21 Сreative Easter Props For Photography

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photography Tips

Easter props for photography will make any Easter image bright, original, and interesting. You can purchase an appropriate prop or make it on your own to get impressive images and conduct amazing photo session. Besides, the props listed below are cheaper and look more interesting than those available in stores.

Top 21 Easter Photo Shoot Props to Try

Very often photographers use creative Easter photography ideas when taking images of kids. It is also important to choose cute and safe props for newborn photography. We recommend choosing props of bright colors but light hues (white, pink, blue).

You can order them online or even make them yourself. Use them to make your photoshoot memorable and impressive.

1. Plastic Printed Bright Easter Eggs

easter photography plastic eggs with print

If you are going to shoot indoors, you can try using an Easter egg photo prop. Easter eggs produced of durable high-quality plastic won’t crack during the photo session. You can arrange the paint bottles on the table to make it look like the family has just painted eggs.

Play with colors, picking eggs with a similar or completely different print. Such flamboyant decorations will make photos adorable.

2. DIY Easter Eggs Set

easter photography diy easter eggs set

You can purchase a set of one-colored or white plastic eggs to take unique photos. Paint eggs in the same or different colors, and place them in an interesting sequence: rainbow, traffic light, etc.

In addition, you can give white eggs to children, ask them to decorate the props, and capture the painting process. Some kids will work hard, and others will play with a paintbrush. Shooting such an activity, you can take adorable images that display the atmosphere of preparation for the holiday.

3. Carrot Easter Garland

easter photography carrot garland

Hang the carrot garland in your home, yard, or street to make an original Easter setting. The vibrantly colored carrot against a pastel backdrop is a perfect Easter decoration. Thus, you can attract viewers’ attention and create a cheerful atmosphere.

4. Easter Garland with Flags

easter photography garland with flags

Hang the garland beautifully in the yard, for example, against a wooden fence or just on the lawn between trees. Flags can serve as an excellent decoration for any holiday, so Easter photos will only benefit if you use a garland of colorful flags. You can use a vibrant or monochromatic garland with glitter and sparkles, which bears the inscription "Happy Easter".

5. Composition with a Wooden Window

easter photography wooden window

A white, rustic cathedral arch frame is a great church-style decoration and is also one of the most interesting Easter picture props. The classic silhouette of a window is great for creating a village or farm atmosphere in the photo. A wood frame smoothly adds a vintage vibe to your Easter decor.

However, the frame alone is not enough. Decorate it with flowers and fabric. Place a knitted bunny toy or a live rabbit nearby. Position a basket of fresh flowers, a plate of eggs, fruit, etc. to convey the atmosphere of a picnic or celebration in the village.

6. White Tent

easter photography white tent

It is easy to work with a white tent. Decorate it as you wish: with garlands, flowers, lights, stars, etc.

You can also get along with no decorations at all, and focus on other Easter photography props arranged around it and on a person who sits in it. You can locate a tent on a lawn, near a fence, in an open area, under trees, or even in a house.

7. Group Photo with Baskets and Easter Eggs

easter photography baskets and eggs

If your Easter photoshoot involves many children, give them various props like baskets with sweets, milk chocolate, Easter eggs with hazelnuts, bunny ears, painted eggs with prints and stickers. You can also scatter pieces of gold foil or paper from wrapping chocolate sweets and ask children to pick them up and place them in the basket.

8. Photozone with Garland

easter photography photozone with garland

To create an original setting for shooting you can use not only garlands with flags or carrots but also with flowers. Besides, you don’t necessarily need to hang it. Arrange it creatively on the floor to hide ugly places or add spring colors to a photo.

Using a basket of eggs is also a good idea. You can make it yourself from twigs, carefully rewinding it with a rope or wire.

9. Flowers Everywhere

easter photography flower photo booth

Combine flowers with other Easter picture props like colored or metal watering cans, beautiful vases, and colorful buckets. You can pick up a flowerpot in a neutral color (white or gray) so that it will not distract attention from flowers and people.

Alternatively, play with colorful vessels - bright yellow buckets and red watering cans to emphasize the beauty of flowers make images livelier.

10. Rabbit Easter Photo Booth

easter photography rabbit photo booth

Try to build a themed photo booth using available materials and Easter picture props. Put several bunches of carrots at the foot of the photo booth, place a rabbit nearby, and put the headbands with rabbit ears on children.

