18 Fun New Year Photoshoot Ideas for Welcoming 2023

Are you on the lookout for creative New Year photoshoot ideas to impress your friends and family and get images that can serve as postcards for distant relatives? Then you are in the right place!

Such a photo session requires thorough preparation, which involves many different steps – finding a proper location, choosing matching clothes, purchasing thematic decorations, and more. I have collected photo session ideas that are easy to implement, so you can enjoy the process without getting stressed out.

1. Holding Sparklers

If you want to give your photos warm touches, this is one of the best New Year pictures ideas you can try. Just get sparklers and hold them while posing in front of the camera. To receive the most eye-pleasing effect, you should photograph in darkness. If you are taking images outdoors, find a place without traffic, house, and street lights. When the shutter speed is too long, all visible light sources will be exaggerated, while sparkles will become less vibrant.

This idea is suitable both for individual and couple photography. You can also experiment with long exposure photography and capture inscriptions or numbers created with the help of sparkles. Keep in mind that you need to write backward from right to left.

2. Pose with a Disco Ball

Those after creative photography ideas should definitely try incorporating a disco ball into the frame. The easiest way to get a fantastic result is to lay down in a bath, holding a ball. Direct light on the ball, so that it produces reflections scattered across the walls, ceiling, floor, and a model.

To highlight a festive atmosphere, you can also include different decorations, such as a “Happy New Year” sign, garlands, wear a “Happy New Year” headband, and whatnot.

3. Large Number Balloons

If you have a limited budget, there are still some cool New Years picture ideas you can implement without investing in high-priced Christmas photo props. This is one of them. You only need to buy 2023 foil number balloons to create a joyous mood in photos.

Such balloons can serve not only as props for a photo session but also as New Year decorations. Put them near your Christmas tree, attach to the wall or to the ceiling.

4. Streamers Backdrop

One of the most popular photo booth ideas is using tinsel curtain streamers. Thus, you can easily make a sparkly photo background that looks terrific in images. Creating such a backdrop is a breeze – grab several strands of tinsel and tape them to the wall. That’s it!

There are no limitations concerning colors but silver and glitter tinsel is the most popular option. It can accurately blend into the background without causing distractions. Besides, such tinsel perfectly matches different attire, unlike brighter tinsel colors.

5. Wrapped in Fairy Lights

If there is only one person in the frame, they should lie on the bed, locating garlands around. You can also try creating a bokeh effect, by framing a model in a loose composition, so there is enough place for creative touches on the top and at the bottom.

Use a camera for Instagram with a wide aperture (f/1.4 or f/2) in order to keep LED lights in a defocused area.

To make your pictures pop, you need to devote time to meticulous editing. If you lack experience in making such tweaks, you can contact our service. We will retouch your images and correct colors in a quick way and at an affordable price.

The surest way to get a photo with a festive mood is to use fairy string lights while shooting. If you want to bring to life couple photo ideas, you can stay close to each other and wrap your bodies with garlands. Sharing a kiss next to a Christmas tree will add romance to your photos.

6. Throw Confetti Up in the Air

If you aren’t afraid of New Year photoshoot ideas that bring some mess to your house, you can try throwing confetti up in the air and capturing this magical moment. When doing so, you can either look right in the camera or trace confetti while it is falling down. A person taking photos should set a shutter speed to 1/200 and use a lower aperture (around f/2.8) for the best outcome.

Alternatively, you can ask 2 other people to throw confetti in the air around the model, so he/she can fully enjoy the moment and feel relaxed rather than stay concentrated on colorful pieces. Thus, you have more chances to see genuine emotions and a non-awkward face.

Based on my experience, it’s better to have a person on each side who will throw confetti without many poses, so when the first portion rains back down, he/she will add more confetti. Therefore, you will have very dynamic shots. If you are taking images against a backdrop, let a confetti thrower stand on a ladder behind it and sprinkle confetti down from above.

7. Laying in Confetti

Another great idea is to pose on the floor covered with confetti. Models can face the same direction or lay head-to-head, and a photographer needs to take images from above. You can also ask someone to slowly pour confetti on you.

