How to Undo and Redo in Adobe Express: Tutorial & Tips

By Tata Rossi 10 days ago, Apps and Software

Here, you can learn how to undo and redo in Adobe Express to fix errors and restore previous actions, which is possible in several ways. For one thing, you can use functions Undo and Redo with the arrows at the top of the app window, left and right. For another, you can take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts available in the web version of Adobe Express. These tools help you work faster and make your workflow smoother.

STEP 1. Start Working with CC Express

how to undo and redo in adobe creative cloud express sign in

First, visit the Adobe Express website. On the main page, click “Start for free” and sign in.

STEP 2. Open Project

how to undo and redo in adobe creative cloud express create project

After signing up, navigate to the main menu of CC Express. Create here a new project by clicking on the button with + text and picking up the respective template.

If you already have a project that you can find, select it on the Projects tab.

how to undo and redo in adobe creative cloud express open project

STEP 3. Do Some Changes

If the project is already started, you will notice that the Undo/Redo buttons are disabled. Activating them, you need to make some changes, such as adding text and images, changing the background, etc. Once you do that, these options will be available.

STEP 4. Undo Last Changes

undo changes

After making changes, you can use the left arrow at the top of the app window.

Pro Tip: Also, you can use keyboard shortcuts for Windows: Ctrl + Z and Command + Z for Mac. As you can notice, the last change was canceled.

STEP 5. Redo Last Changes

redo changes

Redo is the reversed operation of Undo. If you need to bring canceled changes back, use the arrow on your right.

Pro Tip: As in the case of the Undo function, you can use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Y for Windows and Ctrl + Command + Y for Mac.


  • • Should I use shortcuts?

Definitely yes. You should use keyboard shortcuts if you want to get the most out of an application and Adobe Express tutorials. They help you create projects faster, which is important if this is what you do for a living.

  • • Can I undo/redo all changes in Adobe Express?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t undo/redo quick actions and setting changes.

  • • Can I publish content to social media immediately after editing?

Yes. When the work on your project is complete, click Share. A unique URL appears in front of you. You can publish your project to social media sites, attach a link to emails, or save and share your content via Google Drive.