BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software

BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password

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  • Platforms: Windows
  • Pricing: Free/$7
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Verdict: If you have an Aadhaar card and want to access it without wasting time on entering passwords, read this complete BitRecover review. What I like the most about this software is that it enables you to remove passwords once and for all without affecting the information stored on a card. Another thing that I like is that I can save the resulting files on any device or cloud service for quick access.

  • Allows removing passwords from any number of cards
  • Intuitive UI
  • Enables selecting a path for saving files
  • Automatically opens a folder with files
  • A free version has watermarks
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BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover is an easy-to-use software created for those who need to quickly remove passwords from PDF files on Aadhaar cards. Using this tool, you can delete passwords without corrupting the information about a card and its owner.

BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover: Main Features

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What makes this PDF encryption software stand out is that its tools were created specifically for removing passwords from Aadhaar cards. It has a stripped-down interface, which ensures that you will get access only to those features that you really need for solving your tasks. Unlike other programs that can be used for removing passwords from PDF files, it has an intuitive interface, which makes it suitable even for beginners.

Safe Permanent Password Removal from Aadhaar Cards

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In case you have an Aadhaar card, there might be times when you can’t quickly enter a password and need to access your card statements without any delays. Unlike many other similar tools, BitRecover enables you to remove the password from your card forever. After using it to unlock a PDF security file, you will be able to access your info wherever you need it.

Besides, BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover will come in handy to those who have multiple cards and need to remove password protection from them in a few clicks. The program will process them one by one. As the result, you will be able to access your documents from any device, be it a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You can be sure that you won’t lose such important data as your Aadhaar number, name, or date of birth. The information about address, gender, and other details will remain available as well.

Super Easy Navigation & Save Malware Free Installation

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BitRecover can be used even by novices as it has a well-thought-out interface. It makes it accessible for people without a technical background. You just need to run it and select an e-Aadhaar card that you want to access. Click the Remove Password button, and the program will quickly delete the protection from the card. Even if you use a free version of the software, there is no need to worry that your data might get damaged by viruses as the developer made this malware-free solution safe and secure to use.

Until recently, I used Acrobat for the same purpose, however, its interface is rather convoluted. BitRecover has all the tools that you might need to delete passwords from Aadhaar cards files, which makes it a great Adobe Acrobat alternative. It’s compatible with different versions of Acrobat, which is why you can continue editing your PDF files in this professional software later.

Selecting a Path for Storing the Documents After Removing Password Protection from Cards

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Another advantage is that you can select the most suitable folder for saving files stored on your Aadhaar cards. It will be especially useful when you need to unlock multiple е-Aadhaar PDF documents and store them in a folder where they will be easy to find.

BitRecover is a free PDF locker tool for Windows compatible with popular versions of this OS, such as Vista and Windows 11. You can access it from mobile devices as well, which makes it easier for you to access information stored on Aadhaar cards regardless of your location.

BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover Prices

You can use free or paid versions of BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover. In case you decide to test out the latter, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days after your payment. It will allow you to minimize your risks and purchase the product only when you are sure that you need it.

If you are on a tight budget, you can use the DEMO version for free. It will enable you to test out the functionality of this software and use its tools for removing passwords. However, it will add watermarks to your PDF documents. If you want to delete them, you will need to find a suitable watermark remover software. Alternatively, you can purchase a paid version.

The FULL version of BitRecover Aadhaar Card Password Remover is quite affordable and costs $7. After paying for it, you will be able to upload Aadhaar cards, unlock several cards at once, get rid of passwords for good, and save the information. Your files won’t be watermarked, which makes the paid version a great option for businesses.