Sellics Review 2023: Pros & Cons

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Verdict: Sellics advertising automation software for Amazon helps sellers collect necessary statistics in one place. I really like that you don’t need to use multiple extensions to follow data, you can focus on your business needs to grow it faster.

Another advantage is that the tool collects data from the seller central account and updates data in real-time every 5 minutes. Since it allows you to analyze the content and sale channels immediately, you can make necessary adjustments in no time.

  • Responsive help center
  • Stats in real-time
  • Personal PPC guidance
  • One-click smart campaigns
  • Adjustable automation rules
  • You need to connect the Amazon seller account even for trial
sellics interface

Since the Sellics dashboard presents data visually, you can process a lot of information easier. Besides, it has an intuitive interface and offers to each client support from expert PPC advisors. They can help you choose the right PPC strategy and manage the campaign in the most profitable way for your business. If you want to know more about this company, check out this Sellics review.

Sellics Review: Main Benefits

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While it’s pretty easy to run a business on Amazon, growing it on popular e-commerce platforms to overcome the key competitors may be challenging. If you aim to grow your business, you need to use several tools to compare metrics and discover the right values for further business decisions.

Since the market lacks tools that stand out with competitive intelligence, you should combine different analytics software to get the desired data and grow your Amazon business successfully. When it comes to Sellics, the service offers you all the necessary tools in one place.

Complex Solution for Amazon Advertising

Sillics offers high automation paired with PPC advisors to help your business grow faster. Using services, you can save time, avoid extra effort, and get precise measurements of the entire Amazon potential.

The service lets you quickly automate ad campaigns creation and optimization without specific skills. If you face any difficulties, you can contact PPC advisors to get human expertise on your strategic decisions. Besides, you will get useful competitive insights from the Sellics Benchmarker.

To create an effective Amazon ad, you need to focus on product pages, feedback, business management, and organic rankings boosting to combine necessary data in your campaign. With the help of a single software, you can both arrange your advertising and manage organic activities faster.

Automate Amazon PPC with Smart Campaigns

sellics smart campains

As a rule, specialists spend several hours per week to set up an effective structure and optimize campaigns for a single product to achieve desired goals. However, with Sellics Smart Campaigns, you can automate this process and save time which is especially helpful if you have a big product line.

Using Sellics Smart Campaigns, you don’t need PPC experts' help to help you set up a professional Amazon PPC campaign. When creating a Sellics Smart Campaign, a seller can choose a goal such as increasing sales, cutting costs, or ACoS. In case you’ve changed your mind, you can adjust the goal anytime. Once the campaign is ready, the service starts optimizing keywords and bids towards it.

You can use Sellics Smart Campaigns for a single product, several of them, or an entire product line. They work well for all Amazon marketplaces in North America, Europe, and India.

Ability to Build Your Own Automation Rules

sellics automation rules

Sellics includes a rule builder to help you create custom automation logic and get full control over campaign automation.

Based on your risk profile & budget strategy, you can adjust bidding rules. If you properly adjust rules, they increase sales from keywords with high conversion, decreasing the CPCs of those with low conversion.

Besides, you can add targeting rules. Thus, you can use Amazon Auto campaigns to collect new, strong-performing keywords or products for direct targeting. What’s more, everything is done without manual intervention.

You’ll also find customized rules. With the help of a rule builder, you can create optimization algorithms to enhance organic keywords, launch a new product, increase market share, and more.

Market-Leading Amazon PPC Evaluation

sellics ppc evaluation

The PPC manager helps you follow, analyze and optimize your Amazon ads. It delivers data on ad performance, sorting it by revenue, cost, CPC, CTR, orders, impressions, etc. It helps you understand how successful your campaigns are without waiting for data from Seller Central reports.

The PPC optimizer helps you find keywords with low conversion and offers new variants based on the advertised cost of sale (ACoS) and impression potential of each keyword. You can integrate the manager with the Amazon Product Advertising API. It allows you to automate campaigns and create adjustable rules to automatically change the keyword bids based on the performance.

Besides, Sellics provides you with three extra modules focused on “Advertising Readiness” for Amazon. These modules complement the main advertising software, helping you develop and measure your daily tasks.

With the help of modules, you can boost organic ranking by increasing your sales with ads, optimize product listing and feedback for higher organic and ads conversion, and add the COGS to Sellics to get ad profits and break-even ACOS calculated automatically.

With the help of the Search ranking optimization module, you can use the desired SEO software to optimize keywords and listings. The Profit module allows users to follow real-time sales and Amazon profit. If you want to track all product reviews in one dashboard, you need to open the Reviews module.

Ongoing Guidance from Expert PPC Advisors

sellics ppc advisor

If you have doubts in terms of PPC strategy and campaign management, you can use expert PPC advisors’ service to make the right choice and enhance your performance sustainably. The PPC advisor will provide you with monthly reporting and check-in for your account.

Besides, you can run high-end ads due to customized PPC onboarding and ongoing assistance. Sellics provides users with access to exclusive resources and priority support from the client center. The PPC advisor will help you keep up with the latest developments in Amazon Advertising, and updated terms for Amazon product photography.

Powerful Sellics Benchmaker to Calculate Your Growth

sellics benchmarker

Users can try the beta version of Sellics Benchmarker to get a precise understanding of the Amazon PPC performance across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. Besides, it delivers valuable insights, giving you tips on the changes you can make to boost the campaign efficiency.

Based on Sellics study involving $2.5B in anonymized and aggregated Amazon PPC ad revenue across 170,000 products and 20,000 product categories, they manage to determine the main benchmarks. Sellics doesn’t limit you in terms of accounts and reports.

You’ll get updated reports monthly in the inbox. Along with valuable insights, you will get helpful tips with examples to apply them to your campaigns such as improvement of the ACoS, CPC, click-through, and conversion rates.

Sellics Prices

Sellics includes 3 plans with both annual and quarterly payments.

Sellics Benchmarker Plan is free. It works for DIY advertisers. The plan includes market-leading PPC evaluation and benchmarks for 20K product categories.

Advertising Advisor Plan costs $259/ month (annual plan) or $349/month (quarterly plan).

It works great for most sellers. Along with features from Sellics Benchmarker, the plan offers Sellics Smart Campaigns [Beta], individual platform onboarding & coaching, monthly performance reviews, access to Sellics platform with advertising readiness features (search optimization, reviews, profit).

Managed Services Plan costs $1,249/ month (annual plan) or $1,599/month (quarterly plan).

The plan works best for large sellers. Along with features from the Sellics Advertising Advisor plan, it includes hands-on PPC management, campaign setting, custom PPC optimization, ongoing KPI reporting & goal measurement.

If you have doubts, you can try any plan for free during a week. Choosing the annual plan, you can save 25%. The company forms prices based on your average Amazon Advertising spending. Instead of charging you a % of advertising spend, they assign a budget tier such as < $10,000, <$20,000, etc., giving the idea of the maximum sum you can spend per month.

In case you exceed the budget, they will continue operations with no interruption for your campaign. The customer team will contact you to update the budget tier.

For those who use self-checkout through the platform, Sellics offers upfront payment in USD via credit card. However, they support other payment methods if you need them, including Direct Debit & Bank Transfer. Besides, they accept payment in EUR.

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