Adobe‌ ‌Capture‌ ‌vs‌ Vector Magic: Which Tool is Better

By Eva Williams 23 days ago, Software Reviews

I decided to compare Adobe Capture vs Vector Magic to find out which one is better for working with vector images. While Adobe Capture allows you to convert illustrations to vector graphics from your smartphone, Vector Magic has both desktop and web versions.

Using Adobe Capture, you can create designs directly from your smartphone. The app turns your images into creative building blocks for powerful graphics creation. You can use your camera to capture the desired fonts and patterns. The app allows you to create colorful patterns for your creative projects.

With Vector Magic, you can turn raster images into vector ones. The program supports various formats, including JPEG, GIF and PNG. You can convert them to vector images in EPS, SVG, and PDF formats. To convert a picture, you need to upload it to the program and download the result.

What is Adobe Capture?

adobe capture logo

Adobe Capture is a basic vector graphics app. You can use design elements from real life. However, it doesn't allow you to create illustrations from scratch unlike a vector program for Mac and Windows. Since it does not have any vector tools, you can use it as a converter to turn images into vector graphics.

Capture has an intuitive UI with three main sections, such as Settings, Library, and Options. You can find the basic parameters in the Settings section. It allows you to customize the desired options based on your Adobe account. Additionally, it features other Adobe applications for users to download. Besides, you can customize Adobe Libraries and choose the ones that are relevant to your project.

Using the Options section, you have access to multiple functions. Besides, the program allows you to collaborate with other designers to expand the library. You can also share access to your Adobe library. Adobe Capture offers six full-featured applets that cover all the design elements you need, including Shapes, Type, Colors, Materials, Patterns, and Brushes. You can go to any category to check out a tutorial on creating elements.

Once you finish with the project, you can save it to the Adobe Creative Cloud library. If you face any difficulties, you can check out the tutorial on how to use Adobe Capture. You will get access to digital assets from all programs that integrate with Creative Cloud.

Adobe Capture is compatible with other Adobe software, like Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

  • adobe‌ ‌capture‌ interface
  • interface adobe‌ capture‌

    Adobe‌ ‌Capture‌: Pros and Cons

    Ongoing vectorization. The app allows you to create vectors using shapes. You can convert your images to detailed, scalable vectors with 1-32 colors to create logos, animations, and other content. It allows you to either upload an image, or select an illustration to convert it into a vector graphic.

    Typography identification. Adobe Capture helps you find the right font. You can take a photo of the desired font in a book or magazine and upload the photo to the app. Capture will compile a list of similar fonts for you based on the picture.

    Create digital brushes. Using the Brushes applet, you can create custom brushes from real brush strokes or reference images. The app lets you create brushes for Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fresco to create eye-catching designs.

    3D textures creation. Capture allows you to create realistic PBR footage for 3D design directly from the camera. You can customize your design to enhance texture or create a seamless repeat tiling on 3D objects.

    Unique pattern creation. With this option, you can create kaleidoscopic images and continuous patterns. You can use the resulting images in your design work. First, upload an image that looks like a pattern into the applet. The program generates three main options that differ in color, sample size, and pattern shape.

    Fast sync of creative elements. You can find all projects in the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. The app allows you to sync your Creative Cloud account with compatible apps.

    Lack of access to app support and FAQs.

    What is Vector Magic?

    vector magic logo

    Vector Magic is a simple vector graphics software. You can use both the desktop and web-based versions of the program. The software includes an automatic tracing engine that smooths pixels for crisp, clear images. The program works great for creating print illustrations, profile pictures, and maps.

    Besides, it supports tracing and has a vector image system. You can zoom in to draw multiple elements without focusing on the grid. Besides, the software allows you to customize the quality. You can save the result in the desired format to your PC.

    The software supports various file formats for export, including SVG, AI, PDF, DXF, EMF, and EPS. You can find several options and color palettes for vectorizing and adjusting images. Besides, users can remove the background from images.

    Vector Magic is compatible with Windows XP or higher and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. The software integrates with the major graphic design software.

    • vector magic interface
    • interface vector magic

      Vector Magic: Pros and Cons

      Automatic vectorization. To vectorize an image, Vector Magic analyzes it and automatically applies the necessary settings. After that, the software outlines the underlying shapes in full color. To get started, you just need to upload an image and wait until the program delivers the result.

      Pixel-precise editing. Vector Magic is particularly accurate. The program analyzes every bit of information in your image and cuts edge pixels precisely. This way you get neat designs that meet your expectations.

      Allows editing the result. You can adjust your design in the desktop and web versions of the program. If you don't like a design, you can remove shapes, link elements, or separate them, edit lines and shapes.

      Supports multiple types of images. You create accurate photographs or posterize them. Besides, the program supports logos and cartoons. It allows you to scan objects for vectorization. When changing the image, you need to select the suggested action on the toolbar to get quick results.

      Useful guides. You can find various tutorials on the official website. They will help you master the online and desktop versions of the software. The developers show you how to work with images and make changes. Besides, you will learn how to posterize your image. If you want to learn how to scan images for anti-aliasing, these tutorials will also come in handy.

      Outdated interface.

      Vector Magic lacks a mobile version.

      Adobe‌ ‌Capture‌ ‌vs‌ Vector Magic: Price

      adobe capture vs vector magic price

      You can download Adobe Capture for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store. There are two subscriptions to choose from, a free one and paid Creative Cloud membership.

      If you opt for a free subscription, you get 2 GB of storage for keeping and sharing files. The program allows you to purchase an additional 20 GB of Creative Cloud file storage for $1.99 per month.

      Vector Magic has a free desktop trial. After the end of the trial version, the program offers you several packages to choose from. You can edit and view images for free, but you need to pay to download the result.

      The Web Version costs $5.49 per month. You get automatic vectorization, customizable basic vectorization mode, export in EPS, SVG, and PDF formats.

      To use the Desktop Version, you need to pay $295 per user. It supports batch processing, vectorization of large images, and has an advanced vectorization mode.

      Adobe‌ ‌Capture‌ ‌vs‌ Vector Magic: Who Wins?

      If you don’t know which option to choose, Adobe Capture or Vector Magic, you need to define your goals.

      Adobe Capture works great for beginners who want to work with vector graphics. If you often use the smartphone on the go, this app is your choice. Besides, you can sync it with other Adobe programs.

      Vector Magic is a more complex tool. If you are a beginner, you need to complete the training offered by developers on the site. The software allows you to create high-quality vectorized images. You can use it to sharpen colors and posterize images. The program can convert raster images to vectors. If you come from the graphic design industry, Vector Magic is your choice.

      Bonus Tools

      bonus tools

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