11 Best LEGO Stop Motion Makers

By Tani Adams 11 days ago, Apps and Software

11 Best LEGO Stop Motion Makers in 2023

LEGO stop motion makers can help you produce unique movies using the construction set. It can be a phone or PC app with the level ranging from the simplest to quite professional. Any option below contains the necessary stop-motion tools to create impressive little movies with your LEGO characters.

Top 11 LEGO Stop Motion Makers

  1. I Can Animate iOS | Android – Convenient timeline
  2. Stop Motion Studio iOS | Android – Audio editor
  3. The LEGO Movie 2 iOS | Android – Advanced protection
  4. LifeLapse iOS – Uploading animations
  5. Onion Cam2 iOS – Tracking effects
  6. PicPac Android – Advanced sound control
  7. Lapse It Android – «Image sequence» option
  8. Filmora Video Editor – Export in various formats
  9. FrameByFrame – Easy to use
  10. Boinx iStopMotion – Slow motion feature
  11. IKITMovie – Convenient interface

These apps for your phone are easier to use than free timelapse software for desktops so even a kid can make a small musical time-lapse LEGO movie with fun effects. Some have parental controls to manage access.

1. I Can Animate — Our Choice

Convenient timeline
  • Bluetooth keyboard support
  • Flexible exposure settings
  • Synchronization with social networks
  • Automatic shooting
  • None

Verdict: This app requires no technical skills and only needs an incorporated camera to turn you into a movie maker. It deserves to be called the best LEGO stop motion maker for kids due to its simplicity of operation. Regardless of the OS, you can start taking shots one after another, and the camera will be depicting the differences to help you do smoother transitions.

Despite being simple, the app has a proper timeline for you to arrange all the pieces into a sequence. Videos can be enhanced by adjusting the camera’s exposure, balance and focus.

i can animate lego stop motion maker interface

2. Stop Motion Studio

Audio editor
  • Importing images
  • Green Screen Function
  • Supports 4K resolution
  • Overlay effects
  • Many options are paid

Verdict: If you’re looking for an appropriate stop motion animation app for your small kid, this option is simple enough for those who have reached the age of four.

It is super-straightforward and can be used for free in its simplest mode, with some advanced features becoming available after a payment. A version for the computer can be purchased as well.

Among the additional instruments, you get an audio track manager, a cropping tool, 4K UHD shooting and a few others. With the Green Screen feature, you can have loads of fun by adding various backgrounds to your LEGO-enacted scenes.

stop motion studio lego maker interface

3. The LEGO Movie 2

Advanced protection
  • Allows applying visual effects
  • Parental Control
  • Video moderation
  • No advertising
  • Music occasionally disappears
  • Won’t import stored images

Verdict: As a proper LEGO stop motion app, it is only for use on a phone with a built-in camera. It can operate on any OS.

You can set that camera to take perfect frames, add visual effects in real life and even audio tracks. However, you will have to learn to stay in the flow and carry out your project from start to finish because there is no saving opportunity, only the export of the ready video.

Since this is a large brand that caters to children, you benefit from the powerful child protection mechanisms. Whatever your kids create will pass through a moderation stage so inappropriate content will be blocked.

lego movie 2 stop motion maker interface

4. LifeLapse

Uploading animations
  • Brightness and contrast settings
  • Crop guides
  • Exposure lock
  • Grid tool
  • A 7-day trial only
  • Difficult for beginners

Verdict: This is the best LEGO stop motion maker for users aged 12 and up, and it can already be considered a professional app. The application is neat and straightforward, putting the essential tools for basic color correction at your fingertips. There is also a helpful framing guide to help you learn the ropes quickly and make the first successful project.

There is an even more convenient grid feature that helps you see what changes are happening between the two frames precisely. It is a nice app for all sorts of videos, and it can serve for making your Instagram content, not only your child’s LEGO clips.

lifelapse lego stop motion maker interface

5. Onion Cam2

Tracking effects
  • Saving projects
  • Exporting footage
  • “Onion” function
  • Easy to learn
  • Few additional features

Verdict: This app is a simple LEGO movie maker but, contrary to the previous entry, it does allow saving and continuing your project in several sessions. When you’re done, there is an easy way to share the outcome.

