Digihelion Photographer Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Photographer

Digihelion is a well-known photographer who is notable mostly for his beauty, commercial and nude projects. In his blog, he dwells upon the ins and outs of the photography craft, speaks of the approaches to extraordinary shootings, covers the image retouching tricks and even shares shots from backstage.

Marian Pentek Biography

digihelion photographer manipulation

Marian Pentek, a creator of Digihelion photography, has been initially involved in painting pictures, computer design and game development. For 10 years, he has been working as a game designer, 2d graphic designer and illustrator in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

digihelion photographer work

During all that time, Digihelion couldn’t help but wonder what is happening within the camera. He understood that the camera would help him bring to life his own characters and worlds in the best possible way. That’s why Marian decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

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It’s been more than 15 years since Marian Pentek started photographing. He draws inspiration from such artists as Hans Ruedi Giger, Frank Frazetta and Luis Royo. Marian’s knowledge of graphic design programs and the ability to skillfully combine the painting of light and bodypainting make him stand out among other photographers.

Digihelion Photography: Main Genres

Marian Pentek is considered one of the brightest beauty photographers in Slovakia. Besides, he enjoys commercial shootings along with bodypainting and nude photography, which is especially worth checking out. With a background in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and computer games genre, Marian crafts awesome art photography.

Beauty Images

digihelion photographer beauty

Marian Pentek is no stranger to photoshopping portraits for fashion campaigns and is a skilled image retoucher. To master the art of image editing, he used to take plenty of shots and retouch them in different ways.

If you take a look at his shots, you will immediately notice perfect skin texture. Another peculiar feature of Digihelion photography is gorgeous natural-looking mellow tones.


digihelion photographer nude

Nude photography holds a special place in Marian’s heart. When taking such pictures, he often uses vibrant colors that are in contrast to each other. The simple, vivid backgrounds aren’t packed with redundant elements.


Digihelion photographer is also a bodypainting guru. He concentrates on artworks that challenge us visually. Nature, animals and fantasy characters influence the way that Marian manipulates the human body.

Commercial Works

digihelion photographer commercial

Marian Pentek takes product photography. He is responsible for creating a number of victorious projects for renowned companies. Visit the Digihelion website to see his product shots taken for different food, drinks and clothing brands.

Digihelion Blog

The subject matter of the Marian Pentek’s blog is pretty diverse. One of the topics is backstage from his shootings and their description that may come in handy for photographers at various skill levels. Moreover, Marian shares stories about the extraordinary events he got to visit, which are accompanied by pictures.

Examine the Digihelion blog for helpful photography tips and shooting techniques. For instance, you will find a detailed guide on preparations for the very first photo shoot that covers all the necessary points – from makeup to the best female poses.