11 Best Data Management Platforms to Choose in 2023

Experian states that 83% of businesses consider data essential for developing a business strategy. However, only 29% of businesses have a formal data strategy. To utilize first-party data for customer analytics, CRM, and marketing automation, marketers and business owners often start with the best data management platform (DMP).

DMPs store customer data, demographics, and mobile identifiers like cookie IDs. This enables businesses to gain detailed insights into their audience segments. Integrating these platforms with digital experience platforms can provide a highly satisfactory digital experience for customers.

Top 11 Data Management Platforms

  1. Adobe Audience Manager - Central storage for all necessary data
  2. Cloudera - Enterprise-grade cloud storage
  3. SAS Data Management - Integrates process builder
  4. Nielsen DMP - More than 60,000 audience segments
  5. Oracle’s BlueKai - Comes with Oracle ID graph function
  6. Lotame - Audience segmentation capabilities
  7. Google BigQuery - Provides analytical data in real-time
  8. Amazon Redshift - Amazon services integrations
  9. Salesforce DMP - Built-in super tag option
  10. Snowflake - Multi-cloud strategy
  11. Permutive - Excellent integrations

Some DMPs function in a similar way to data warehouses. Alternatively, some DMPs integrate with demand-side platforms (DSPs), automating the purchasing of media across digital networks. When selecting a data management platform, pay attention to features such as audience building and analysis, ad data integrations, multi-device targeting, and a high level of security.

1. Adobe Audience Manager

Central storage for all necessary data
  • Create consumer profiles in real-time and auto-update
  • Quickly activates B2B and B2C profiles in real time
  • ML and AI functionality
  • No free trial

Verdict: Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform that utilizes Adobe Sensei, an ML and AI framework. Being a component of the Adobe Experience Cloud technology stack, this Adobe software seamlessly integrates with various third-party platforms.

The hallmarks of this cloud data management platform are top-notch customer insights, excellent audience segmentation options, and real-time processing to enhance performance. All these essential features, including custom data sets, are available at no extra charge.

adobe audience manager data management platform interface

2. Cloudera

Enterprise-grade cloud storage
  • Perfect for handling complex and AI tasks
  • Offers unified security and management
  • Transfers data and workloads automatically
  • Pricey
  • Log visibility inferior to alternatives

Verdict: Cloudera Data Warehouse is particularly suitable for large enterprises that require sharing extensive amounts of data with lots of users, all while ensuring the highest level of security. This DMP platform offers a distinct system and feature set specifically developed for design, operations, and other purposes.

This platform encompasses a range of impressive features, including several related to contact management software such as alert and cluster control, monitoring and diagnostics, client configuration control, etc. Cloudera Data Warehouse fosters collaboration by providing self-service data that is readily available upon request.

cloudera data management platform interface

3. SAS Data Management

Integrates process builder
  • Easy access to data regardless of where it is stored
  • Features business glossary and metadata control
  • Offers administration and monitoring feature set
  • May not be affordable for small companies
  • Difficult configuration

Verdict: SAS Institute provides a data management platform that utilizes cutting-edge integration technology. Regardless of the storage location or method employed by a company, SAS’s DMP offers access to the data and empowers users to establish and reuse data management rules.

Featuring collaboration and comprehensive integration support, messaging queuing, ETL and ELT options, data governance and federation, metadata control, as well as improved administration and monitoring options, this solution has every chance to be your best data management platform.

Additionally, digital agencies can benefit from free demo and trial versions provided by SAS to determine whether it meets their specific requirements.

sas data management platform interface

4. Nielsen DMP

More than 60,000 audience segments
  • Offers multi-platform measurements
  • Provides comprehensive data to develop media strategies
  • Generates yearly marketing reports
  • There are problems with third-party apps
  • UI could be more intuitive
nielsen data management platform logo
Nielsen DMP

Verdict: The Nielsen Data Management Platform is an excellent tool for audience data management, customization, activation, and analysis. Users can select from a wide range of audience segments, develop customized ads and content across various paid and owned marketing channels, and perform journey analytics.

This Adobe Experience Manager alternative features cutting-edge AI-led options and connects Nielsen data directly. Take into account that if you lack experience with similar tools, you may encounter difficulties when using this DMP. There are reports of feeling obligated upon entering into a Nielsen contract.

nielsen data management platform interface

5. Oracle’s BlueKai

Comes with Oracle ID graph function
  • Flawless integration
  • A lot of data providers
  • Report audience analytical data
  • The support team takes a long time to respond to requests
  • Poor report quality
oracle’s bluekai data management platform logo
Oracle’s BlueKai

Verdict: The Oracle BlueKai DMP covers 5 crucial needs: unifying ads data, constructing active audiences, cross-device connecting, analyzing audiences, and activating digital campaigns. This cloud data management platform enables businesses in various fields over the globe to develop a flawless user experience for a website or mobile app visitors.

