10 Best GIF Background Removers in 2023: Benefits & Rating

If you’re interested in finding the best GIF background remover the market has to offer to get rid of the backgrounds in your GIF animations, check out the overview below.

This post goes over the most popular solutions for different OS that can be used for both automatic and manual background removal.

Top 10 GIF Background Removers

  1. Adobe Photoshop - Pro-grade tools for in-depth GIF editing
  2. Gimp - Free tool for editing raster graphics
  3. Filmora - Broad selection of both basic and advanced tools
  4. Media.io BG - AI-based background deletion features
  5. Slazzer - Works in batches
  6. OnlineGifTools - State-of-the-art GIF background remover
  7. Unscreen - Fully automated transparency adjustments
  8. Gifmagic - Completely focused on GIF editing
  9. EZGIF - Suitable for handling all possible GIF-related tasks
  10. Gifmake - Unrestricted GIF processing solution

All these tools can be used to remove background from GIF files. Some of them require manual adjustments and a high level of attention to detail. Meanwhile, other applications allow you to save a ton of time by providing either semi-automated tools or fully automated features that allow you to complete the entire process in just a couple of clicks. Most of the covered solutions are free or have trial versions, but you can check out a variety of reasonably-priced paid options as well.

1. Adobe Photoshop - Our Choice

Pro-grade tools for in-depth GIF editing
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Advanced functionality
  • Timeline feature
  • Plenty of useful tutorials
  • Rather steep learning curve

Verdict: Photoshop is the most widely used software for graphic designers and photographers but amateurs can also use it for performing basic tasks, including employing it as a GIF background remover.

The main advantage of picking Photoshop is that it can be used not only for removing GIF backgrounds but also making all other possible image adjustments. For instance, it provides tools for color correction as well as text and font editing. You can add or remove frames from the timeline to make the GIF smoother or more abrupt. You can also start creating a new GIF straight in the software and save it in PNG format to receive a transparent animation.

photoshop gif background remover interface


Free tool for editing raster graphics
  • Available free
  • Can be used on different platforms
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Wasn’t developed specifically for GIF editing

Verdict: GIMP is a free solution for editing raster graphics that can be installed on the desired platform of your choice. It can also be enhanced with various third-party plugins that can transform it into a tool that nearly rivals Photoshop in terms of functionality.

It’s an incredibly useful solution for handling different picture manipulations and the deletion of backgrounds from GIFs is one of them. Even though this software doesn’t have specialized tools for this task, you can achieve the desired goal with a regular eraser or brush tool by adjusting its size and manually deleting the background in hard-to-access areas.

gimp gif background remover interface

3. Filmora

Broad selection of both basic and advanced tools
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Terrific resolution
  • Smooth performance
  • Great desktop solution
  • Rather expensive

Verdict: Wondershare Filmora makes a good case for being the best GIF background remover but it might seem awkward to use for people who never employed graphic design software before. It allows you to manipulate up to 100 layers of assets while enhancing them with transitions, motion, filters, etc.

It’s supplied with a broad set of design features that enable you to layer images and tinker with effects like blending modes, green screens, background removal, and so on. You can use this solution to quickly edit GIFs while previewing the result in its final quality. It also offers terrific export/import speeds and is available as a desktop solution for Windows and Mac and as FilmoraGo on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. You can get this app for $19.99.

filmora gif background remover interface

4. Media.io BG

AI-based background deletion features
  • Convenient and quick
  • Terrific picture quality
  • Everything is done automatically
  • Doesn’t have any ads
  • Small selection of pro-level features
media io gif background remover logo
Media.io BG

Verdict: Media.io is among the most convenient AI-based solutions for creating transparent images. It utilizes artificial intelligence to delete backgrounds from GIFs in just 1 click. You can also employ it to add text and overlays to your animations, as the AI detects the outline of the object and deletes everything outside of it.

This efficient photo animation software lets you significantly improve your workflow with its batch background deletion utility. It allows you to upload up to 30 pictures simultaneously. Once you’ve deleted the background, you can save the files in PNG format. Media.io doesn’t have any spam or irritating pop-up ads.

media io gif background remover interface

5. Slazzer

Works in batches
  • Customized functions
  • Drag and drop option
  • Diverse instruments for various image genres
  • Batch background cutting
  • Bounded free version functionality
  • More pro-grade functions for editing needed
slazzer gif background remover logo

Verdict: Slazzer is a GIF background remover, which automatically deletes the background with the help of the AI technologies. You’ll receive a ready image without any deformations in a couple of seconds.

It is extremely comfortable that the software offers the features suitable for different types of photography, so that you can make a choice from such categories as People, Product, Car, Animals etc.

