Moqups vs Adobe XD: What to Use in 2023

By Ann Young 9 days ago, Software Reviews

If you are looking for a reliable software for creating UX designs, read this Moqups vs Adobe XD comparison to learn about the key differences between these programs.

Moqups was created for IT businesses, marketing agencies, management consultants, and companies that work in a range of industries, including health, government, aerospace, logistics, and finance.

Adobe XD is a perfect choice for creating UX designs and engaging content for websites. This software is used by companies of different sizes that need to build responsive sites using animated elements and repeat grids.

What is Moqups?

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Moqups is a professional software for creating website designs with the help of whiteboards and a range of elements. It allows you to use diagrams and collaborate with your team to finish your projects more quickly. You can use it for managing your team more effectively and simplifying your workflow.

Moqups has tools for creating a range of projects. You can use its dashboards, mind maps, prototypes, mockups, and wireframe tools to build websites with a responsive design.

This software will come in handy for UX designers, businesses of all sizes, teams, IT companies, and organizations that want to optimize their workflow with the help of project management and progress-tracking tools.

  • moqups interface
  • moqups interface

    Moqups: Pros and Cons

    A range of professional tools. Moqups allows you to use a variety of wireframes, diagrams, prototypes, stencils, icons, images, and fonts. You can use this software for managing pages and editing objects.

    Integrated icon library. This platform has a built-in library of icons that you can download from various stock icons websites. You can drag and drop any icon, select its size, and place it anywhere you want.

    Customizable features. This software comes with a set of easy-to-scale options that will help you develop your business. They make it easier to cope with a variety of tasks and create projects from scratch. Thanks to the drag and drop functionality of this software, you can quickly import and export images.

    Can be accessed from anywhere. This cloud-based platform can be accessed from desktop computers, laptops, or smartphones. You can access it from any country across the globe since this software is not geographically blocked. The program has convenient upload and download features.

    Diagrams and flowcharts. You can use it as a block diagram program and create various flowcharts using information that will be interesting to your clients. You can create a range of diagrams, such as concept and use-case diagrams, decision trees, sitemaps, mind maps, and flowcharts.

    Pro-level templates. Moqups has a collection of templates for creating diagrams, flowcharts, and prototypes. It allows you to quickly get feedback and track your progress by using charts.

    No renewal notifications. You won’t receive any renewal notifications. Once the trial period expires, you will be charged for the selected subscription plan. It might be difficult to get refunded afterward.

    Some processes are too slow. It might take a lot of time to select all the elements and drag and drop them into the program. Besides, it’s impossible to rearrange flowcharts quickly.

    What is Adobe XD?

    adobe xd logo

    Unlike other Adobe products, Adobe XD comes with a limited set of drawing and typography options. You can use them to solve most tasks you may face with. However, you might need to install other software for working on more complex projects.

    If you compare Moqups vs Adobe XD, you will see that the key advantage of the latter is that it allows you to test out your designs and share your projects with other people. You can create a responsive design using a range of prototyping tools, work across multiple connected artboards, and create interactive layouts with different objects.

    • adobe xd interface
    • adobe xd interface

      Adobe XD: Pros and Cons

      Pro-level prototyping features. This software has a range of prototyping tools and allows you to use several artboards when working on your projects. You can also control the interactions between various objects by using a mouse, keyboard, game controller, touch gestures, or voice commands. The program allows you to animate various objects and add audio files to your projects.

      Repeat grid. If you don’t know which option to choose, Moqups or Adobe XD, keep in mind that the latter allows you to create an unlimited number of copies of an object or a group of objects. You just need to create a repeat grid and copy it by scaling it up.

      Responsive design. This software allows you to create, edit, and delete custom artboards. You can use a range of size templates to create a responsive website in no time. When you change a desktop project, your edits will be applied to its mobile version by default.

      Vector design features. Similarly to Adobe Illustrator, this software lets you work with vector graphics. It makes it easier to create websites with a responsive design since you can scale vector shapes infinitely. If you don’t have an advanced skill set, make sure to read Adobe XD tutorials to master this software.

      Collaboration options. After creating a layout of your website, you can save it to the cloud and collaborate on it with designers and other members of your team. You will have access to the previous versions of your document for 30 days. To use them even longer, you can add them to bookmarks. Each member of your team will be assigned a particular color and avatar, which will help you see other people who are currently working on your document.

      Integrates with other apps. Similarly to other solutions released by Adobe, it integrates with the products released by this company. It lets you import files created in Photoshop and Illustrator, with all their objects and layers.

      Impossible to export CSS. Adobe XD is known as a UI design software, which is why you will also need to find other tools to help you build a website. It comes with a plugin that lets you export HTML but doesn’t allow exporting CSS, which makes its functionality quite limited.

      Doesn’t support earlier Windows versions. Adobe XD currently runs only under Windows 10. It integrates with the newest Universal Windows Platform.

      Moqups vs Adobe XD: Prices

      moqups prices

      You can select one of three subscription plans offered by Moqups. For individual use, it’s better to select the Solo plan that includes an unlimited number of objects and 5 projects. It lets you export files in PNG and PDF formats. You can also open guest access to your files. The plan costs $13 per month.

      If you are a startup or small business owner, you can choose the Team plan. It covers all the features available in Solo and allows you to create an unlimited number of projects. You can work on your projects with your team in real time as well as assign permissions to other users. It integrates with Jira & Confluence and costs only $19 per month.

      Organizations will benefit from using the Unlimited plan that costs $57 per month. It includes all the features covered by the Team plan. Besides, you don’t need to pay per-user fees and can create an unlimited number of teams. With it, you can also use the single sign-on (SSO) option, whitelist domains, and use pro-level control options.

      adobe xd prices

      The Adobe XD Individual plan is covered by a Creative Cloud subscription. It costs $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. If you have never used this software and want to test out its features, you can install a trial version. Those who are on a budget can buy it with an Adobe discount at a fraction of the price.

      Besides, XD is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Plan. After paying for it, you will also get access to over 20 other programs and web services. This plan costs $52.99 per month.

      Who Wins?

      Moqups is a convenient cloud-based solution for creating site designs that allow you to significantly optimize your workflow. You can upload your files to this platform and access them anywhere. After comparing Moqups vs Adobe XD, you will see that the former has a streamlined UI and a range of features for simplifying collaboration between team members. It allows several users to use the same environment when working on one design project.

      By using customizable table stencils, you can work with data grids more effectively. In addition, Moqups has an integrated library of thousands of icons that will help you create your designs even more quickly. The platform enables you to drag and drop images from programs and applications to import them more quickly.

      Adobe XD is a pro-level UX software that will streamline your workflow and facilitate a variety of design tasks. It lets you preview your projects on a range of platforms. You can run it on various devices. This solution was created for those who want to establish long-term relationships with their customers and collaborate with their teams more effectively.

      With Adobe XD, you can solve a variety of site design tasks more easily and optimize prototyping, which will save you loads of time and money. Even if you have never used similar software before, you will easily master its interface. The artboards are convenient to use. Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality supported by the software, you can quickly import images.

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