This idea is popular among famous Instagram photographers. They often select clothes of the same color as confetti to get a vibrant frame. Besides, they usually locate a model on a black floor to highlight a magnificent mixture of colors.

8. Blow Glitter or Confetti

This is one of the easiest New Year picture ideas that will appeal to people, who don’t want to bother much about preparation. All you have to do is to grab confetti or glitter and blow it towards the camera. Try different looks and angles and then combine photos into a series.

Make sure to prepare enough glitter and confetti, as you are likely to repeat the action several times to get an ideal photo.

9. With Gifts

Pose near a set of New Year gift boxes. You can also dress to match the color of boxes and put on a giant bow to look like a present.

It will be impressive if all gift boxes are of the same color, but this isn’t obligatory. Decide on a theme color before the shooting and choose boxes accordingly. When it comes to New Year photo sessions, people usually choose red.

10. In a Car Trunk

If you have a car, you can use its trunk as a background for images. You need to give it a cozier look by placing blankets, colorful pillows candy canes, and reindeer antlers inside. Besides, people always associate hot chocolate or cocoa with holidays, so make sure to prepare them. Besides, you can wear Santa hats and other thematic clothes.

11. Official Style

While some families like celebrating holidays in their regular clothes or even pajamas, others perceive it as a wonderful occasion to dress up in official suits. You need to prepare outfits not only for parents but also for small kids to show their special connection.

This is one of the most popular family photo outfits ideas not only for New Year parties but for other events as well.

12. Pose with Sweets

If you want a simple yet cute Christmas photo ideas, try posing with sweets. For instance, you can eat a gingerbread cookie and sip a cup of hot chocolate in a casual manner while a photographer is snapping shots.

Moreover, you can purchase candy canes and put them in such a way that they make a heart. If you are posing together with your partner, each of you can hold half of a candy heart and share a kiss.

13. Cheers!

This is not only a wonderful New Years Eve photo idea but also a heartwarming tradition. Capture how you and your friends clink glasses of champagne.

Add sparklers for a brighter picture.

14. Outdoors

If it is snowing during your photo session, don’t miss a chance to take some arresting pictures outdoors. Small snowflakes dancing around add a magical vibe to images and this is probably what you expect to see in winter-time photos. You don’t need to use any special props, but can include your children’s favorite stuffed toys, such as a teddy bear.

If you are searching for family photo ideas that help you show how close your family is, you can find a picturesque place in a forest or even your garden, spread a blanket there, sit on it close to each other and interact, while a shooter catches the fleeting moment. You can also decorate the surrounding area a bit for a festive look.

15. Near a Tree

Shift focus to your Christmas tree. Decorate it with beautiful Christmas ball ornaments, lighted gift boxes, Christmas tree toppers and other elements. Sit next to it facing away from the camera. Put a festive bow on your hair and use a cup of coffee as props.

To avoid sharp color transitions in images, choose decorations that match the décor of your house.

16. Candid Group Shots

As for group photo ideas, I recommend staying away from posed shots and capturing sincere emotions and overall joy. Though, posed photos look strikingly polished, you probably want something more natural.

Opt for candid photography and relaxed poses. Thus, you will get images that will help you recollect those special moments with the nearest and dearest.

17. Pop a Bottle of Champagne

Champagne is a traditional New Year drink, so incorporating it into the frame is a good idea. If you want more movement and sincere emotions, capture how you open a bottle of champagne. You can get very cool images if you complement the composition with confetti or balloons.

You can also take a comfortable pose (both sitting or staying), hold a bottle of champagne, and smile into the camera.

18. Bundle of Balloons

Balloons are one of those cheap photography props that can liven up any picture and add fun to the simplest backdrops. Attach just several colorful balloons to the wall, you will get a very beautiful backdrop for your New Year photo session. Today, you can find balloons of different colors and shapes. Buy a balloons kit for your celebration and take dozens of awe-inspiring images.

While selecting balloons for your New Year décor, opt for plain colored ones not to tire eyes with many colorful elements.


Want to give your New Year photos a special appeal? Then use these helpful tools. They are suitable for creating bokeh photography effect with bright New Year lights and applying other interesting touches. Refresh your knowledge on how to use overlays in Photoshop and start improving your pictures.