BlueKai also boasts client intelligence and acquisition, data activation, intelligent content, campaign control, personalization, and other advantages. This DMP incorporates the Oracle ID Graph, which facilitates the consolidation of diverse sources to create a unified customer profile. It operates under the Oracle Marketing Cloud and the Oracle Data Cloud.

oracle’s bluekai data management platform interface

6. Lotame

Top-notch audience segmentation capabilities
  • Easy to implement
  • Powerful audience building options
  • Friendly customer support
  • Doubtful data update
  • Visualization could be better
lotame data management platform logo

Verdict: Maximizing the potential of their audience data is what Lotame DMP offers to publish and advertising agencies. You can use it as a cross-device targeting tool and enjoy integrations with popular platforms such as advertising servers, BI tools, DSPs, SSPs, etc.

This DMP platform comprises three interconnected products: Lotame Lab, Lotame Connect, and Lotame Exchange. These essential tools enable users to effectively perform a wide range of data management tasks.

lotame data management platform interface

7. Google BigQuery

Provides analytical data in real-time
  • Advanced data management across several databases
  • Perfect client service
  • Allows for smooth visualization and exploring data
  • Loading a database with Excel takes a long time
  • Other cloud platforms are difficult to integrate
google bigquery data management platform logo
Google BigQuery

Verdict: Google BigQuery is an enterprise-level cloud data management platform providing scalability and increasing the efficiency of data analysis. Featuring well-known SQL, it eliminates the complexity of infrastructure, allowing analysts to parse data and draw significant conclusions effortlessly, similar to working with free database software for Mac and Windows.

Additionally, Google BigQuery prioritizes encryption and security, ensuring automatic and efficient data recovery. Whether you have a large number of users or vast amounts of data, this serverless tool allows for quick access and analysis of information. What’s more, Google offers diverse pricing plans, including a pay-as-you-go option starting at $5 per TB.

google bigquery data management platform interface

8. Amazon Redshift

Amazon services integrations
  • Easy to administrate
  • Comes with a columnar storage system
  • Offers to resize virtual machine and rebalance data
  • Not for multiple clouds
  • Management could be better
amazon redshift data management platform logo
Amazon Redshift

Verdict: Amazon Redshift is rapid data storage that streamlines the analysis of data. You just need several minutes to set up and launch your data management platform. What’s more, testing Amazon Redshift is available with a free two-month trial after which you can opt for one of the payment plans starting at $0.25/hour.

The teams will enjoy effortless data gathering, organizing, and examining. Furthermore, Redshift seamlessly integrates with other renowned Amazon services including Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Quicksight, and over 170 other platforms.

amazon redshift data management platform interface

9. Salesforce DMP

Built-in super tag option
  • Integrates CRM
  • Toolset to customize marketing strategies
  • Simple lead management
  • Poor customization
  • Expensive
salesforce data management platform logo
Salesforce DMP

Verdict: If you’re a marketer seeking for capturing, unifying, and processing data across various touchpoints, this tool can become your best data management platform. Salesforce DMP harnesses the power of AI and ML, providing users with comprehensive customer data profiles, omnichannel engagement, and effective strategies for engaging with both current customers and discovering leads.

Salesforce DMP is a perfect software to efficiently handle all tags, granting publishers and content marketing agencies a competitive advantage in retargeting audiences. With this solution, tracking your audience and identifying leads becomes effortless.

salesforce data management platform interface

10. Snowflake

Multi-cloud strategy
  • Comprehensive insights due to interactive reports and strong analytics
  • Simple data exchange and collaboration features
  • Efficient data caching
  • On-demand prices are expensive
  • Small user community
snowflake data management platform logo

Verdict: Snowflake provides unlimited computational performance and user scalability, making it an ideal DMP platform for businesses of any size. This tool offers numerous benefits, including compatibility with Microsoft Azure and multiple cloud storages, as well as robust security features like SSO, two-factor authentication, and AES 256 encryption.

Snowflake ensures optimal performance by supporting unlimited concurrency, allowing multiple computing clusters to operate simultaneously without performance degradation. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with customer service software. The platform offers flexible pricing options, including pay-as-you-go, upfront, and monthly plans, to cater to your specific needs and demands.

snowflake data management platform interface

11. Permutive

Excellent integrations
  • Precise audience targeting for specific segments
  • Comprehensive campaign insights for effective recaps
  • Useful and informative help page
  • Some pages load slowly
  • Insights could be clearer to understand
permutive data management platform logo

Verdict: Permutive’s data management platform provides numerous features, including targeted traffic from various sources, high match rates even for passerby traffic, real-time campaign analysis, valuable audience insights, and unlimited lookbacks.

This tool boasts seamless integrations with Experian, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, and other platforms. Privacy and security are paramount for Permutive as it utilizes patented on-device technology to preserve privacy, ensuring the security of all data.

permutive data management platform interface