BrandLoom Digital Marketing Company Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 8 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: BrandLoom digital marketing agency provides full-cycle digital marketing services for various types of businesses, including creative industries (photography, design, video, etc.). It is a perfect fit if you decided to start your own business and need a functional website, impactful social networks, professional brand identity, and high-quality promotion on search engines. 

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  • Individual approach to business promotion
  • Creative team of specialists
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BrandLoom specializes in digital marketing, design and branding for startups. It also cooperates with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as huge corporations. You can consult a professional team of marketers, designers, analysts, content creators, and other specialists, and order services you need.

As a digital marketing company, BrandLoom can create your brand from scratch and allows you to order separate services. The team supports a client throughout the whole process, be it a website launch or a long procedure of search network optimization.

BrandLoom Main Features

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BrandLoom agency is proud of the fact that it always achieves goals with minimum clients’ investment. These guys look for solutions to meet business needs with minimum time spent. They will quickly boost organic traffic, form the brand identity, correctly position your business on the market, and help you achieve top ranks in Google.

Launching of Customized Websites

brandloom web design

BrandLoom believes that a website is the main tool to make a positive presence of a brand on the net and attract clients. It specifically refers to those who are involved in the creative niches since, in such cases, the site should reflect a style and aesthetics of an author.

At the same time, a website should be optimized for mobile devices and easy to navigate. The company’s developers focus primarily on these criteria.

Contacting BrandLoom, you can order the development of a personal site, ecommerce platform to sell your photo projects, smart web applications, and other types of online resources. When generating ideas and creating a mockup of a future website, specialists always perform a detailed analysis of company’s clients. They also optimize data to meet the rating criteria in search engines.

Developing Functional Ecommerce Platforms for Photographers

brandloom ecommerce

The BrandLoom digital marketing agency brags about extensive experience in creating online stores for creative businesses. BrandLoom’s representatives believe that the most effective way to sell products or services is to create a personal e-commerce platform. The point is that it is a direct sale from a seller to a customer. This way brands can raise profits by using their own Exclusive Online Brand Outlet (EOBO) concept.

Speaking of a photographer’s brand, his/her online store should include goods (various photo equipment, preset collections, accessories for photographers, etc.) as well as services (different photo sessions). Using professional ecommerce website builders, BrandLoom will create a convenient platform integrated into a basic site. This way a client will be able to purchase a product or service with minimum time and effort spent.

Increasing the Site Traffic with Professional Search Engine Optimization

brandloom search engine optimization

BrandLoom provides complex services to optimize search systems. This service includes on-page, off-page, technical and local search engine optimization. I believe that any business, including a photographer’s brand, requires all system components of search system optimization.

BrandLoom digital marketing agency deals with all aspects, like boosting visibility, backlinks, audit of websites using statistical analysis software, content optimization, keyword search, decrease of loading times, optimization for mobiles, and link generation. They guarantee your website will take the leading position in Google search and will be visible for other search engines.

Stylish Graphic Design Assets for Creatives

brandloom graphic design

BrandLoom devotes a lot of time developing the concept of visual brand identity. The company develops all possible assets for a business, including logos, flyers and advertising banners, templates for creative newsletters, and more. At the same time, they always focus on client’s wishes and the general style of the website, or photographer’s online store.

Graphic designers try to show your company as a professional and reliable service. The BrandLoom digital marketing agency guarantees that visual and aesthetic elements related to your personal brand will depict its basic values and strengths, and will be in line with your photographer’s style.

When creating graphics, they always communicate with a client. The team takes into account your graphic design ideas and uses as many of your works as possible. With professional graphic design software and logo makers at their disposal, designers can turn a combination of colors, fonts, and icons into a real work of art.

Targeted Content Marketing Strategies Development

brandloom content marketing

High-quality content is an integral part of the promotion strategy for any business. Thus, BrandLoom agency offers a complex service package to create materials that will be integrated into the whole marketing concept. Based on your demands, the team of content makers develops relevant materials for your site, brand identity attributes, as well as social media for photographers.

These guys generate eye-catching, engaging, and sharply written content. It clearly communicates the necessary message. At the same time, specialists take into account the key queries of the target audience, and organically incorporate them into text. Moreover, the company specializes in the creation of video content since they believe it is one of the main Internet promotional tools for any business.

Development of Selling Social Media for Photographers

brandloom social media

Social networks affect brand recognition, increase the audience’s loyalty, improve conversion, and customer experience. Competently created business accounts on various social networks are important for a photographer.

BrandLoom digital marketing agency can pack social media, generate development strategies on social networks, launch business platforms on Instagram, Facebook, and other media. Besides, they optimize your profiles to meet the search engine standards, develop appropriate promotion materials, and launch targeted advertising campaigns.

If you already have active accounts, specialists can analyze their effectiveness, and provide recommendations on how to have a successful Instagram, share useful photography marketing tips, etc.

BrandLoom Prices

BrandLoom digital marketing agency offers flexible payment options that depend on the demands of each particular business. After a detailed consultation with BrandLoom representatives, the agency can provide a full price list for the services a client needs.

What’s more, the price for the services depends on whether the agency completely controls the launch of marketing strategies or a client is only interested in the development services and consultations on further business activities.