9 Best PNG to ICO Converters to Transform Images into Icons

The ICO format is used to create icons for computers on the Windows operating system. If you need to make an icon for your new product, you don’t have to design a new ICO file from scratch, you can convert the existing PNG image to ICO using special programs. Thanks to such handy solutions, converting logos to icons becomes a no-brainer task. Just a couple of simple operations in the best PNG to ICO converter and the transformation of PNG into an eye-catching icon is ready!

Top 9 PNG to ICO Converters: Online & Desktop

  1. Adobe Illustrator - Perfect for desktop usage
  2. Pixillion Image Converter Software - Best batch-converting software
  3. IcoFX - Offers 40 various effects
  4. XnConvert - Over 80 various actions
  5. Convertio - Supports more than 300 formats
  6. Zamzar - High operating speed of up to 10 minutes
  7. Convertico - Supports image link
  8. CloudConvert - Enhanced data protection
  9. ICO converter - Ease of use

When choosing image converters, I took into account what predefined icon resolutions they support and whether manual image resizing is available. Some of the programs on the list also offer you many other advanced options such as filters and brightness settings. Others, in turn, boast multiple PNG to ICO conversions, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the work with such files.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Perfect for desktop usage
  • Creating an icon of any size
  • Top-quality outputs
  • Integration with Adobe products
  • Simple conversion
  • Limited-time free trial version

Verdict: So, if you need to convert PNG to ICO Photoshop is not the only program that can help you. Adobe Illustrator helps not only create graphics from scratch but also convert the image to the desired format. Whether it’s designing icons for mobile phones or scaling them to fit PC screens and even large billboards, this program can handle any task with ease. In addition to the above, converting to a vector image, and then to an icon is also available to you.

With this program, you can work on the design of your icon by playing around with colors, shades, depth, and other options. You can also try combining vectors to get a unique flat icon design. You can use the program for free for a week. The cost of the full version is $20.99/mo.

adobe illustrator png to ico converter interface

2. Pixillion Image Converter Software

Best batch-converting software
  • Supports most popular formats
  • Decent conversion speed
  • Handy batch conversion
  • Provides a completely free version
  • Offers only a few basic editing features

Verdict: You can easily convert PNG to ICO, including in batches, with Pixillion Image Converter Software. It works with about 50 image formats, including vector, raster, and raw ones, and offers conversion to 20 of the most popular formats, including ICO. The speed of its work is simply amazing, and the ability to change the output parameters makes it even more convenient.

In addition to converting your images to your desired formats in top quality and keeping their backgrounds transparent if necessary, you can also benefit from the tools and functions offered to enhance your images, among which you can find resizing, rotation, watermarking, etc. This software is also often preferred as a WebP to PNG converter, which can be used for free with no time limits. Alternatively, you can expand the functionality by purchasing the premium version for $24.99.

pixillion png to ico converter interface

3. IcoFX

Offers 40 various effects
  • Perfect for icon creating and editing
  • Support for common picture formats
  • Offers both static & animated cursors
  • Batch conversion
  • Annoying advertising

Verdict: This is another powerful PNG to ICO converter compatible with Windows OS. Batch conversion makes it possible to work with several files at once in record time. I also like that it comes with a file explorer that makes it easy to find and add files. It is very convenient that before processing, you choose the resolution of your future icon (up to 256*256), as well as the color depth (2, 16, 256, or true color) to ensure exactly the result you are waiting for.

The function of extracting images from .exe and .dll files is another amazing feature that makes IcoFX stand out from the competition. After extraction, you can customize the resulting pictures right in the program to turn them into icons. Additionally, creating icons for both Windows and Mac is also available here. The Home license costs $29.99/user.

icofx png to ico converter interface

4. XnConvert

Over 80 various actions
  • Batch conversion
  • Picture editing automation feature
  • Support for popular formats
  • Provides filters and effects
  • Sometimes fails
xnconvert png to ico converter logo

Verdict: XnConvert can easily become your best PNG to ICO converter as it allows you to convert multiple images to ICO format simultaneously. Thanks to the built-in file explorer, you can add several files at once. The program’s arsenal has all the necessary functions for working with files – selection size for changing the picture resolution, selection ratio for changing the aspect ratio of the picture, cropping, etc.

