Vowels Branding Agency Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

Vowels Agency

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Verdict: Vowels branding agency can help make your brand recognizable, fix your marketing mistakes, and create a unique logo design that can later be used for various purposes, including business cards, packaging branding, merchandise, etc.

I like the fact that their experts perform a comprehensive analysis of your business and put together a full-fledged brand development strategy. Additionally, they evaluate all risks and take responsibility for them, guarantying that you as the buyer will receive quality results no matter what.

  • Full-fledged branding strategies
  • Unique logo design
  • Detailed analysis and rebranding
  • Corporate identity development
  • Packaging design for boosting sales
  • Undisclosed pricing policy
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Even though this company has been on the market for only 4 years, it has already managed to receive a lot of accolades and hundreds of positive reviews from clients that range from small startups to businesses from the Fortune 500 list in many industries including F&B, real estate, hotels, jewelry, technology, etc.

Vowels Agency Review: Main Features

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Vowels Agency creates efficient marketing strategies for your brand to promote it from the ground up and fix already existing mistakes. Their experts all have over 10 years of experience working in their relevant fields, whether it’s corporate identity development, logo design, or rebranding outdated business models.

Analysis and Creation of Complex and Efficient Branding Strategies

vowels agency personality brand

Vowels, as a leading branding agency, knows how to implement an efficient strategy and help improve your client communication system while gradually establishing your brand. For starters, their experts identify, categorize, and analyze your audience.

Next, the team performs a comprehensive competition and brand analysis while slowly moving on to researching the history of your business and determining its brand goals.

While working on developing the individuality and image of your business, their experts design the brand’s visual assets and develop its personality and values to ensure it’s instantly recognizable and stands out from the crowd. The final stage of this process entails the establishment of your corporate tone and slogan.

Logo Design that Attracts Clients

vowels agency logo design

Developing a strong brand identity is crucial for any business and one of the main parts of any brand is its logo. Your logo has to be recognizable and simple while simultaneously conveying the main idea behind your business.

The logo design service encompasses multiple stages including planning, market research, coordinating and agreeing on a specific style, color scheme, and font, and delivering the design in PSD, AI, and PDF formats. The finished logo can be used for your web pages, business cards, invitations, emails, and any other type of corporate message or product.

Full Redesign and Renovation of Your Brand

vowels agency brand audit

If you’ve been on the market for a while and noticed a decrease in how many new clients you receive, then the problem likely lies in the outdated design and content presentation. By ordering a redesign service from this branding agency, you’ll receive a service package that deals with everything from analyzing your brand’s current state to providing a revised branding manual that will help you reach future goals.

Their experts will develop and curate a brand audit, establish business goals, design a full-fledged rebranding strategy for your business, install new templates and update your brand’s packaging and assets.

Unique Packaging Design for Increasing Sales

vowels agency unique packaging design

If your business is built on providing commercial services and your income directly depends on the number of sales you make, then you need to consider ordering a unique packaging design since marketing research proves that such an approach makes you more recognizable and indirectly affects brand promotion.

The process here is relatively simple, Vowels experts analyze your target audience, competitors, geographic location, product pricing, sales channels, and brand values, and then start creating a suitable unique design.

You’ll be offered a ton of potential options with different color schemes, logo implementations, and other text blurbs. The provided service includes logo placement, typography, corporate colors, product image style, legal information, and background colors.

UX Web Design Built From Scratch

vowels agency ux design

If your business is still only in the planning stage and you have an empty website, it’s the perfect time to order a web design service. This offer encompasses an array of solutions that include comprehensive analytics, exploratory testing, usability polls, speed optimization, strategy development, website audit, and competitive benchmarking.

The service provides full-fledged UX design implementation that includes the placement of all control elements, visual assets, and a convenient interaction system, which directly affects your brand’s promotion and recognisability, The company’s experts also employ modern integration systems, Java scrips, and other relevant tools.

Their team of strategists cooperates with designers, writers, and motion-graphic experts to ensure you receive a well-built, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing website that performs all necessary functions.

Branding Manuals

Other than the aforementioned services, you can request an in-depth analysis of your business and a detailed branding manual. Vowels experts will explain what type of logo you should use and what colors and fonts can benefit you the most. They’ll also provide content creation recommendations, tips on which photos to post, and show examples of efficient templates for creating business cards, invitations, ads, and digital resources. Lastly, the agency will provide a full list of communication settings and recommendations.

Vowels Agency Prices

Regardless of what service you decide to order: full branding strategy, logo design, corporate rebranding, personal brand identity development, a branding manual, or packaging design for commercial services – all of them offer a personalized approach, which is why the Vowels Branding Agency doesn’t disclose its pricing policy.

To learn the cost of a specific service, you have to fill out their website form by providing your full name, email, and phone number. Afterward, you’ll be contacted by one of their managers who will ask some questions about your project, provide pricing information, and forward you to one of their experts who can answer some questions you may have. I should mention that all inquiries are processed almost instantly so you can be certain you’ll receive a call back in a matter of minutes.

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