PIXEO – Huge Collection of Photo Spots Review 2024


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Verdict: PIXEO is a crowdsourced platform with a variety of photo spots all over the globe. Whether you want to learn more about the town you have just moved to or visit interesting places while being on vacation, you should definitely check out PIXEO collection of photo spots.

Aside from the aesthetic photos and locations, I also like that the platform is easy to navigate and has intuitive search options. Besides, I have tested PIXEO free mobile app and can assure you it is very convenient. The Android version of the app is in development and expected to launch in April of this year.

  • Handy search by parameters
  • 10.000+ locations
  • Guides on the best photo spots
  • Free app
  • Photo challenges for users
  • Limited free version
pixeo collection of photo spots interface

PIXEO has over 10K locations at the moment. In addition to locations, you can also check pins across the map with images snapped there, learn the weather forecast for a specific region, get clear directions of how to get to the spot, and read notes from other photographers on whether it is worth visiting a certain place.

PIXEO Review: Main Features

pixeo collection of photo spots logo

PIXEO was created by Shawn and Lisette Kent, a couple of Canadian photographers with a penchant for traveling and photographing picturesque locations. They started PIXEO Inc. in 2017 with the desire to create the largest collection of verified and high-quality photo spots from the most unique parts of our planet.

Over time, their project grew into a full-featured platform with thousands of jaw-dropping photos and the collection is constantly growing. Besides, they have created a free iOS PIXEO app, PIXEO Map, and PIXEO Photo Challenges for all participants. They carefully select and approve tens of thousands of photo spots every day, make special groups of the most awe-inspiring locations, and always highlight the incredible work of their colleagues contributing to PIXEO Instagram account.

Amazing Spots from the World Best Photo Destinations

pixeo collection of photo spots destinations

PIXEO collection of photo spots features a plethora of images with the world’s best landscapes, landmarks, and even far-flung photography location which is worth visiting no matter what. They have looked through multiple pictures submitted by enthusiastic photographers and created the most terrific selection of photography destinations. The website has a separate photography bucket list, which can stir up your motivation to grab your backpack and hit the road.

PIXEO has separate categories of photo spots based on the type. For example, you can sieve through needless offers by indicating “ancient castles” or “abandoned regions” in the search. Moreover, you can make your personal list of favorites for your next adventure. Without a shadow of a doubt, PIXEO can be called the best tool for finding photo spots. The team regularly adds new spots and curates pictures sent by photographers from all over the world.

Photo Spots World Map for Easy Discovering

pixeo collection of photo spots map

Visiting new places seems very inspiring but you may feel confused trying to find spots to shoot. Of course, you can just wander around with your camera ready for shooting, but this is a poor scenario if you are pressed for time.

The best way out in this case is to use PIXEO Photo Spots Map. It is actually a regular map with many pins scattered around it. Tapping on any pin, you can see a short preview of a location and decide whether you want to see it. If you are interested in a specific spot, you can drill down and find out more details about the location and even look through a gallery of photos. All information is received from real people who have already been to the spot.

Of course, you can also share your thoughts and ideas about the places you’ve visited. Moreover, you can upload your images to the PIXEO gallery, indicating where they have been taken. This is a very cool method of exchanging insights with like-minded people.

Photography Spot Guides for Your Next Trip

pixeo collection of photo spots guides

Photography guides available on PIXEO are collections of terrific pictures from famous photographers. For instance, the PIXEO team has selected the top 10 photo spots in Paris, having scrutinized thousands of photo locations they’ve collected over the years. Thus, you can instantly head to the most iconic locations in Paris and fully delve into the ancient history of that city.

Or you can check out Riga, Latvia: Europe’s Most Underrated Photography Destination collection. You will find a detailed description of Old Town Riga with its medieval charm, historic dwellings, and narrow streets. Next, you can discover Riga architecture that naturally blends with numerous parts, offering you multiple opportunities to increase your collection of photos. All articles are short yet informative, while images, both taken in daytime and at night, help you fully immerse yourself into a new atmosphere.

Photo Challenge to Get Gift or Grand Prize

PIXEO was created to help people passionate about photography learn about worthy places and encourage them to share their personal experiences with colleagues. The team wants to reward the most diligent participants with a $100 Amazon Gift Card, which you can get by submitting photos within PIXEO Photo Challenge.

They choose the best submission every month and a winner automatically enters the Annual PIXEO Photo Challenge. A person named the Winner of the Annual competition will become PIXEO Photographer of the Year and received the Grand Prize.

Mobile App to Use Platform on Your Smartphone

pixeo collection of photo spots app

Of course, traveling photographers strive to keep their luggage as lightweight as possible, so carrying a laptop around isn’t always the case. That’s why the PIXEO group decided to create a special PIXEO App for iOS to keep shooters in the loop of the latest updates. Currently, it has over 50,000 global photo spots.

With this app installed on your mobile phone, you can immediately learn about new places and share valuable info about your discoveries. If you want to tell other users about an interesting spot in your neighborhood, just log in, snap a shot, pin the place on the map, and write a short description. Simple like that!

PIXEO Prices

Both the PIXEO platform and app are free. If you own an iOS device, you can just download the app and dive into the world of vibrant and eye-pleasing photos taken in different parts of the world. You can sign up to become a Pro user.

Pro Users can relish some benefits, including ad-free space, access to Favoriting where you can save locations for the future and plan your trips, examine Nearby Locations with photos spots arranged in categories, get a Pro Badge on profile, and upload images in the app.

The Monthly Subscription Plan costs $1.99, while the Annual Subscription Plan is priced at $9.99. You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe any time you want.

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