Flux Academy Web Design Courses Review 2024

By Kate Gross 19 days ago, Apps and Software

Flux Academy

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Verdict: This Flux Academy review will be useful for people who are looking for a perfect place to improve their web design skills. An experienced team conducts online courses for those who want to become true professionals in web design and be able to cope with any task.

Most of all I like how they teach students to take strategic steps and handle all processes to create websites and other projects successfully. Another advantage of Flux Academy is their clear guidelines on how to make the right design choices and take advantage of a framework they provide.

  • Awesome collection of content
  • Easy-to-understand and concise explanations
  • Private group available for mentoring
  • Students can access their instructors without any problems
  • Offer a special mobile app for offline learning
  • High price for novice web designers
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Contact Flux Academy if you are taking the first steps in website creation and want to learn how to sell your digital projects for $10K or more. Experienced designers will share handy tips, tricks, and recommendations and you can use them for a variety of platforms.

Flux Academy Review: Main Features

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Regardless of the course you choose, you get access to their private student group. Here you can chat with other students, ask for advice, or show your designs for feedback. Besides, the expert team always helps you deal with the difficulties you have. Exclusive live calls are also available in the group. Academy teachers can advise you on the most effective tools and technologies to succeed in web design.

Plus, at the end of the course, you can get a certificate. Make your unique project and provide it to specialists. They will give you certification if you are up to the task.

Web Design Courses to Become a Trusted Expert

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Follow Flux Academy's recommendations to create amazing pro-level websites. The full course includes an explanation of key aspects of web design such as design fundamentals, strategy, web design software, and client management.

All the information is complemented with real examples and practical advice. Beginning web designers can benefit from reusable proposal and presentation templates. They make building their first projects less confusing and help achieve better results. The Academy offers close communication between all participants of the educational process. Comments from other learners, advice from professionals and live sessions will help you become a true expert in the industry. Unlock all the secrets of high-value projects by watching clear videos with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

You can find tons of useful resources in every part of this course. They help you improve your workflow and take on any challenge. These exercise files are handy for more than just learning. You can use them when working with a web design company or individual clients.

Being a student at Flux Academy, you will learn the basics of creating compelling strategic websites. You'll figure out how to work with calculators and proposals and get incredible templates at your disposal throughout the year. Moreover, here you will find many useful connections to develop your business and future cooperation around the world.

Branding Courses that Help to Create More Value

flux academy branding

You can create more valuable projects and earn more if you know how to add branding to your designs. However, you should find out how to do it with the most benefits for you. Experienced branding specialists will teach you all the nuances of this field. As a result, you will be able to provide your clients with top-notch digital designs.

Choose a Brand Design Mastery course and discover all the basic rules and main trends, get professional feedback to become successful and develop your business. Learn everything you need to transform any robust strategy into stunning visuals that emphasize the brand’s identity the most efficiently.

This unique course includes both strategy and design as well as provides coaching and support to help you put what you learned into practice. Experts will teach you how to identify the key features of the company so that you can build the most powerful strategies based on your clients’ business goals.

It doesn’t take you long to hone your branding skills because Flux Academy provides feedback and coaching support along the course. Soon, you’ll be qualified enough to cooperate with some branding agency or offer your services to individuals.

Core Design Skills for Projects that Are Worth a Premium

flux academy core design

Sign up for this course if you want to create the same eye-catching designs you see from the pros. It will also come in handy for web designers who dream of amazing high-end portfolios. The coaches will teach you how to recognize mistakes in your existing designs, introduce you to modern design techniques, and help you become an expert in the field. Now you can certainly realize even the most daring ideas and not limit your creativity.

Of course, creativity is an important thing for a designer. However, your layouts must comply with accepted rules and standards. During this online course, you learn about 9 principles for creating brilliant layouts for your projects. This knowledge is essential to make your designs look professional and appealing. Composing palettes, strategic use of colors and other aspects related to color are part of the program.

Discover how to professionally source, select, and combine fonts to get flawless designs. Useful information on texture, photography, and illustration is also included in the course. Create outstanding projects using the knowledge of how to source, layer, and integrate these elements into your design.

Learning Webflow with the Most Effective Way

flux academy webflow

Flux Academy has an amazing online course on building client websites with Webflow suitable for both beginners and those who already have some experience in this field. Experts clearly explain all stages of the process so that you do not miss a single one in your work.

This course consists of 12 hours of video lessons. In these video tutorials, you, as professional Webflow designers, do your job. Besides, a smoother learning experience is ensured thanks to the new curriculum. It has been developed with input from thousands of designers and contains all the information you need for your successful career.

The program includes not only watching tutorials but a lot of practical work. During the course, the students deal with two stunning website projects and test their new skills while working on some realistic scenarios. They get personalized feedback on their projects so that they can fix some mistakes.

After finishing this course, beginners can build flawless websites in a matter of time. They know how to use the best visual development tools, add attractive animations and interactions. Besides, their portfolio has the first 2 Webflow websites.

Courses that Help to Build a Successful Freelance Business

flux academy freelance

If you already have some experience in freelancing and want to level up, then the 6-Figure Freelancer course is for you. If you are an absolute beginner in this field, then start with the free Intro to Freelancing course. In this program, you will receive valuable tips on how to break free from feast-and-famine cycles, expand your list of high-value clients, and organize your schedule.

Through this course, you will be able to consistently attract customers through reliable marketing systems. Also, your sales skills and knowledge of your niche will be improved. The basic principles necessary for successful negotiation, obtaining high-paying orders, and stable business growth are included in the course.

Complete Course Bundles to Achieve Your Goals

flux academy bundles

The more Flux Academy courses you study, the more impressive results you will get at the end. Become an incredibly successful web designer by purchasing the All-Access Bundle. It will allow you to gain deep knowledge in web design, web development, and branding. Grow your freelancing career by taking advantage of your new pro-level skills.

If you want to know everything about building websites, then you should choose the Complete Website Bundle. It includes two courses required to build impressive pixel-perfect designs.

Freelance Web Designer Bundle consists of three courses that will help you understand web development and web design. Moreover, you will learn how to make your web design business successful.

Flux Academy Prices

You can pay for the courses in two ways. You choose either a single payment or a three-month plan. The first option lets you save a lot but you should pay for the whole course at once. With the second variant, the price is divided into three equal parts. No matter which option you prefer, you get lifetime access to all materials of the course and will receive all future updates.

The full cost of a single course is $695 if you choose a one-time payment. The alternative option costs $278 per month. If you buy All AccessBundle, its price is $2,784 or $1,113 for each of the three months. Those who are interested in the Complete Website Bundle should pay $1,112 or $433 monthly if they select the second option. Flux Academy also offers a Freelance Web Designer Bundle for $1,785 or $679 per month.

Please note you can ask for a refund if the course doesn’t match your expectations. You can do it within a 30-day money-back guarantee term.