Photo Retouching Levels

Photo Retouching Levels

FixThePhoto tends to provide 4 photo editing levels, such as Basic, Pro, High-End and Extra levels of image post production only in 1 picture.

Many clients who have trusted their photos to be retouched by our firm, face a difficult challenge. That is the proper choice of one level of photo editing that will be applied to their pictures. Despite a considerable experience in photo business, a lot of photographers still hesitate when it comes to choosing the deepness of using Photoshop. And this article is devoted to the thorough description of the most common photo editing levels. We tend to provide 4 photo retouching levels, such as Basic, Pro, High-End and Extra.

To show the photo examples is not enough, the important thing is to explain what photo retouching steps are applied in achieving the level. That is not a great secret that all of them differ a lot, not only due to the photo retouching prices and time devoted. Photo retouching techniques provided on each level differ, as they vary from the easiest to the most advanced ones.

So, how to distinguish different photo editing levels? Here you will find all the answers! We will show you how two photos will change depending on the way of editing. But first see the quality of RAW shots.

Example №1


Example №2


1. Basic

The first photo editing level is Basic. It is known as the simplest way of photo enhancement. The number of photo retouching techniques is the smallest compared to other levels. It is frequently used in family photo editing or baby photo retouching. This level is not used to be published for commercial using. Here, our editors faces the task to underline the natural features of photographed people without adding too much retouching techniques in Photoshop or other digital programs.


Actually the discussion of retouching benefits is controversial and if you are interested in it, you may read the article Photoshop & Reality – do we need photo retouching services?

The necessity of improving the natural beauty is essential for one more picture editing service which is headshot retouching. Besides, this kind of photography is ordered the most. In order for you to understand how images look like after Basic editing level, you may see some of examples done by our photo retouchers.


As you can see, Basic retouching level offers such photo retouching steps.

Basic Level Steps:

  • Skin problems removal (Such as scars, disappointing zits, vivid acnes and even pimples)
  • Professional skin smoothening
  • Teeth whitening to achieve the result of a “Hollywood smile”
  • Removing stray hair (Face, shoulders or back)
  • Basic color correction

2. Pro

If these options are not enough for you, see our Pro Level of image retouching. It differs from the first method due to a bigger list of applied techniques. Pro retouching is widely chosen by various photographers, who are in need to impress customers with great picture outcomes and advertise their works.


It can be considered as a middle point between Basic editing and High End retouching. A really brilliant choice for portrait and event photographers.


This photo editing level includes the following retouching techniques in Photoshop.

Pro Level Steps:

  • Professional skin enhancement
  • Color correction (In order to delete unwanted shadows and achieve proper tones)
  • Editing the background (Colors saturation, background removal service or extending)
  • Stray hair removing
  • Body slimming
  • Extra objects removal

3. High End

The next one is High-End retouching. Photo editing styles in Photoshop make images of this level really expressive and eye-catching. So, a lot of photographers are used to ask for this kind of retouching. Mainly, we provide pictures with High-End changing both for wedding photo retouching services or various commercial types, for example product photo retouching services or celebrity picture touch up. We advise you to read the article Myth or Reality: Kim Kardashian without Photoshop if you want to see how stars look like without retouching.

We realise that thousands of eyes will see our edited outcomes, so The High End photo editing style must be perfect. Having made you mind to try High End photo editing you will get:


High End Level Steps:

  • Photo color correction (Your pictures will be outstanding due to the bright colors and absence of unwanted shadows)
  • Working on all details (Objects replacement from the clothes and background)
  • Liquify effect (We will make bodies of photographed models perfectly slim or create funny distortions if needed)
  • Unique stylization (Follow all your wishes to underline your personal photography style)


For better understanding, enjoy another outcome with applied High End photo editing.


4. Extra

The most advanced method of picture retouching is Extra Level. It consists of the biggest list of changes in Photoshop. Mainly it is used for commercial, fashion, magazine picture retouching or portrait photo retouching in case you want a really breath-taking image.


Here you may ask for applying all previously described options.

Extra Level Steps:

  • Complete appearance improving
  • Following your personal style
  • Careful work on details
  • Photo manipulation services
  • Advanced correction of colors and contrasts
  • Face enhancement - make up, skin, hair

But the main feature that distinguishes it from other photo editing levels is backdrop changing. On this level you transform the background into unusual ones. Your creativity will not be limited. To make sure, see another sample.


Photo editing services must be provided professionally and quickly. That is a brilliant rule for every retouching team that dreams of gaining great success in photo industry. And our image editing firm does not have other recipes for winning recognitions among demanding customers. Thus, our post production photography services are always of exceptional quality, no matter whether we work with real estate photo editing, laborious jewellery retouching services or up-to-date old photo restoration services. Every photo, that we edit, is done carefully, but always in time.

Hope, you found information you looked about photo editing styles in Lightroom or Photoshop.

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