Its name came from the feature that assists you in tracking the differences between frames and resembles the layered vegetable. The image you took before is displayed on a translucent screen, allowing you to gradually complement your stop-motion movie.

onion cam2 lego stop motion maker interface

6. PicPac

Advanced sound control
  • Translated to most requested languages
  • Support for “Hyperlapse”
  • Selection of fonts
  • Fast editing of sound and videos
  • Watermark in free version

Verdict: It is actually frequently referred to as one of the best time lapse apps. Whether you prefer pre-recording materials and only assembling them later or creating a project from scratch, you will find the process very convenient.

The LEGO movie app is powerful and recognizes many video formats, including that of a GoPro. You can work with the Hyperlapse function here. To make your project more impressive, you can add audio tracks or voice-overs, write text comments in the frame. The range of what you can create here is quite impressive.

picpac lego stop motion maker interface

7. Lapse It

«Image sequence» option
  • Movie speed change function
  • Support for older versions of Android
  • Setting up the background music
  • Free downloadable content
  • The application may freeze
  • There is advertising

Verdict: Another great app for putting together time-lapse LEGO videos on Android devices. Its strong benefit is the support of old system versions that allows you to give your child an old device to mess around with.

The application directly works with the camera of the device but if you’d rather upload something pre-made, such a possibility is provided as well.

The LEGO movie maker app allows you to create different types of footage, having a slow motion and stop motion feature. You can also adjust the speed with which the footage will be played and add one of the various free visual effects for a more striking outcome.

lapse it lego stop motion maker interface

8. Filmora Video Editor

Export in various formats
  • Simplified editing mode
  • Extensive toolkit
  • Effects in free access
  • Optimization for different OS
  • Poor video stabilization system
  • Limited functionality

Verdict: Filmora Video Editor has a feature for creating stop-motion animation and can be used for creating advanced LEGO videos.

Depending on the level of your project, you can select an Easy or Full Mode, the former being simplified and fit for kids while the latter gives access to more advanced tools. This way, one solution can satisfy users with any skill level.

You can do basic adjustments like flip or trim visuals, split or merge bits of footage. The layout of instruments is pretty intuitive and lets you figure things out quickly.

filmora video editor lego stop motion maker interface

9. FrameByFrame

Easy to use
  • Convenient timeline
  • Cropping out bad takes
  • Varying frame rate
  • Working with different types of cameras
  • Limited features
  • The program sometimes crashes

Verdict: If you’re on the lookout for the best free stop motion software for Mac computers, this one is often praised. The topics of your projects can be of any level but it also comes up frequently as a LEGO animation software.

You will only need an iSight camera to start rolling and the button on its top can be used to speed the process. In itself, the program is pretty simple and doesn’t require much learning, everything is intuitively understood in the process.

Being tailored for this kind of task, the program shows you each new frame with the previous one overlaid to help you create more fluid transitions.

framebyframe lego stop motion maker interface

10. Boinx iStopMotion

Slow motion feature
  • Picture editor
  • Help menu
  • Great use of time-lapse
  • Ideal for kids
  • Sometimes lags
  • Takes forever to load clips

Verdict: Another perfect tool for creating time-lapse LEGO videos on your Mac. It can arrange frames sequentially using time-lapse and slow-motion instruments. You will need to have all the shots prepared because the program only works with uploaded images.

If you’re new to the art, you can follow the detailed guide to learn the ropes and start editing. The built-in functions for scaling, overlaying and taking “transparent frames” make the process much more interesting and allow creating something more professional.

boinx istopmotion lego maker interface

11. IKITMovie

Convenient interface
  • Thousands of free audio templates
  • Adjusting the focus of the camera
  • Advanced sound editor
  • Large catalog of templates
  • No video settings
  • Long file rendering

Verdict: This convenient program for making videos can serve perfectly as LEGO animation software for the somewhat older kids and even teenagers.

It stands out with its catalog of over 2,200 free background music and soundtrack templates. It incorporates some of the tools of green screen software, allowing you to replace the background in a more simplified but still very neat way.

The user interface resembles a simplified video editor. Its clear layout and large colored buttons make any operation very simple.

ikitmovie lego stop motion maker interface