Awzware Review 2024: Maximize Any Workflow Easily

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

AWZWARE Service Provider

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Verdict: AWZWARE brings handy solutions for optimization of work flow. The digital tools like the AWZ Recorder, SwifDoo PDF, and the Online Converter give a possibility to do operations like sorting out my meetings recording or handling with PDFs faster.

The company tools are quite friendly to use, such as json online editor, screen recording software, and others, which make it very comfortable to use from beginners to professionals because it allows switching their products with ease. I found all of them very handy is you’re a student like me.

AWZWARE provides handy solutions for optimization of work flow. The digital tools such as AWZ Recorder, SwifDoo PDF, and Online Converter give a possibility to do operations such as sorting out my meetings recording or handling with PDFs faster.

It is a great advantage that the company’s tools like screen recording software all have a straightforward interface, which makes their products ideal for novices and seasoned users, switch between them easily.

  • Products of premium quality
  • Intuitive UIs
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Gets updated regularly
  • Prompt responses from technical support
  • Free plans with restrictions
  • No advanced video editing features
awzware tool screen recorder

Using AWZ Screen Recorder, I managed to record the screen in excellent definition capturing every pixel to achieve an extremely clear and detailed picture. I also took advantage of the embedded editor to crop clips and add or remove watermarks. It is also great the tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

I usually use an online program when I need a PDF editor. When the completion of my PDF project requires more high-end features, I leverage SwifDoo for desktop or mobile apps. The products offered by the company can enhance the UX of business professionals, content developers, and even students.

AWZWARE Service Provider – Main Features

awzware tools features

Created in 2017, AWZWARE proves to be a reliable software developer, providing its customers with an extensive range of digital products designed to meet their requirements. The company focuses on writing novice-friendly, innovative, and functional programs delivering products of premium quality.

The compatibility of the company’s tools with different OS and devices meets the needs and expectations of all clients letting them elevate their users' experience regardless of the type of gadget they own.

"Screen recorder was a great assistant when I needed to make videos of my games. It’s absolutely user-friendly, and the recording seems to be clear." - John, developer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Flexible Recording Solution that Maximize Windows Experience

AWZ Recorder has various recording modes for capturing different activities on your screen. With this tool, recording computer screen, audio, gameplays, YouTube videos, online courses is a trouble-free task.

awzware tool awz screen recorder

AWZ Screen Recorder is the best fit for content creators across different fields, as it offers customizable recording options and allows exporting of videos in all common file formats. Also, this screen recorder has no watermarks and makes the process of video making a worry-free task. Any user is free to choose a suitable output mode like MP3, WAV, or AAC before launching the process.

awz screen recorder output mode

Streaming platforms. With the help of this tool, you can record content from such famous streaming platforms as Netflix, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Sling, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, Vimeo, Paramount+. Choose the platform, and it will appear in a default web browser, where you can capture the streaming video.

awz screen recorder streaming platforms

Recording features. AWZ Screen Recorder supports recording webcam videos with sound on Windows. This feature is really helpful for students who visit online courses and conferences and wish to keep track of every detail and review the material anytime they want. Besides, there is no need to take care of privacy as the tool allows for blurring the webcam background or substituting it with virtual images.

awz screen recorder webcam feature

Secure. Safety in using the AWZ tool is of a high level. The application has no malware or viruses as the developers mostly value the client's privacy. While downloading, installation, and usage of the program, you won't face any hacking problems.

Any version of Windows is supported by the recorder, where a 1 GHz 31-bit or 64-bit processor is what you need to be pleased with a fluent performance.

"I'm always in need of recording my screen during meetings as a home worker. Awz is the best fit for the job. It works so fast, and no problems had with sharing the content. Besides, I like to pause the recording if something is wrong and renew it without spoiling the whole video." - Tom, content-maker ★★★★★ (5/5)

Full-Resolution Recording on Mac

The Windows tool is perfect for recording the audio, the video, and even the webcam when I use it with my Mac since it comes with a basic toolkit to enable on-video editing, take simple screenshots at Zoom meetings, and even make simple adjustments. Moreover, I may not experience any interruptions in web meetings, recording tutorials, or even live streaming.

The given video recorder software for Mac would support the full-screen mode of recording. Besides, it would be possible to choose the section or pick the fixed size. One of the considerable advantages of the program would be to save the custom settings automatically and to use them in future cases.