Apart from the above, you can also edit your picture by adding eye-catching filters and effects and watermarking to customize it to your taste. The program is free for home use and students.

xnconvert png to ico converter interface

5. Convertio

Supports more than 300 formats
  • High-speed operation
  • Supports over 25 thousand conversions
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Advanced conversion settings
  • Free version is limited in the conversion sessions
convertio png to ico converter logo

Verdict: Convertio offers you to convert PNG to ICO right in your browser; you can either do it online or install the appropriate extension in your browser to perform operations even faster. Free use limits you in the size of the file to be converted – no more than 100 MB. Signing up is required to remove this restriction.

In addition to the benefits described above, registration also unlocks the ability to add files directly from your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive. When the conversion is completed, your file will be stored on the program server for another 24 hours. As for batch conversion, it only supports two files for simultaneous processing. To increase the number of available conversions, take a closer look at the paid packages starting at $9.99/month.

convertio png to ico converter interface

6. Zamzar

High operating speed of up to 10 minutes
  • Support for over 1100 formats
  • Decent conversion speed
  • Tracking the progress thanks to the status bar
  • Easy conversion process
  • Files larger than 50 MB cannot be processed
zamzar png to ico converter logo

Verdict: This PNG to ICO converter allows you to convert your images into a staggering number of formats. It is often used as a RAW file converter because the range of available formats will satisfy the needs of almost every user.

I really liked that you do not need to register anywhere or subscribe to any mailing lists to enjoy the top quality of the results. The working process is simple – uploading an image, pressing the Convert button, and a short wait. It is very handy that the developers have provided a status bar, thanks to which you always know how long the conversion will take. However, the free version is limited to converting only 2 pictures per day. To remove this limitation, you need to buy a subscription, the cost of which starts at $5/mo.

zamzar png to ico converter interface

7. Convertico

Supports image link
  • Completely free
  • Decent conversion quality
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Image link support
  • Annoying ads
convertico png to ico converter logo

Verdict: If security is important to you, then the completely free Convertico is a great choice. This web-based converter sets itself apart from the competition with its incredible ease of use and multiple PNG to ICO conversion. Simply add up to 20 files up to 2MB in size by dragging and dropping and wait a while for the conversion to complete.

PNG and ICO are not the only available conversion pair. In Convertico you can also find such pairs as JPG and ICO, SVG and ICO, and JPG and HEIF. PNG conversion by 70%, as well as the generation of favicons for site URLs, are also in the arsenal of this solution. The only downside to this product is annoying ads.

convertico png to ico converter interface

8. CloudConvert

Enhanced data protection
  • Offers over 200 formats
  • Data protection
  • Customizable conversion parameters
  • Can be integrated with your application
  • Limited free version
cloudconvert png to ico converter logo

Verdict: As an online conversion solution with over 200 formats available, CloudConvert has every chance of being your best PNG to ICO converter for its focus on protecting your data. This is exactly what distinguishes it from similar programs, and you can be sure that only you will have access to your uploaded pictures.

In addition to PNG to ICO conversion, this file converter software boasts features such as resizing, rotating, and even changing the density of the resulting files. I also liked that there is an option to erase the metadata of your picture. There are three ways to add a file to be converted: upload directly from your computer, paste a link to it, or add from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. The free version allows you to convert up to 25 files per day. To increase the number of conversions, pay from $8/mo.

cloudconvert png to ico converter interface

9. ICO Converter

Ease of use
  • Converts several PNG files into one ICO file
  • Batch conversion
  • Great customizing features
  • High-speed operation
  • Conversion is only available for files no larger than 4 MB
ico png to ico converter logo
ICO Converter

Verdict: This easy-to-use PNG to ICO converter is available to all users online. Besides PNG, you can also convert JPG and BMP files to ICO. Among the interesting and handy options, I want to mention the batch conversion of PNG to ICO and ICO to image files, as well as the conversion of several PNG files to one ICO file.

You can also easily customize your designs with a rich arsenal of editing tools – crop, apply filters, resize, and more. The tool is free to use but it suggests a file size limit.

ico png to ico converter interface