You can use wreaths made of twigs and carrots. Make them by interweaving several twigs, tying them with a rope, and fixing artificial or natural carrots to them with some string.

11. Bunny Ears Headband

easter photography bunny ears headband

A cute fluffy pink or blue headband with Easter bunny ears looks great on both adults and children and will help convey the festive atmosphere. Thanks to the plush fabric, the headband is pleasant to touch and you can easily put it on a baby.

12. Plants and Flowers

easter photography plants and flowers

As Easter is a spring holiday, you can use both artificial and fresh flowers for shooting. For example, daisies are great for creating decorations and they will look perfect in a photo with a child.

Arrange plants around the basket with a baby on the table along with other props, or use them as DIY photo booth props.

Besides, if you purchase artificial flowers, you can reuse them for other photoshoots, to realize your wedding photography ideas, for example.

13. Light Background

easter photography light background

If you are shooting a baby indoors, it is a great idea to use a special light-colored wooden newborn photography backdrop. Besides, it is suitable for object and portrait photography. With a series of high-tech digital designs and professional computer printing, you can make your images more realistic and colorful.

Different types of lighting produce various shooting effects, so you can experiment a bit. Besides, we recommend using a basket with fluffy fabric and a blanket in it. A baby will look adorable in such a homemade crib.

14. Foil Chocolate Egg

easter photography foil chocolate egg

Foil chocolate egg is one of the most original DIY Easter photo props. To create a homemade egg, use a gold-colored foil to imitate a broken shell. You can neatly tear the foil into small pieces and scatter them around, whereas the large pieces can be arranged around the crib with the baby.

You can use a white blanket as a filling for a basket to imitate the white of an egg. When everything is ready, put the baby into the egg.

15. Bunny Costume

easter photography bunny costume

A bunny costume is one of the quite popular Easter picture props as they can create a festive atmosphere. A crocheted children's suit, a gray hat with bunny ears, knitted or sewn panties with a pompom tail look great and make Easter photos more atmospheric.

16. Wicker Picnic Basket

easter photography wicker picnic basket

You can purchase a wicker picnic basket decorated with a light pink satin ribbon with white polka dots. Tie a cute bow to the basket; put a blanket of the same color as the ribbon inside. Dress a baby in a bunny costume and put him/her into the basket.

Do not be afraid of experimenting with newborn photography poses – put a newborn on its back or stomach, sit him/her down, rest the child’s head or chin on hands. Besides, you can use a background or place the basket with a baby on the lawn to take a beautiful Easter photo.

17. Flower Crowns

easter photography flower crowns

Try different cute spring picture ideas to get an original photo. For example, you can use a homemade floral wreath.

Take a wire or rope and evenly arrange flowers on it. Carefully put the headband on the model's head and secure it.

18. Spring Easter Floral Backdrop

easter photography floral backdrop

A soft fabric photography backdrop is one of the most advantageous Easter props for photography. It is easy to assemble and carry around.

High pixel images printed on pure white material and qualitative ink result in a vivid background color. Spring Easter floral bokeh backdrop adds bokeh photography charm to your images.

19. Realistic Plush Little Chick

easter photography plush little chick

Use small chickens to make a photo cute and funny. The realistic chicken toys, made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, artificial plush, look vivid and lifelike. Place them in various poses around the basket with a kid, or use them with other Easter photography props like eggs and bunnies.

20. Chocolate Easter Rabbit

easter photography chocolate rabbit

Many photographers take Easter pictures with live rabbits, but it is difficult to position these animals correctly in the photo and make sure that they stay in place. It is more convenient to work with artificial props, like a chocolate bunny.

21. Baby Boys' Suspender Short Set

easter photography costume with suspender for boy

When making Easter shots with boys, try dressing a kid in a suspender suit. Complete the look with a cap and bow tie. To make a photo funnier give this serious young man a real carrot or a toy.

For outdoor shooting, place a boy on a blanket on the lawn and arrange other props. But even without Easter photo shoot props like colorful eggs, a rabbit, and a carrot, the baby in the suit will definitely look adorable in a photo.

Bonus Tools

bonus tools for easter photography

If you are eager to get high-quality professional Easter shots use these presets. They will simplify photo editing a lot. They can help you make pictures brighter and more colorful in just a few clicks.