How to Thank a Photographer: Useful Tips

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photography Tips

To thank a photographer, you can use a variety of creative ways. For example, when importing a picture to the web recourse, tag the photographer to give them a credit and recommend the professional to your friends. If a shooter is your friend, hug them and purchase them a present like a camera accessory, etc. Check our guide on how to thank a photographer and show your appreciation for the services they provide.

Write a Good Review

review to thank a photographer

To show your gratitude, write a positive and comprehensive review of their work. By spreading good reviews, you can help a shooter to become more popular. You can leave a review covering the reasons why you’ve chosen this particular person. It is probably one of the greatest ways to express your gratitude.

In this review, you can talk about the photographer’s professionalism, describe your impression from the received photos, let everyone know about the way a photo session has been conducted. Generally, you need to provide the answers to the question you were interested in when booking photography services. Although you won’t spend a penny on such a review, its value is quite high.

Take a look at the samples of well-written reviews that allow you to say thank you to a photographer.

1. Your photography skills are simply amazing, as you’ve managed to capture each important moment on camera. I have been impressed with your professionalism and would like to express my gratitude for doing such an amazing job!

2. The photos you’ve taken are great, and we love them so much. We were looking for the best photographer, and we are extremely happy that we have found one.

3. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wedding photos you’ve taken. You captured the most special moments, and we were glad to get so many great images. All our friends and family members appreciated every picture. We are really grateful for your work and will save these stunning shots for the future. You are a great family photographer and your professionalism is beyond doubt. We are going to book you for future events as well.

4. Working with you was a very positive experience. You took a perfect photo that looks very natural. We are very grateful for your work and will definitely turn to you in the future.

5. I didn’t expect such a result when I was hiring you to conduct a photoshoot. Truly to your word, you did an amazing job. I was fully satisfied with your images. You are really an expert in the photography field. Thank you for such great work, I look forward to cooperating with you.

good review example to thank a photographer

6. Dear [person’s name], the photos you’ve sent us are brilliant. Everyone who viewed them was stunned by their quality. You are truly a professional photographer. Every time I look through the shots I am still amazed by them. You did an excellent job and exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much.

7. You are a truly gifted person, and we are so grateful you shared your talent with us. We were amazed by the patience and kindness with which you conducted our photoshoot. By setting the tone of our session you helped us feel the significance of the event and the special atmosphere of the occasion.

8. Of all the photographers that we have ever hired, you are the only one who meets all our requirements. Besides, your services are quite affordable. The photos are simply amazing. Thank you.

9. One can evaluate your professionalism by just taking a look at one of your portraits. Thank you for all your efforts. You made us look stunning in the photos.

10. I’m highly satisfied with your services, as the images I’ve got are really beautiful. Their style and composition are exceptional. We do not even have any suggestions concerning your work, as each photo perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the event, and we’ve got even more than we have asked for. Thank you for capturing every memorable moment.

review example to thank a photographer

11. Thank you that you’ve devoted so much time to researching all our personal preferences before our photo session. Your professionalism is beyond our doubts, as the fulfilled job has satisfied all our requirements perfectly.

12. When we were looking for a photographer for taking a nice family portrait, we didn’t even think that we could get such magical photos. They are not just of high quality, but also very creative. Thank you for such original photos!

13. We appreciate the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere we felt when discussing the future photo session. Your work is perfect, and we are very happy that we chose you as our shooter. We also want to express our special gratitude to you for the quick delivery of our images.

14. We are sincerely grateful for the wonderful photos you’ve taken. You’ve managed to catch the atmosphere of every special moment. We also appreciate that you used each interesting spot of the venue in our photoshoot.

15. Before hiring you as our photographer, we looked through your portfolio and were amazed by your photos. Each image has depth and meaning, and we like your exceptional ability to interpret every scene and get stunning shots.

Compliment a Photo

compliment example to thank a photographer

If you are wondering how to compliment a photographer, make sure to express your admiration of their photos. No matter how much money a shooter has earned from photography, they probably spent a lot of time on every image. Take a closer look at an image and define its strong sides, be honest about it. For example, you may like the bright and saturated colors.

Avoid saying such compliments as ‘wow’, ‘stunning’, ‘fantastic’, ‘beautiful’ without the explanations why you think so. Detailed comments like these will definitely please a photographer.

Check up some samples of good compliments.

  1. These images are stylish and have a great composition.
  2. The beauty of this photo is seen in every detail.
  3. I’m just stunned by how captivating these images are.
  4. You are full of creative ideas, the photos look amazing.
  5. This photo captivates us with the play of light and shadows.
  6. The colors in your photos are stunning.
  7. You can make even the most boring scene interesting.
  8. Your shots can show people’s personalities.
  9. Perfect lighting is what makes this image incredibly sharp.
  10. We can read the model’s emotions in her eyes.
  11. The image perfectly represents the character of the model.
  12. It looks like it takes you much patience and skills to capture such a professional photo.
  13. The blur effect cannot be more appropriate in this image.
  14. This captivating photo really tells a story!
  15. Perfect selection of the lens’ focal length brings the focus on the subject.
  16. Stunning composition!
  17. What a beautiful and emotional shot!
  18. The image captures the beauty of the landscape flawlessly!
  19. The grainy film effect along with the futuristic approach resulted in an original shot!
  20. This photo amazes me with the variety of captivating shapes, lines, and silhouettes.
  21. An exceptional combination of architecture and common objects like people, and nature.
  22. Excellent focus!
  23. Amazingly soft color scheme.
  24. The reflections make this photo more eye-catching and dimensional.
  25. You’ve achieved a stunning effect with vivid colors that bring a viewer closer to the subject.

Make Actual Gifts

gift example to thank a photographer

If you have been asking yourself how to thank a photographer, you can give them a present. In case you do not know the shooter well, look through their social media account.

The introduction sections usually contain such personal details as the coffee, movies, flowers they prefer or the locations they like to visit. The task of this info is to let the potential clients know about the photographer. It can help you to figure out what kind of gift will be appropriate.

We also recommend checking the “About” section on the photographer’s web page. Here, you can find some great ideas for making a useful gift. In case all these tips haven’t helped you, a photographer will be definitely happy to get coffee and chocolate as a gift. You can also order a pendant in the form of a camera or a photography-themed figurine.

Here are some examples of a good gift.

1. Subscription to licensed photography software for a photographer. You can pay for Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop for a month or a year and send the access key by e-mail.

2. A reflector that will help a photographer shoot against the sun and highlight dark areas of the image.

3. Rain cover for the camera. You can complement the gift with a beautiful raincoat for the photographer and stylish rubber boots.

4. Cameras bags and cases. When selecting the most appropriate model, consider its size, shape, color, and material.

cameras bags to thank a photographer

5. Camera holster. To make it more original, order an engraving for a holster.

6. Camera sling bags. Try to choose a comfortable product with a unique design.

7. Camera backpack. If a photographer travels a lot, the camera backpack is great for transporting gear, laptops, and tripods.

8. Wrist strap made of leather.

gift for photographer

9. A piece of jewelry. It can be a bracelet or a pendant that resembles a camera.

10. A photo equipment store certificate.

11. Camera cleaning kit.

12. Themed gingerbread or cupcakes.

13. Thermal mug in the form of a lens.

14. T-shirt with a photography-themed inscription or print. It can be a camera, photographer's favorite word, initials, etc.