Windows tool is great for recording audio, video, and webcam on Mac, as it offers a basic toolkit for enabling on-video editing, creating screenshots, and making simple adjustments. Besides, you won’t experience any lags during web meetings, tutorial, live streams, etc.

This video recorder software for Mac supports recording in a full-screen mode. Besides, it is possible to choose the section or pick the fixed size. A considerable benefit is that the program allows saving the custom settings automatically to use these configurations for future cases.

awz screen recording mode selection

There is a user-friendly video editor and screenshooter to adjust the screencasts with ease. All these tools are included in a single suite.

Another positive aspect of this program is that it is not complicated so I can record online meetings, create interesting courseware, build fantastic presentations, and collaborate effectively or even use it as a game recording software without difficulties.

The process is so straightforward:

  • I choose Full Screen on the screen and configure the advanced capture settings.
  • Then I hit REC to start the recording.
  • Push the F12 key to finish the process.

awz video recording process

Finally, I can use the tool for playing the recorded content, tweak video & audio, as well as output the recording in HD quality.

AWZ Screen Recorder also runs on macOS 10.13 or later. A minimum of 1 GHz processing unit or higher is required for a smooth performance.

Robust, Reliable & Secure Working with Files

If I need to change PDF text, insert pics, links, or text boxes, or annotate a file - the tool is always helpful. SwifDoo PDF is a practical PDF work utility for novice Windows users.

Plus, it acts as a PDF converter of all the ordinary file formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It also provides SwifDoo PDF that allows users to protect their docs with the help of watermarks, signatures, and even passwords.

awzware swifdoo pdf tool

This is not a simple PDF viewer, as it allows adding text boxes, tweaking the content of a document, spruce it up with illustrations. With it, I can transform a boring PDF file into an interactive document with the help of different annotation tools highlights, underlines, strikethroughs, arrows, shapes, and dynamic stamps.

Comprehensive video converting functionality is another plus of SwifDoo PDF. The range of formats it supports is really impressive and includes Word, Excel, PPT, Images, Text, HTML, XML, and PDF/A. The ability to convert multiple files at once also appeals to users.

" I got a pleasant user experience when converting my Word files into PDFs for school projects with Swifdoo pdf." - Sophie, student ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Apps for Convenient Conversion and Editing

awzware swifdoo pdf app

There are also versions for SwifDoo PDF for Android and iOS. The apps offer user-friendly UI and workflow, so I do not need to spend hours learning its functionality. The desktop version of each application allows annotating and reading PDFs as well.

Thanks to SwifDoo PDF, I turned my smartphone into a fully functional mobile PDF Office, so I had no trouble reading and working with PDFs virtually on the go.

"Annotating and highlighting PDF textbooks with SwifDoo is super simple. It simplifies my studying process, allowing me to find important data in no time." - Emily, student ★★★★★ (5/5)

Fast Online Processing Solution in 3 Clicks

First, the button for Convert PDF is selected to bring the workstation up. Then one needs to pay attention to the left column and select the desired feature that will be used. The next step is to upload the files for automatic conversion. Once everything is set up, push the Download button to save the processed docs to your device.

awzware online pdf converter

This Word to PDF converter lets me convert Word, Excel, CAD, and pics to PDF or turn PDF docs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, DWG, and HTML files. Using 256-bit SSL encryption, the tool guarantees the absolute safety of files. Besides, all docs after conversion are removed.

Support Team Contacted in 20 Minutes

The AWZWARE Support Center is famous for a very quick response to every challenging question and the needs of their clients. The specialists do their best to respond to every question in a period not longer than 2 working days ( I tested – they realy do). Such an attitude towards resolving each issue in time won’t let the users get off their workflow.

Awzware Pricing

AWZ Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac has three different subscription options such as monthly, yearly as well as a lifetime plan for one or two computers. The starting cost of a plan from $15.90/mo or $59.90/year. As for a free offer, users can record a three-minute video and save it to a PC folder for gratis.

SwifDoo PDF offers the following packages: one or two computers lifetime license, quarterly plan, and monthly plan. The pricing starts from $5.75/month for the yearly subscription. They have a free 7-day trial so users can try it out before deciding on the purchasing option.

SwifDoo PDF app for Android and iOS offers a yearly plan for $69.99 or a quarterly package for $19.99.


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