9 Best Cold Email Software to Increase Sales in 2023

World-known brands spend huge budgets on campaigns launched by email marketing agencies. In addition, they allocate funds on social media posting hoping to boost their sales and establish long-term relationships with their clients.

However, when they need to get new paying customers, cold email software still remains the best option they might need to use. It’s one of the most effective acquisition channels for companies from different industries. Using such tools, brands can launch cold emailing campaigns with a high return-on-investment rate that will help them grow.

Top 9 Automated Cold Email Software

  1. SmartReach - ($24/mo) - Offers detailed analytics
  2. Klenty - ($50/mo) - Native integrations
  3. Mailshake - ($59/mo) - Includes cold email templates
  4. GMass - ($20/mo) - Build email lists from Gmail contacts
  5. Woodpecker - ($40/mo) - Email warm-up feature
  6. ContactOut - Features LinkedIn contact search
  7. Outreach - (By request) - Well-organized prospect management
  8. Overloop - ($39/mo) - Automated reminders
  9. QuickMail - ($59/mo)- Inbox rotation

Using the best cold email tools, you can personalize your campaigns and send highly effective follow-up emails that prompt recipients to respond.

In addition, the tools reviewed on this list will help you expand your multi-channel outreach and improve the quality of your cold calls, thus bringing better results. You can also use them to send emails at per-configured intervals while taking into account time-zone differences.

1. SmartReach - Our Choice

Offers detailed analytics
  • Shared access to an inbox
  • Integrates with CRMs
  • Free trial
  • Special plans for agencies
  • Doesn’t have many filters for a contact list

Verdict: In case you want to find the best cold email software with an advanced choice of tools for making your marketing campaigns more efficient, take a closer look at SmartReach. This program can be integrated with different CRMs, which allows you to use it for optimizing your workflow. SmartReach can be used with almost any CRM and contact management software.

The program also stands out for the tools that allow users to personalize emails and send them at scheduled intervals while taking into account the timezone of a recipient. What makes it the best option on this list is that it boasts the highest deliverability, which ensures that most messages sent by you during your campaigns will reach the recipients.

In addition, SmartReach supports email validation, allows users to get spam test reports, and performs other tasks to make your email marketing campaigns more effective.

SmartReach.io is compatible with all widely-used email services, such as GSuite, Office365, Outlook, Mailgun, and SendGrid. You can opt for a monthly or annual subscription plan. There are plans that were created specifically for enterprises, small businesses, and agencies. They cost from $24/mo.

smartreach cold email software interface

2. Klenty

Native integrations
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Supports A/B testing
  • Automation and personalization tools
  • Automatically finds duplicate contacts
  • A limited number of daily emails
  • No app

Verdict: Klenty is an invaluable solution for outbound and inbound sales teams, as it allows them to personalize cold and follow-up emails to ensure a higher success rate. This service enables users to expand their multi-channel outreach. This solution integrates with such platforms as Zoho, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

Using this bulk email sender, you can set automatic reminders for your sales professionals that help them solve more daily outreach tasks, such as sending follow-up emails or contacting potential leads on LinkedIn. Your team members can also preview emails before sending them to prospects. Using the available tools, they can improve the deliverability rate as well.

When using Klenty, you can also use dedicated tools for scheduling your emails. You have to pay for a subscription from $50/user/mo.

klenty cold email software interface

3. Mailshake

Includes cold email templates
  • Compatible with widely-used email service providers
  • An extensive choice of features
  • Integrated deliverability tools
  • Users can personalize emails using attributes
  • It might be challenging to configure custom tracking domains
  • A limited number of daily emails

Verdict: Mailshake is another handy cold email outreach software created for those who want to send personalized cold emails, upload prospect lists, and send follow-up emails without wasting a lot of time. One of the key advantages of this platform is that it lets users use a variety of templates, including photographer email templates.

The program has an in-built phone dialer feature that enables you to create cold call sequences. The only shortcoming is that this tool is available only for those who pay for a costly Sales Engagement Plan.

This software integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers thanks to SMTP support. You can also use it in such CRMs as Salesforce and HubSpot, among many others.

A basic subscription plan costs at least $59 per month. To get access to more advanced features, such as a phone dialer, call scripts, and social selling tools, you need to pay from $83 per month for the Sales Engagement plan. It will allow you to make your campaigns more efficient by expanding your multi-channel outreach.

mailshake cold email software interface

4. GMass

Build email lists from Gmail contacts
  • Top-level email customization
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • Follow-ups for the most expensive plans
  • Incompatible with Outlook or other email providers
gmass cold email software logo

Verdict: GMass is an advanced cold email marketing software that can be accessed from your Gmail profile. It comes with advanced mail merge tools and tons of other handy features, which explains its popularity on the market. It is preferred by regular users, startups, sales representatives, and teams that want to improve their cold outreach efforts using Gmail.

