Gorilla ROI Review 2023: Amazon Connector for Google Sheets

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Verdict: Gorilla ROI was created for Amazon sellers who need to work with Excel data. This tool will speed up your workflow and quickly synchronize your data. You won’t need to enter the information about the products that you have in stock or manage your orders manually.

What I like is that this service is easy to adjust. Besides, you can use a variety of handy Amazon templates that can be customized to your liking. In this Gorilla ROI review, I will tell you how you can use them to manage your stock, enter information about your products, find the necessary items, calculate your revenue, and track prices.

  • Customizable Amazon templates
  • Revenue calculator
  • Free data sheets
  • Allows working on Amazon 10 times more quickly
  • Supports synchronizing of several eCommerce stores
  • You need to read guides to figure out how to use it
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If you have never used Excel before, you will be impressed by the fact that Gorilla ROI allows you to use several free useful templates for automatic keyword check as well as traffic and sales analysis. Another advantage of this service is that it allows testing out all its features. This way, you can check how it can help you with data synchronization for free.

Gorilla ROI Review: Main Features

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Gorilla ROI automatically fills out Excel sheets and synchronizes your data from all Amazon accounts, including information about sales, stock, revenue, shipping, etc.

High-Accuracy Work with Amazon Connector

gorilla roi high-accuracy work with amazon connector

Amazon Connector is an all-in-one system for using Google sheets, entering data into them and creating customizable reports on the go. By connecting to it, you will get access to a range of automated features.

Thanks to this service, you can synchronize data from your Amazon stores with one click and, if necessary, create reports, charts, etc. Another advantage is that all your data will be synchronized automatically once you connect your account, which will speed up your Amazon workflow by 10 times.

Flexible and Customizable Data Analytics Tools

gorilla roi flexible and customizable data analytics tools

Thanks to extensive customization options, you can adjust the available analytics tools to your liking and get monthly reports about the effectiveness of your store. You can also load sales performance data related to your ASINs, track and few a list of the best and worst selling products, and calculate ROI.

Besides, these data analysis tools will help you manage your inventory and prevent discount sales. For instance, if you sell swimming trunks, the data sheet will help you see that there is no need to restock them since, according to the data, you won’t sell them at a necessary price.

What I like the most about Gorilla ROI Amazon Connector is that all data is fully synchronized, which allows me to track my profits and losses. You will get freshly updated data sheets containing information about all transactions, which will help you get rid of paper checks and enter all the data automatically.

Free Customizable Templates for Excel Data Sheets

gorilla roi free customizable templates for excel data sheets

If you are just getting started and don’t have enough funds to buy paid templates or if you have never worked with Excel databases before, check out the list of the free templates that will significantly speed up your sales on Amazon. It includes such widely used templates as:

  • Inventory template that will help you keep your products in stock.
  • Sales analysis template that allows you to access detailed sales stats, SKU, trends, and the best-selling products for any period.
  • Product details template enables you to view a full description of a product, its price, category, etc.
  • Thanks to the Charges & Fees template, you can calculate your expenses with high accuracy.
  • Profit & Inventory dashboard will come in handy for those who need to calculate estimated profits after selling the items in stock.

After mastering all the practices for Amazon product images, you can further optimize your selling process by using custom templates. Every template comes with a description that will help you figure out how to use it. Besides, you can customize all the sheets so that they suit your needs.

Smart Amazon Revenue Calculator and Forecast

One of the most effective tools that has been recently created by the team is an Amazon revenue calculator with a forecasting feature that allows you to increase your profits and estimate the price increase for the next 12 months. You can enter the information about your expenses into the database and indicate how much you spent on ads and shipping. You can also enter an average price on your products, shipping costs, etc.

While you need to enter all the data manually, your revenue will be calculated automatically. For better convenience, you can use informative charts that will help you manage your revenue and plan restocking.

For beginners, the developers created a free, stripped-down version of the Amazon fee calculator spreadsheet profit.

Detailed User Tutorials

Besides the aforementioned products and services, Gorilla ROI Amazon Connector creates useful tutorials for those who have never worked with Excel data sheets or Amazon. After reading their handy product photography tips and other tutorials, you will know how to customize your templates to increase your sales. The company created tutorials on a variety of topics. Besides reading its Amazon listing optimization guide, you can get more information about sales tracking, stock management, etc. All the guides contain detailed descriptions, examples and video tutorials.

Gorilla ROI Prices

Gorilla ROI has a transparent pricing policy and offers 2 plans, so you just need to select the one that suits your needs best. You can either opt for a single-license plan if you have only one account on Amazon or select a subscription for multiple seller accounts. The latter option is suitable for big agencies and those who have several accounts on Amazon. It allows you to synchronize all product data, information about your stock, orders and clients.

Keep in mind that you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee to get refunded if you believe that the provided services aren’t effective.

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