5 Best Free Wireframe Tools in 2022

The best free wireframe tool is a must-have for any designer who needs to mockup top-notch product designs but doesn’t want to invest much in prototypes. Such a tool identifies problematic areas and issues related to user experience before a new app is released.

It collects all the feedback on a product, helps at explaining and sharing with main stakeholders in the company.

Top 5 Free Wireframe Tools

  1. Figma - All-in-one design platform for UX/UI
  2. Mockplus - Many ready-to-use components, icons
  3. InVision - Active prototype or wireframe
  4. Pencil Project - Open-source and free
  5. NinjaMock - Super fast and efficient

When you hear the words “the best free wireframe tool”, you will probably think of such well-known wireframing software as Axure RP, the Adobe Suite, Marvel, Lucidchart. These tools aren’t exactly budget-friendly and concentrate on highly detailed UX/UI capabilities, like advanced prototyping.

Thankfully, you can find an array of free wireframing tools for freelance UX/UI designers or those who run their own business, employed at a startup company or just want to save money on their tech stack. Even if you aren’t a designer, you can still use wireframe tools for onboarding and training, email lifecycles and organization charts.

1. Figma - Our Choice

All-in-one design platform for UX/UI
  • Allows creating animated prototypes
  • Scalable design system
  • Comes with cloud storage
  • Allows for joint work
  • None

Verdict: The Figma free wireframing tool is a fluid UI development platform that allows designers to build prototypes, wireframes and evolve them into final products in real time. It also facilitates easy migration of one design from the mockup tool to the production platform.

You can use this web design software with any back office systems such as Excel, Solid Explorer and Lotus Domino. It comes with a variety of add ons and modules which enhance the functionality of the tool. You can import files from your favourite Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks programms.

figma interface

2. Mockplus

Many ready-to-use components, icons
  • Rich set of sketch-like components
  • Allows adding annotations and comments
  • 2500+ vector icons
  • Automatic recovery function
  • Dated interface

Verdict: Mockplus is a robust and advanced software solution designed for programmers to provide a stable environment for mocking their applications. The utility has a well thought out interface, offering quick access to all built-in prototyping options.

Using this tool, you can easily create and save initial prototypes of your applications to get a glimpse of them early in development.

mockplus interface

3. InVision

Active prototype or wireframe
  • You can create your own animations and transitions
  • Great design within one artboard
  • Adding interaction to static images
  • Integration with many programs
  • Requires a powerful PC

Verdict: With InVision you will have the ability to create wireframes from the ground up, including components, modules, interfaces, and controls. This powerful wireframe tool also includes a drag and drop interface for ease of use and allows the user to edit or discard components or modules with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, once the wireframe is complete, it can be exported as a PDF file and used for a variety of different purposes, including publishing online, offline, or using InVision webinar services, or other interactive features that are available with the full version of the software.

invision free wireframe tools interface

4. Pencil Project

Open-source and free
  • Many interface elements
  • Open source
  • UI templates
  • Drawing function
  • No tech support

Verdict: Pencil Project free wireframe tool is a powerful product that will save you time and money. In this UI design software, you will be able to import some geometry from Photoshop or any other editing program that you are using.

By doing this, you will be able to easily edit your shape, add some textured areas or text, adjust its color and more. After finishing it with the basic shape of your mesh object, you can start building the details of your mesh by defining their boundaries and sizes.

pencil project free wireframe tools interface

5. NinjaMock

Super fast and efficient
  • Collaboration feature
  • Rendering technology using HTML5 canvas
  • Ability for zooming
  • Can group pages
  • Not for beginners

Verdict: If you're familiar with Photoshop or even HTML, you'll be able to get a feel for the NinjaMock free wireframe tool. This is actually the first web-based tool that is able to export a working website from a Flash format straight to a .swf file.

This means that any site designer or marketer will be able to create an attractive website without having to know anything about HTML. All they have to do is upload the website and copy & paste the code provided.

ninjamock free wireframe tools interface