Known as one of the best email marketing software, this program enables you to utilize Google Sheets to send more personalized cold emails. This software is quite intuitive and makes it easy to schedule your emails and follow-ups using automated tools. It will also sort the replies to make your inbox more organized.

The prices for subscription plans start from at $19.95 per month. This fee covers unlimited campaigns, personalized emails, verification, etc.

gmass cold email software interface

5. Woodpecker

Email warm-up feature
  • Easy setup and contact list integration
  • Automated B/B testing
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Customized pricing
  • Too expensive for small businesses
  • Limited follow-ups
woodpecker cold email software logo

Verdict: Woodpecker is the best solution for B2B companies that need to reach out to prospective customers using personalized emails. The program sends cold and follow-up emails automatically, which enables users to save a lot of time. It integrates with Gmail, Office 365, or Exchange.

This cold email platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools, including Zapier and Salesforce. It includes plenty of top-level features, such as A/B testing, if-campaigns, and tools for including non-email actions in campaigns. Using it, you will be able to personalize your emails and make your campaigns more resultative.

If you aren’t ready to commit yourself to a purchase, you can use a 2-week trial to get access to all its tools, including add-ons. The prices for the available packages start at $40/month depending on the number of add-ons.

woodpecker cold email software interface

6. ContactOut

Features LinkedIn contact search
  • Optimized interface
  • Perfect tool for recruiters and sales managers
  • Rich collection of free templates
  • Comes with Chrome plug-in
  • There are failures to use old emails still available on the Internet
  • You should be registered
contactout cold email software logo

Verdict: ContactOut is a simple and convenient tool for building a database of phone numbers and email addresses and searching the required Internet data. It stands out by the unsurpassed accuracy of results and lightning-fast execution of tasks. Get in touch with the people you need and quickly search up to 150 million emails – all this will be available to you with ContactOut.

This service outperforms its competitors by allowing you to connect with over 250 million specialists by getting their contact details. What’s more, it includes about 75% of the LinkedIn database, making it much easier to find the right professional.

contactout cold email software interface

7. Outreach

Well-organized prospect management
  • A wide choice of handy features
  • Uses data from LinkedIn and CRMs
  • Advanced lead scoring tools
  • Helpful chat support
  • No integration with Google Sheets
  • No free trial
outreach cold email software logo

Verdict: Outreach is a perfect solution for those who want to streamline the work of their teams without using several third-party services. Using this handy help desk software, you can send cold emails and call people from different countries across the globe.

Besides, this cold emailing software supports SMS integration, which makes it easier for you to contact your potential clients via phone. You can also use this service to get extra information about your prospects and entice them with personalized emails. However, while this program has an impressive choice of features, it is also quite expensive.

Unlike its competitors, this service doesn’t have a price list. This is why you will need to contact a manager to get a price quote.

outreach cold email software interface

8. Overloop

Automated reminders
  • Streamlined interface
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Supports Salesforce and HubSpot CRM
  • Useful Chrome extension
  • No cold-calling features
  • It might be difficult to launch drip campaigns
  • Unused email credits expire every month
overloop cold email software logo

Verdict: The developers of Overloop decided to create this solution to facilitate the process of sending cold emails. It will help you create segmented lists of your potential clients based on thorough research and send personalized emails to them. Due to this, you can manage your email campaigns using your CRM.

This service comes with an in-built email finder. You can also use a special extension for email verification. Using this software, you can launch multi-stage campaigns with little to no effort and send automated reminders. It will allow you to expand your multi-channel outreach. To personalize your emails, you can use a variety of custom variables.

What makes it the best cold email software in its niche is that it lets you track the number of opened emails as well as get stats on clicks, bounces, and replies. This service is suitable for tracking the performance of your sales department and individual staffers. To use it, you need to pay at least $39 per month per user.

overloop cold email software interface

9. QuickMail

Inbox rotation
  • Follow-up automation tools
  • Reports about delivered emails
  • Campaign management
  • Email automation tools and features for drip campaigns
  • It might be challenging to set it up
  • Expensive
quickmail cold email software logo

Verdict: QuickMail makes it easier for teams to upload prospects, launch outreach campaigns, perform follow-ups at specified intervals, assign tasks, and utilize personalization attributes. What users like the most about this service is that it enables them to fully automate the process.

Using this cold email software, you can be sure that your emails will reach their recipients. Thanks to the integration with MailFlow, you don’t need to worry that your emails won’t be sent to the spam folder. MailFlow is a free service with integrated deliverability features.

Thanks to this software, you can reach out to your potential clients more efficiently. As a result, more people will reply to your emails. The price for the premium subscription starts at $59 per month.

quickmail cold email software interface