Adobe Acrobat DC vs PDF Studio: Which Software is Better

Both programs Adobe Acrobat DC and PDF Studio have been developed to create and edit PDFs, all the required actions included, which seem to be the same. Nonetheless, they differ from each other through a multitude of special options and are designed for users with dissimilar professional skills.

Adobe Acrobat DC is developed for professionals to create PDF documents, edit them and share with other users. In addition, it offers options for e-signature, converting, scanning documents etc., which are of service in the agenda of business and individual ends.

PDF Studio is a popular software developed by Quoppa Software company, targeted at users needing prompt and easy managing PDF files. It enables you to review and annotate documents, create them from the get-go edit and convert PDFs, and so on.

Which is Better? Final Verdict:

Adobe Acrobat DC fits users with a wider array of options to handle PDF files, especially, in the business branch. If there is the top-notch Adobe’s OCR technology, you can consider the red-tapism as easily diminished and turn all the required data into a digital format, with no fear to have valuable information got missed. Due to the cloud drive offered by the company you will get access to all the documents from any device.

What’s more, this option significantly reduces the collaborative work, what does explain why Adobe Acrobat DC does count as a mostly chosen work tool either by small teams or bigger enterprises alike.

Adobe Acrobat DC is the winner >

Adobe Acrobat DC offers:

  • Industry-standard OCR technology
  • Collaborative tools
  • Integration with multiple Adobe products
  • Multi-device support
  • Advanced editing features

What is Adobe Acrobat DC?

adobe acrobat dc interface

Adobe Acrobat DC is a multi-device software to be used on Windows-based desktop or mobile devices. Here you can enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface coupled with the manuals on the website, which are aimed to give you more advantages from the program’s set of options.

adobe acrobat dc annotation tools

Indeed, the Acrobat DC is one of the best fillable PDF creators that is equipped with various tools to be applied by advanced users. What is meant here, is an editor and reader in a complete configuration that postulates a Creative Cloud subscription. With this, you can elevate your efficiency in reading, adding comments, scanning and signing docs, and converting PDF files to Word, Excel, and many other popular formats.

adobe acrobat dc comparing documents

There are standard editing tools, plus the facility to split and merge docs, edit the document style, cut/insert text, etc. Converting to and from multiple formats, MS Word and various graphic formats included is also possible. In addition, the software renders it possible to compress PDF files lossless, even though the success index of this action will be up to numerous factors, which are specific with concrete documents’ marks.

adobe acrobat dc text and image editing

Comparing Adobe Acrobat DC vs PDF Studio, it is to bear in mind that the facility, which makes the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor to be a better tool than PDF Studio, does reside in advanced editing of text and illustrations. Image integration in PDF files goes as simple as one can imagine. And when it’s done, you just stay within the same workspace and proceed further by positioning your picture, flipping, rotating, and cutting it properly.

What is PDF Studio?

pdf studio interface

PDF Studio is a user-friendly, complete-featured software for handling PDF files, which is optimal for quick-made actions with docs in PDF format because of the automated tools the editor does provide. This workstation is well-known as a cross-platform solution, what does explain its popularity not only as a PDF editor for Mac but also for Windows and Linux. Even when endowed with an intuitive, logical, and elementary managed interface, it is, nevertheless, widely conceived as a little old-fashioned.

pdf studio annotation tools

You can find here a considerable set of tools for review and markup such as highlighting, sticky notes, text boxes, and graphical, audio, and freehand annotations. Besides, it is possible to secure documents with passwords, permissive actions, encrypt and authenticate them, say, by e-signatures, without the aid of third-party e-signature software ( Best Free E-signature Software List).

pdf studio action wizard

A new Action Wizard pf PDF Studio does allow you to make required repetitive tasks automated, to optimize your work on PDF files in an ongoing way. Beyond that, it is also possible to customize your operations by selecting a vast number of commands or features, whatsoever you might need, by equipping them with the specifically optioned pre-sets.

The PDF power users can also spare a lot of their time by taking advantage of the Session Manager. This tool does render it possible to save all outstanding docs, which are still in process at this time, and also reopen them later via a single click. To put it differently, this can restore a multitude of documents with the same frames and in the same document tag, just like your favorite web browser is doing when bringing your previous web session back.

pdf studio conversion

In addition, PDF Studio is meant to be a solid PDF to Word converter enabling you to convert files to MS Word format on all OSs without having Microsoft Word installed on your device. Moreover, it is able to convert PDF files to other formats such as JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, and more.


adobe acrobat dc logo
Adobe Acrobat DC
pdf studio logo
PDF Studio
  • Advanced settings for PDF processing tools
  • Extensive export features
  • Auto-complete documents
  • Security and optimization options
  • Collaborative access
  • Automation of repeated actions
  • Batch options
  • Rulers and grid for convenient editing
  • Support for JavaScript
  • Quick text searching


adobe acrobat dc vs pdf studio prices

As all the Adobe’s software do, Adobe Acrobat DC is a program based on subscription mode. It is allowed to sign up for 7-day free trial to test the functions. This option is available within 2 plans.

Acrobat Pro costs $23.99/month, and gives you an access to the entire features needed for working with PDF, which are available in the software. This option can be used both on Windows and Mac devices.

Acrobat Standard plan for $15.59 is restricted. It can be used only on Windows, and does support the same features, except for turn scanned documents into editable PDFs, removing sensitive visible info and comparing of the 2 docs.

PDF Studio does offer users a free version too, but with limitations. The full version is presented with 2 plans to choose.

PDF Studio Standard costs $99.00. It provides all the basic options, plus creating, editing, annotating, securing, and electronic signing of documents, and other functions.

PDF Studio Pro for the price of $139.00 entails all the features, including advanced ones. Here, you can take advantage of the following options: document optimization, batch processing, task automation etc.

FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Acrobat DC is a professional PDF editor app offering you the ability to enact all the possible tasks with PDF docs and their parts. The software comes with adjustable pro-grade functionality, which makes it a popular choice for professionals.

PDF Studio used mostly to perform quick edits. Due to its automation, this software is chosen for simple routine tasks, both in the business area and for personal goals alike.