on any Mac device.

Though there are many programs for system cleaning, this tool surpasses major competitors with meticulous scanning of Macs and detecting app cache, trash bin leftovers, system logs & cache. Besides, it deletes all found elements very quickly.

Another highlight of Macube Cleaner is the integration of smart technology that automatically determines the files that you rarely open/use on your device.

Complete Macube Cleaner Review – Main Benefits

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Macube Cleaner is highly popular among users. It has been downloaded more than 2mln times by people in different parts of the globe. Besides, it tops the list of the most reliable cleaners according to many media websites.

This program has all the needed functions for cleaning the space and optimizing your device’s performance. Moreover, you can use it to manage extensions and private browsing history on Mac computers. If you are searching for an uninstaller for MAC, Macube Cleaner is worth checking out.

Smart Scan Technology for Unwanted Files Detection

smart scan macube cleaner review

There is a special Smart Scan option, which accurately defines the model of your device and the current network status. Thus, you can monitor the speed of your Internet connection. In addition, it finds all types of junk files on your device and deletes them without affecting its security. Try using this feature and you are sure to be impressed by how much space was occupied with useless files.

The Smart technology accesses all folders and files and determines which of them are the least frequently used, and which can affect overall performance. This saves you a lot of time. The duplicate file finder for Mac as well as tools that detect cache are also in high demand. Besides files stored on your Mac, Macube Cleaner also analyzes email attachments to find those that just take up disk space and can be deleted without detriment to overall system health.

Simple Installation Process

I like that the installation process is very intuitive and fast. Actually, even inexperienced users will immediately understand what is what. If you initiate downloading directly from this page, you will get a DMG installation file on your Mac. Next, you need to open the file and drag the application’s icon into the Application folder. There is no need to keep the original installation file.

DMG files are mounted by your system like a virtual hard drive. Once the installation is over, try to unmount the DMG in Finder.

Quick Management of the Extensions and Files

file management macube cleaner review

Mac users usually have several extensions and add-ons on their computers. Launching Macube Cleaner, you can find out what files are needed for proper operation and which of them can be removed without regret. The deleting process is absolutely smooth.

Besides, you’ll get accurate data on what extensions and add-ons call for customization. Thanks to the Quicklook feature, you can immediately preview the files without opening them one by one. You don't need to navigate across hundreds of folders to figure out what the installation file of an unnecessary application is hidden.

You can also see extensions recommended for removal as they can hamper and slow down your device. All your applications are collected on one page and you can use 2 buttons to manage them. Proxy is an additional helper for some apps to enhance their functionality.

Private Browsing Data Cleaning

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, I also like that the program guarantees all your browser data is hidden from third parties and web history cleaning boils down to a single click. You can be sure that browsing history, cookies and HTML local storage is fully removed no matter what browser you use.

Macube Cleaner offers more convenient browser data removal if compared to manual deleting, as you can see the list of all files detected, preview them, and only then decide what elements you want to get rid of. If you find browser data manually, cookies, visit and download history are separated while the program displays them simultaneously. With the Privacy feature enabled, you can even learn the size of the browsing data and even trace their path.

Detailed Help Section with Free Materials

help center macube cleaner review

The official website has a useful blog called “How to”. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from users. The articles contain videos and photos, as well as step-by-step instructions for solving various problems with Mac devices.

It is possible to filter the articles according to the chosen direction, for example, you can view only what is related to deletion, extensions, or privacy policy. This helps to speed up the process of finding an answer, which is very important for users.

Macube Cleaner Price

1-Month Subscription Plan - here you have to spend $8,95/per month to use all the features of the software for one month on one Mac device.

1-Year Subscription Plan – it costs $29,95/year and includes all the features of the software for one Mac device.

Lifetime Subscription Plan - if you want to use the software without time limitations, you can pay $69,95 upfront and enjoy all the features for a lifetime on two Mac devices. You will get all the updates for the software as soon as they are released.

The prices of all the plans are exclusive of the sales tax. If you think that the download file may contain malware or viruses, don’t worry, as the developers scan all data and share files that are completely safe. Besides, you can reach the support team 24/7 if you want to clarify something. Just send them a query and they’ll send you detailed guidelines.

In case you hesitate whether Macube Cleaner can fully live up to its reputation, download a free trial version and give it a thorough study.

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