The process is absolutely comprehensible: you are able to import or move the photo. Then, when the background is removed, you can put a new one selecting from the pre-downloaded variants or install the picture from your gadget.

slazzer gif background remover interface

6. OnlineGifTools

State-of-the-art GIF background remover
  • State-of-the-art GIF editing functionality
  • Handy preview mode
  • GIF compression feature
  • Frequent updates
  • Interface could benefit from a touch-up
onlinegiftools gif background remover logo

Verdict: OnlineGifTools is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a GIF background remover online. This web-based solution allows you to get rid of backgrounds in just one click. You simply have to specify the background color that needs to be erased in the Transparent Regions menu. For instance, if your animation has a red background, then you can type "red" or hex code "#FF0000" in the transparent color field, and the red background will be removed from the exported GIF.

You can also use this solution to turn any GIF area transparent (not only the backdrop). It lets you tweak the threshold value in both directions to adjust the transparent tone’s tint, hue, and shade. OnlineGifTools also has a real-time preview mode that allows you to check if you’re getting the desired results. You can either view the entire GIF or inspect it frame-by-frame.

onlinegiftools gif background remover interface

7. Unscreen

Fully automated transparency adjustments
  • Convenient UI
  • Free version
  • API integration
  • Protects the privacy of your data
  • Applies a watermark to files created in the free version
unscreen gif background remover logo

Verdict: Unscreen is another widely used GIF background deletion utility. Once you upload the desired GIF to the platform, it will automatically delete its background. You can also look for GIFs using the integrated search bar on the website or paste a link from a third-party source. Unscreen allows you to examine the GIF frame by frame to evaluate the result. Additionally, it can be employed for performing a broad range of background adjustments.

You don’t have to manually select pixels and colors, draw masks, or perform other tedious tasks. This solution analyzes the GIF automatically and delivers a high-quality result. You can also employ this tool for getting rid of backgrounds in videos saved in MP4, OGG, and MOV formats. If you use the free version of Unscreen, the saved GIF will have a watermark applied to it in the bottom right corner. You can get the Pro version for $4.99 to delete it.

unscreen gif background remover interface

8. Gifmagic

Completely focused on GIF editing
  • Completely free
  • Intuitive UI
  • Compatible with a broad range of video formats
  • Allows uploading files from third-party sources
  • Doesn’t allow uploading several files simultaneously
gifmagic gif background remover logo

Verdict: Gifmagic is a GIF transparent background remover that comes with all the essential features necessary for conveniently enhancing GIF files. You can employ this solution to apply effects, crop, resize, and otherwise tweak your GIFs as you see fit. This free GIF maker provides a satisfyingly straightforward and efficient way for getting rid of GIF backgrounds in the comfort of your browser.

Once you’re done editing the file, you can either export the result or revert it to the starting point. This is a particularly handy solution if you want to create GIFs with audio, music, or various interesting sound effects.

gifmagic gif background remover interface


Suitable for handling all possible GIF-related tasks
  • Batch editing
  • Basic tools
  • Doesn’t apply watermarks
  • Free
  • Limited maximum file size
ezgif gif background remover logo

Verdict: EZGIF is arguably the best GIF background remover on the market as it allows you to perform an endless array of GIF-related manipulations in only a couple of clicks. If you want to delete the background of your GIF, you need to upload the desired file or paste a relevant link into the dedicated field. Keep in mind that the size of each file can’t be more than 6MB and the overall size should be kept below 100MB. The color replacement tool allows you to not only make the background transparent but also perform other color-related manipulations using HEX codes.

You can also employ this solution to make other GIF-based adjustments like cropping, resizing, optimization, format conversion, effect and text application, speed adjustments, GIF splitting into individual JPG files, and much more.

ezgif gif background remover interface

10. Gifmake

Unrestricted GIF processing solution
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Maximum files size of 7MB
  • Allows importing up to 100 images
  • Wide format support
  • Slightly outdated interface
gifmake gif background remover logo

Verdict: Gifmake is a web-based solution that offers a minimalistic UI and a visual board that lets you use drag-and-drop controls to work with links, videos, lists, text, and sketches. You can upload GIFs that are up to 7MB in size. This tool is also available completely for free and doesn’t apply a watermark while being suitable even for complete beginners.

Gifmake is often used for deleting backgrounds from GIFs. The result of each action can be examined in the preview window to ensure you know what kind of adjustments you’re making. This tool also lets you tweak every frame separately. Lastly, you can use this solution for resizing GIFs and altering their speed while working with as many separate files as you need.

gifmake gif background remover interface