Imglarger vs Luminar Neo: Features & Advantages

By Eva Williams 11 days ago, Software Reviews

If you pit Imglarger vs Luminar Neo, you’ll quickly note that both editors are automated and allow you to make quick instant image edits while offering slightly different approaches.

When employing the Imglarger online service, the only thing you have to do is pick the desired tool/feature and send your photo to processing. Once you do that, credits will automatically be removed from your account and you’ll receive the edited photo. It’s the perfect option if you edit no more than 10-20 pictures a month and don’t possess any image editing skills.

Meanwhile, Luminar Neo is a full-fledged image editor for beginner photographers that offers a huge selection of optimized tools. It allows you to enhance the colors, replace the sky or background, remove unwanted objects, and do much more in a few clicks. Additionally, this editor can be obtained as a licensed product for a one-time purchase that will receive free updates in the future.

Which Is Better? Final Verdict:

Other than the basic automated tools, Luminar Neo allows selecting up to 9 separate objects with masks to perform more precise editing, create professional bokeh effects, and make all the most frequently required facial edits: red-eye effect removal, tone alignment, face slimming, lip color enhancement, etc.

Luminar Neo is the winner >

Luminar Neo offers:

  • Allows creating masks for up to 9 individual objects
  • Facial corrections
  • Quickly delete any kind of objects
  • Background replacement
  • Single-click sky enhancement

What Is Imglarger?

imglarger basic image prep editor

Before you access the editor’s main capabilities after registering on the platform, your profile will first take you to a basic editor that contains such features as crop, fine-tune, annotate, filter, redact, and frame.

All Imglarger tools are backed up by artificial intelligence, which is why all edits are made instantly. Each tool allows you to upload the file while it takes care of everything else. The only serious drawback here is that you don’t have any control over the editing process.

imglarger ai improve image quality

One of the main and most useful features included in Imglarger – is the image resize tool that allows you to increase the size between 200%-800% with zero quality loss, which makes it the best option among all the photo enlargement software the market has to offer. This tool makes your photo more detailed and clearer with minimum effort.

imglarger ai color correction

Another essential tool included in this service is the AI Enhancer. This tool can make all the colors in your image more saturated and vibrant. If it’s a landscape photo, the sky will become slightly bluer while the plants will look livelier and more eye-catching.

It’s worth noting that this tool has another color editing option – HDR mode. However, the colors in this mode end up looking overly bright and unrealistic so this mode is probably only suited for nighttime city photos that feature a lot of street lights.

imglarger fast noise reduction

AI Sharpener is a terrific tool for slightly out-of-focus photos as well as overly soft and blurry images. This feature will quickly increase the sharpness, which will make the photo more detailed. The AI Denoiser tool operates similarly, only it removes excessive noise from the image if it turned out to be overly detailed or was taken during nighttime.

As for the AI BG Remover, this tool isn’t always capable of providing accurate results, while Luminar Neo can remove backgrounds even from complex scenes while accounting for the hair and foliage, which is a level of precision that Imglarger can’t match.

What Is Luminar Neo?

luminar neo simple automated interface

Luminar Neo is an automated solution that is similar to Lr. This editor offers an intuitive UI, as all its tools are fully automated while providing manual adjustment capabilities, which make it the best option of all AI photo editors. Unlike Imglarger, this software lets you work with all popular file formats including RAW, making it the obvious choice if you’re wondering whether you should get Imglarger or Luminar Neo for RAW editing.

luminar neo color correction

Among the most useful tools, you’ll find a quick color enhancement feature that allows you to increase the contrast, fix white balance, and make the colors more saturated. The applied effect will heavily resemble quality HDR processing. Additionally, you can adjust the effect strength by moving around the appropriate slider.

luminar neo automatic portrait editing

Another useful inclusion is the face editing tool. It allows you to enhance the skin tone, remove redness, make your lips more pronounced, and even highlight the jawline or make the face look slimmer. Other than that, you can remove the red eye flaw that is common for nighttime photos taken with a smartphone or an older camera from the 2010s.

luminar neo background removal

As for more advanced tools, here you’ll find the ability to use masks and apply them to up to 9 different objects for editing them separately. There’s also a separate highly-precise background removal tool. To use it, you merely have to use a magic brush to select the outline of the main objects, after which the software will automatically detect the hair, shoelace, and even foliage outlines. If you don't want to replace the entire background, you can simply perform AI sky replacement or just enhance it by making the clouds more contrasted and colors more saturated.

I should also mention the inclusion of a tool for removing all kinds of objects from a photo. It offers terrific results and the AI-based background addition to the place where the object was located works great.

The software won’t simply blur the background where the object was removed but will instead detect and apply the required texture by analyzing the nearby areas. If you find the offered functionality to be lacking, you can visit the plugin store to expand your toolset. For instance, you can get a plugin for noise reduction, HDR merging stamp tools, catalog transfer tools, etc.


imglarger logo
luminar neo logo
Luminar Neo
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Instant editing
  • Basic portrait enhancement
  • Fast background removal in simple scenes
  • Has a built-in basic editor
  • Simple learning curve
  • Lots of filters and effects
  • Single-click color enhancements
  • Can be integrated with Ps and Lr
  • Can be purchased as licensed software or used on a subscription basis


imglarger vs luminar neo

Imglarger is offered as an online service with a monthly plan, after purchasing which you’ll receive a certain number of credits that you can use for editing images. For instance, the basic premium plan for $9/month will give you 100 credits (that will be automatically refilled each month once a new payment cycle starts).

Meanwhile, the Advanced Plan for $19/month will grant you 500 credits, which are enough for editing between 50 and 100 photos, depending on the chosen service. I should also note the inclusion of an array of free tools that won't deduct any of your credits. Among such tools, you'll find the AI Enhancer, Magic Eraser, AI Cartoonizer, and AI Denoiser.

Luminar Neo is distributed as a fully-fledged image editor for PC, not as an online application. The most efficient way to purchase this software is to get the lifetime licensed version for $109. Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription for this editor for $14.95 a month. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll receive all future updates for free.

FixThePhoto Choice:

Imglarger is the better choice if you don’t edit more than 10 photos a month and aren’t particularly demanding towards the results, meaning you can make peace with some minor flaws like the imperfect background removal tool.

Luminar Neo offers a much broader list of features, including dozens of filters, automated tools for removing unwanted objects, single-click background and sky replacement, and much more. If you draw an Imglarger vs Luminar Neo comparison, you’ll instantly notice that the latter is more modern, relevant, and financially viable in the long run, particularly if you purchase the lifetime licensed version.