9 Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converters to Use in 2023

SoundCloud is a popular platform with a streamlined interface and impressive collections of music files. However, many users face difficulties when trying to download songs from this site and convert them to MP3. Using any of these SoundCloud to MP3 converters, you can quickly save your favorite songs to your computer and listen to them whenever you want.

Top 9 SoundCloud to MP3 Converters

  1. SoundCloud to MP3 - High speed conversion
  2. SoundCloud To Mp3.App - Great for beginners
  3. KlickAud - Automatic conversion
  4. Download4.cc - Great customer support
  5. ScloudDownloader - Share option
  6. SoundCloud MP3 - Multiple language support
  7. ForHub - Fully responsive
  8. 4K Video Downloader - Superior audio quality support
  9. Allavsoft - Batch downloading

If you are looking for a suitable SoundCloud to MP3 app, you need to pay attention to several things. Check whether it is supported by your OS, has an easy-to-navigate interface, and supports batch conversion. The best apps and web-based services allow you to select the output quality and compression levels. Some of them can be used free of charge, while others come with a trial version.

1. SoundCloud to MP3 - Our Choice

High-speed conversion
  • Doesn’t require signing up
  • Allows saving tracks and playlists
  • Can be accessed from Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • None

Verdict: If you are wondering how to convert SoundCloud to MP3, this app is a great option to consider. It allows you to save tracks and playlists to your device for free. You can convert files without creating an account. The download process is quite easy. You just need to paste a link and select the output quality. It could be either 128 and 320kbps. The key advantage of this audio converter is that it is fully free.

soundcloud to mp3 converter interface

2. SoundCloud To Mp3.App

Perfect for beginners
  • Ultra-fast download
  • Allows saving audio in 128 and 320kbps
  • Fully safe
  • Has a version for Linux
  • Doesn’t support batch processing

Verdict: SoundCloud To MP3 is an online platform with easy-to-use tools for saving SoundCloud files in MP3 format. After copying a link, paste it into a special form and download a converted song to your desktop computer or mobile device.

This option is a smart solution for those who want to listen to their favorite songs offline. It has advanced security options and doesn’t contain any distracting ads. You can use it for free without any limitations.

soundcloud to mp3 app converter interface

3. KlickAud

Automatic conversion
  • Stripped-down interface
  • MP3 in 128 and 320kbps
  • Ultra-fast saving
  • Supports playlist downloading
  • Impossible to save some tracks as MP3

Verdict: KlickAud is a superb conversion tool for saving SoundCloud files in MP3 format. It can be used even by beginners as it has a well-thought-out interface with intuitive tools. Using this SoundCloud downloader, you can save audio in 128 or 320kbps quality.

There is no need to think about how to convert and download your files. You just need to copy a link, paste it, and get a download link to a converted file. This service doesn’t require you to sign up. You can use it for free.

klickaud soundcloud to mp3 converter interface

4. Converseen

Reliable customer support
  • Streamlined conversion
  • Compatible with 1K+ websites
  • Instant download
  • Desktop and mobile versions
  • Distracting ads
download4.cc soundcloud to mp3 converter logo

Verdict: Download4.cc supports a variety of multimedia formats and stands out for lossless compression. This online-based tool is perfect for the fans of the SoundCloud platform who want to save audio in MP3. In addition, this SoundCloud to MP3 app lets you download content from over 1K sites. Another advantage of this app is its excellent speed. Paste a link, and this service will save a file quickly. You can use it for free to download an unlimited number of audio tracks.

download4.cc soundcloud to mp3 converter interface

5. ScloudDownloader

Convenient sharing tools
  • Saves playlists from SoundCloud
  • Allows saving standalone tracks
  • 128 and 320kbps audio quality
  • Impressive conversion speed
  • Fails to save some music tracks
sclouddownloader soundcloud to mp3 converter logo

Verdict: ScloudDownloader is a web-based service that will be especially useful for those who need to convert audio tracks posted on SoundCloud. What makes it stand out among the rest is that it enables you to save songs at 128kbps and 320kbps. However, there are some limitations that this service doesn’t allow you to bypass. For instance, you can save to your device only those tracks that their owners allow to download. To convert a SoundCloud file to MP3, paste a link to it into the main window and click Download. This is free tool.

sclouddownloader soundcloud to mp3 converter interface

6. SoundCloud MP3

Supports different languages
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Web-based service
  • Saves music tracks in superb quality
  • Integrates with SoundCloud
  • Supports only two-hour files
soundcloud mp3 converter logo
SoundCloud MP3

Verdict: Using SoundCloud MP3, you can save your files in another format without quality loss. Similarly to other options on this list, it requires you to copy a link to a track posted on SoundCloud, paste it in the download field, and press the button to save the file to your computer.

When downloading large audio tracks, keep in mind that the duration of files should be no more than two hours. Using this service, you can download even those tracks that can’t be downloaded directly from SoundCloud. The key advantage of this service is that it won’t cost you a dime to use it.

soundcloud mp3 converter interface

7. ForHub

Fully responsive
  • Full-time support
  • Compatible with all social media platforms
  • Speedy conversion
  • Quick downloads
  • Occasional lags
forhub soundcloud to mp3 converter logo

Verdict: ForHub is another handy solution for saving soundtracks in different formats. With it, you can download your favorite songs and playlists from SoundCloud. To start the process of conversion, you just need to paste a URL and click the Download button.

Using this SoundCloud to MP3 converter, you can save any soundtrack without wasting a lot of time. It supports a variety of popular formats and can be accessed from different OS. Using this online video downloader, you can also download clips in UHD, HD, SD formats. You can use it free of charge. It is compatible with many popular platforms, including Vimeo and Instagram.

forhub soundcloud to mp3 converter interface

8. 4K Video Downloader

Excellent audio quality
  • Adjustable download speed
  • Integrated audio player
  • Intuitive proxy setup
  • Convenient organization tools
  • Free version doesn’t support simultaneous downloads
4k video downloader soundcloud to mp3 converter logo
4K Video Downloader

Verdict: 4K Video Downloader is a powerful tool suitable for saving multimedia files in MP3 format. Whether you need to save videos from SoundCloud or other platforms, you just need to copy a link and paste it into the special field in the main window. If you need to save them as MP3 files, make sure to select a suitable format. After the conversion process is completed, save the file to your computer. You can either use a free version or opt for a premium version which costs from $15/month.

4k video downloader soundcloud to mp3 converter interface

9. Allavsoft

Batch downloading
  • Streamlined interface and intuitive tools
  • Supports Flac and MP3
  • Speedy downloading
  • Windows and Mac version
  • Poor choice of output options
allavsoft soundcloud to mp3 converter logo

Verdict: Using Allavsoft, you can quickly save audio tracks in various formats and download them to your computer. It supports over 1K platforms, including SoundCloud and YouTube. You just need to find a link to the file you need to save, copy it, paste it into a dedicated field on Allavsoft and click the Download button. It will enable you to save it in MP3 format.

To save time, you can download multiple files at once. You just need to add several links and convert the videos simultaneously. The program has versions for macOS and Windows. If you aren’t sure about whether you need to pay for a premium version, you can use a free trial. When the trial period expires, you can purchase a paid version for $29.99/month.

allavsoft soundcloud to mp3 converter interface