Rebelle – Realistic Media Paint Software Review 2024


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Verdict: Rebelle is a widely-used software with realistic oils, acrylics, watercolors, and other wet and dry media. This painting simulator received awards for its performance and pigment-based color mixing support. In Rebelle real media paint software, I like it that you can adjust oil thickness and watercolor diffusion to recreate the effect of real-life mediums interacting with the canvas. The software also supports NanoPixel technology that lets you enlarge your images 16 times.

  • Affordable software with extensive functionality
  • Natural color pigment mixing
  • Amazing simulations of oils and watercolors
  • Realistic paper texture
  • Allows saving 16x larger images
  • High hardware requirements
rebelle real media paint software interface

This software allows upscaling your images without quality loss thanks to NanoPixel technology. It supports the Express Oils feature that enables you to quickly create paintings and record the process to show a video to your followers.

The developers have upgraded watercolor simulations and the way the colors interact with the canvas. With this program, you can use a variety of traditional painting techniques and experiment with different mediums.

Rebelle Review: Main Features

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Rebelle was created with digital artists’ needs in mind. You can use it to create realistic digital paintings regardless of your level of expertise as this software is suitable for beginners and professional digital artists alike. With it, you will easily master new painting techniques and learn how to work with wet and dry media.

Advanced Tools for All Your Creative Needs

rebelle real media paint software tools

If you like drawing with watercolors, you will enjoy stunning dripping effects created with the help of DropEngine. The Blow Tool makes the paint flow in various directions, while the Transparency Locking feature enables you to adjust the settings of the media you are working with without affecting transparent areas.

The Watercolor Visual Settings lets you recreate the effect of watercolors on the paper surface. Rebelle supports brush line stabilization and enables you to draw smooth lines using the Moving Average and Pulled String options.

With the help of the Ruler and Perspective features, you can create high-accuracy drawings. This software supports a free-hand mode. Using the available options, you can work with 1-, 2-, or 3-point perspectives to add some depth to your pictures. The program comes with a collection of digital stencils and allows you to create custom templates and patterns.

Physical Color Mixing Based on Traditional Pigments

rebelle real media paint software color mixing

Rebelle is known for its life-like paint and liquid simulations with a high level of detail. It supports realistic color mixing and comes with a collection of pigments, including Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, and Ultramarine. It enables you to merge different colors when painting on the canvas to achieve a realistic effect.

When working in other popular drawing software, you will see that they support RGB-based color mixing instead of CMYK-based one. As the result, you may get bleak gray color instead of green after mixing blue and yellow colors.

By default, this program allows you to use natural-looking colors, so you won’t even need to tweak them to make them more saturated. When using the recently added Express Oil tool as well as the oil and acrylic brushes, you can experiment with the pressure value to achieve more realistic results. By selecting different paints, brush strokes and textures, you can make your paintings more unique.

Hyper-Realistic Digital Materials and Textures

rebelle real media paint software textures

When working in Rebelle real media paint software, you can use realistic watercolors and enjoy a granulation effect created by your strokes. This software recreates the effect of the paint drying up on the paper after each of your brush strokes.

The program is fitted with the DropEngine, which accounts for the life-like dripping effects of wet paint on the canvas. Users can select the tilt angle to change the length of paint drips. To give a dynamic feel to your images, you can use a special technique that involves the creation of mesmerizing impasto effects.

If you are looking for a realistic drawing experience, try using a palette knife with oils. You can choose a clean brush every time you make a stroke or leave it dirty to create a more realistic effect. The program also allows you to record your actions and share your videos on social media.

Rebelle enables you to enjoy a realistic drawing experience thanks to the set of paper textures, canvases, and lithography stones designed together with the experts. Here, you will find a library of 100+ textured backgrounds and color paper textures. By adjusting various settings of your brushes and canvases, you can make your picture look like a real painting.

Rich Library of Brushes with Many Settings

rebelle real media paint software brushes

Rebelle 5 features a stunning collection of brush presets, such as palette knives, watercolor and Sumi-e brushes. You can also use its highly realistic pencils and a variety of other tools. The in-built library includes over 190 brushes. Besides, you can download even more tools from its online storage.

Many users asked the developers to allow them to adjust the curve of specific settings. Now, you can customize a variety of tools available in this software. For instance, you can edit opacity and brush size in the Brush Creator, use various mix modes, tilt your tools, change the strength of the texture and shape borders. Similarly to other software, the program allows you to adjust the pressure sensitivity.

After the introduction of curve editors, it became possible to customize brushes by adjusting their settings. The developers upgraded their collection of brush presets and added new effects that allow you to enjoy the best drawing experience.

NanoPixel Technology to Easily Enlarge Paintings

rebelle real media paint software nanopixel

When using Rebelle real media paint software, you don’t need to worry about losing quality while upscaling your images. This vector graphic software is based on NanoPixel technology and allows you to zoom into your canvas to see the realistic paper texture. You can enlarge your canvas 16 times when exporting it.

Instead of upscaling the pixels in your picture, this software creates a realistic simulation of your paintings of a larger size. After zooming in, you will see all the details of your canvas. NanoPixel will masterfully enlarge your images without making them blurry. It allows you to enlarge your pictures from A4 to A0 and print them at an unprecedented level of quality.

Besides NanoPixel, a professional version of the software also includes a useful Photoshop plug-in for exporting layers. This indicates that the developers are eyeing a professional market and want to take their software to the next level.

Rebelle Prices

This software has versions for professional and regular use. A basic version of Rebelle 5 costs $89.99. It comes with life-like oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, pencils, markers, airbrushes and other tools. Thanks to the Drop Engine, it can recreate the effect of watercolor drips. Besides, it has a variety of effects that will make your digital drawings look like a real painting. It supports realistic paper and allows you to recreate the effect of wet paint as well as dry and blow your painting.

Rebelle 5 Pro costs $149.99. This version is suitable for professionals who need to perform pigment-based color mixing using an RGB gamut. It’s based on NanoPixel technology and comes with a set of close-to-life oils, acrylics, watercolors, markers, and inks. You can diffuse, wet, dry and blow your works as well as recreate watercolor drips. It also allows you to draw on realistic paper, use stencils and various masking features. In addition, it comes with handy color management tools.

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