Dileep Mann Photography Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 8 days ago, Photographer

Dileep Mann is a self-employed photographer who is involved in product, food, architectural, fashion, portrait and wedding photos. Besides, Mann is a musician and guitarist, producing his own music and videos.

As of now, Dileep Mann is one of the most prominent and sought-after photographers in the country. Looking at Mann’s shots, you can trace his peculiar style, strong photography skills and comprehensive approach.

Dileep Mann Photography: Biography

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In 2013, Dileep Mann became the founder and the mastermind of Dileep Mann Photography. Since then, he was acknowledged as one of the most eminent photographers in Sri Lanka.

What makes him the best is his remarkable eye for detail, which is evident in every picture he takes. Mann states that creative photography is a form of art that requires plenty of patience and time.

Thanks to his affection for photography, Dileep Mann is able to share his creative vision with a larger group of people. Apart from bringing aesthetic pleasure, Mann aspires to take meaningful photographs that can influence viewers both at a local and global scale. One of Mann’s recent projects is the initiative he took to assist the MAG.

The main idea behind Dileep Mann Photography is to deliver full creative services for brands, businesses or individuals who request outstanding fashion imagery. Being well familiar with the ins and outs of the fashion industry, the team manages to keep pace with all the latest trends and even predict what exactly will make a hit in terms of the campaign visuals for the client.

Dileep Mann is no stranger to effective photography marketing, and he promotes his highend retouching services on social networks, including Instagram and Facebook.

Main Genres

Dileep Mann is mostly focused on such genres as product, food, fashion, portrait, wedding and architectural. Besides, he organizes beauty photo shoots aimed at promoting makeup and beauty shops, implementing his creative photography ideas along the way. Working on large-scale projects, Mann often directs all stages of photo shoots.

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It is hardly possible to have a decent e-commerce website without qualitative product photography. According to Dileep Mann and his team, there is only one way to give potential customers an idea of the product – by offering descriptive images since they can’t touch or hold products when shopping in an online store. An appealing look of the images contributes to an improved conversion rate.

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Food photography is the second favorite genre of Dileep Mann despite the fact that he emphasizes the challenging side of working with actual food. Mann replaces sauce with motor oil, or creamy desert – with mashed potatoes. Why? After all, he knows perfectly well that the food in pictures should appear delicious, like in any good restaurant. He has a lot of really cool food photography tricks, which often come in handy during the shoots with brands.

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Looking at Dileep Mann’s photography portfolio, you will also notice a separate section dedicated to fashion photography. He thinks that this genre isn’t about shooting as many outfits per day as possible. It is mainly about creating a story, taking excellent pictures and sending them to a magazine of choice.

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Dileep Mann photography catches the eyes of many viewers since he is capable of demonstrating the subjects in their full glory. Picture editing techniques, lighting modes, multiple exposure blending, etc. assist him with that. For instance, portrait photography requires specific lighting conditions, so Dileep Mann uses natural and strobe light. He enjoys shooting models with extraordinary features, which may be perceived as flaws by some.

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Whenever Dileep Mann wishes to shoot something entirely different, he resorts to architectural photography. Here he doesn’t need to think about the pose, styling or perfect makeup. He simply immerses himself in the process and takes exciting pictures. Mann likes architectural photography because it allows him to take three-dimensional shots with many details that attract the viewers’ attention.

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Even though you may come across staged wedding photography by Dileep Mann, his shots are always creative and natural. He keeps thinking of new wedding photo ideas and isn’t afraid to experiment. Clients prefer the way Mann organizes the photo shoots, which doesn’t seem obtrusive at all, allowing clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Besides, he is a pro when it comes to wedding photography poses and is always willing to help clients with posing.

Editing Techniques

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Dileep Mann enjoys experimenting with color and effects to make his works more dynamic and vivid. Such manipulations are included in the price of the photo shoot and are discussed at the start.

To bring the shots to perfection, Mann may apply free Lightroom presets. This is how he makes shots more vibrant and eye-grabbing.

In terms of product and food photography, Mann adds brightness, saturation, and makes the final shots clearer. By the way, if you have difficulties editing product pictures, consider ordering our product retouching services. The experienced FixThePhoto team will perform all the necessary manipulations and provide you with pictures that are ready to be posted on e-commerce platforms.

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Dileep Mann Music and Video Production

Dileep Mann owns a music video production company, which will guide you through every stage of the process, including storyline, actors and location. You can expect professionally made and reasonably priced videos as a result.

The production team can create visual content for you to use on a permanent basis, for instance, during the whole year. They will cope with any project successfully, regardless of whether you request a music video or a YouTube cover.

In case you need help editing footage, approach FixThePhoto’s video editing service. Having vast experience editing various types of videos, the FixThePhoto team will make a memorable masterpiece out of your raw footage, even in the shortest time period.