BitRecover vCard Viewer Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software

BitRecover vCard Viewer

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  • Platforms: Win/Mac
  • Pricing: Free

Verdict: BitRecover vCard Viewer is a feature-rich and intuitive application for opening and reading VCF files in a convenient way. The interface is well-thought-out, so you can work with such content efficiently even if you use the program for the first time.

The highlight of this viewer is its ability to open all versions of VCF files, including vCard 4.1, vCard 2.1, iCard, hCard, and xCard. Besides, you can launch the app on both desktops and portable devices running Android and iOS. What’s more, you can even browse damaged & corrupted files, and work with documents of any size. While such processes may seem confusing, with vCard Viewer even total novices can get a grip on them.

  • Simultaneous previewing of several VCF files
  • User-friendly interface
  • Maintains all vCard attributes
  • No file size and content length limitations
  • Users can browse damaged/corrupted files
  • UI design calls for updating
bitrecover vcard viewer interface

I admire that it’s possible to open and view vCard files of any size and length in this program. Besides, BitRecover vCard Viewer stands out with amazing security features, so you can be sure all files you upload there are protected from prying eyes and that there will be no data leakage. Users can work with VCF files without installing any third-party programs.

BitRecover vCard Viewer: Main Benefits

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VCF files contain phone contact details. You can output such files and examine your contacts on a computer. However, to make this process convenient and efficient, you’d better use a purpose-built program, known as VCF viewer or vCard Viewer.

Such programs display your contacts one by one in the form of a list. By clicking on any contact, you will see all information related to it. BitRecover is known for creating functional free data recovery software and the team also released vCard Viewer. The program employs unique algorithms and makes the VCF file viewing process more streamlined than what you get with other tools.

View VCF File with All Components

bitrecover vcard viewer interface

When you browse your contacts in BitRecover vCard Viewer, you actually get access to all visual and text details tied to them. For example, by selecting a contact, you can see a contact image, name, address, company name, company address, phone number, personal email ID, and description.

Managing such files requires accuracy not to lose important information. Fortunately, vCard Viewer neither alters nor deletes details when you open and flick through your files. Besides, people really appreciate the possibility to view files of any size. If you want to have a closer look at attachments, there is a separate tab with them.

Compatible with All Operating Systems with No Need for Third-Party Apps

bitrecover vcard viewer interface files

The best thing about this application is that it performs its work individually and doesn’t require users to install supporting third-party tools. Thus, all contacts are secure.

Besides, similar to BitRecover Data Recovery software, vCard Viewer functions without issues on all Windows computers. You can start it on a PC with Win 11, 10, and even earlier versions. Besides, it supports all popular Windows servers starting with Server 2008. This is really fantastic because people owning older computers and laptops can also manage their VCF files.

Intuitive Interface and Convenient Option to Upload Files or Folders

The program resembles BitRecover Tiff Viewer when it comes to usability. All features are developed with user convenience in mind, so you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to understand how to use BitRecover vCard Viewer. Moreover, you won’t experience problems when uploading and viewing large files. The app is capable of opening even bulky docs.

Moreover, you can expedite your work by clicking the “Select files” or “Select folders” options. In other words, the program allows users to open and view several files in one go. In fact, you can navigate even a folder containing many VCFs with no performance drops.

Supports All vCard Versions, Including Corrupted Files

No matter whether you need to scan vCard 4.1, 2.1, iCard, hCard, or xCard files – with vCard Viewer you can fulfill the task at a convenient pace. Besides, you can do it on desktops, mobile phones, or tablets.

If you have an important file that has been corrupted or damaged – don’t worry. vCard Viewer will make it accessible to you as well. In case you used another viewing program and something happened to your contacts in the process of opening them, you can leverage the functionality of BitRecover VCF File Converter, and get a working backup of a source file.

BitRecover vCard Viewer: Prices

If you just need to open and look through your contacts, you can settle for a free version of the program. However, it will be impossible to save source files in another format. If the conversion feature is important for you, it is necessary to opt for a paid version. In such a case, you will also get access to more cool functions.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on both paid plans.

Standard License costs $39. It is great for personal needs. You can install the program on 2 machines, enjoy one-year free support, a lifetime license, limitless usage, and the possibility to export files in 3 formats.

Pro License costs $149 and is aimed at businesses. In addition to standard goodies, users can install the program on as many computers as they want and output files in more than 10 formats.

The product is delivered automatically. After paying for the program, you will receive an email with a download link and an activation key.


  • • Can I open any vCard file in BitRecover vCard Viewer?

Yes. The program allows viewing any type of vCard file extension, even if you have damaged or corrupted contacts.

  • • Does vCard Viewer open files of any size?

Definitely. It doesn’t impose limitations on the size, number, or length of files. This is surely a huge advantage.

  • • Are my files protected from corruption when I view them in this program?

Since this program uses innovative security algorithms, all contacts you open and view there are protected from any stealing or unauthorized use.

  • • What Windows version should I use to install and launch vCard Viewer?

It doesn’t matter what Win version you have on your computer as this program is compatible with all existing OS editions.

  • • Can I save my files to CSV format by using this vCard Viewer software?

No, as this program was specifically developed for viewing VCF files. If you want to save them with another extension, you should use another software by BitRecover.