30 Best Commercial Modeling Agencies in Different US States

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Apps and Software

If you are determined to become a successful model in America, it is paramount to look for the best commercial modeling agencies in US. Only then it is possible to take advantage of all the opportunities and not be tricked by dishonest recruiters.

There are dozens of such agencies in virtually every city, therefore it would be reasonable to settle on the direction of your future career first, as well as decide on the types of photoshoots you are ready to take part in. Reliable companies mentor their models and help them find plenty of great vacancies.

Before addressing a model agency, learn its requirements and terms of cooperation. Note that the most frequent demand is an eye-catching portfolio. So, check the next paragraph to discover the important aspects you need to consider when choosing a company that can represent you in the best light.

How to Choose an Appropriate Modeling Agency

The choice of an appropriate modeling agency mostly depends on your experience in the industry. If you are just making strides in this profession, a small agency in your native town is probably a perfect place to jumpstart your career. Such local businesses usually work with iconic American agencies and are constantly looking for young talents.

Niche. Many model management institutions only specialize in a specific niche and this is an essential aspect to consider before making a decision. Hence, if you are interested in shoe modeling, turn your attention to companies that conduct such types of photoshoots.

Checking out the info about agencies you are interested in will help you get a sense of what types of models they look for. This will let you determine whether it is worth sending an application to this or that company. Note that nowadays people with any parameters, of any gender or age can become a model, so you will definitely find a recruiter who will consider your type to be unique.

Terms of cooperation. As a rule, each modeling agency has its terms for cooperation with models, They set specific rules on how candidates should apply, fill out model release forms and work with clients. Examine info about contracts, fines, and portfolio requirements and clarify all legal aspects.

Note that some agencies forbid models to participate in various creative projects organized by other companies, so if you do want to diversify your modeling activity, check this info. For example, find out whether you are allowed to take part in TFP shoots, or volunteer as a model in unpaid campaigns to expand your experience, etc. You should also specify whether you have permission to accept job offers from contractors that do not cooperate with your agency.

Earning opportunities. Most modeling agencies take 20-30% commission of all model earnings. Learn what aspects this payment covers. Besides, discuss if this fee depends on how well the agent promotes you.

Security. Many agencies treat their models unethically, so check whether your company is not from this list before sending an application. With this in mind, look for info about the place you are going for an interview on other sites, and specialized forums, discuss this issue with other models, and check the reviews if they are available.

Trusted Commercial U.S. Modeling Agencies

Look at the list below to discover the most respected model management companies in different states of the USA and get a chance to build a successful career in the fashion industry.

Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles

commercial modeling agencies los angeles

Storm Los Angeles is the leader of the industry, which works with models and artists. They specialize in the high fashion genre and look for suitable types among female and male candidates.

Q Management is a boutique agency with branches in Los Angeles and New York. It boasts cooperation with many luxury brands like Chanel, Lancome, Nike, etc. They work with men and women letting them build successful careers and become ambassadors of world-famous companies.

Photogenics Media is a result-driven fashion agency, thanks to which the modeling world has many famous trends nowadays. They have years of experience, which helped them excel in the industry and become top-rated fashion, entertainment, and media company marketing models and creatives.

Modeling Agencies in New York City

commercial modeling agencies new york city

Next Models is a global model management company that market male and female models, as well as representatives of the TV, music, and other industries. With branches in Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, and Milan, they do their best to promote new faces and provide top models with multiple contracts.

Elit Model is a reputable commercial modeling business based in New York that also serves Los Angeles and Miami. This is the place where the first “supermodels” appeared. Besides, the agency represented such giants from the modeling business as Cindy, Naomi, Heidi, and others. This modeling website like model Myhem is not casting candidates currently, but welcoming models to submit their portfolios online.

IMG Models is an international model management company with branches in virtually every part of the globe. They conduct very popular seasonal Fashion Camp and Model Prep mentorship programs, the purpose of which is to help participants develop their talents. There the aspiring models can learn model poses, acquire new skills, and discover the intricacies of the modeling industry.

Modeling Agencies in Miami

commercial modeling agencies miami

Posche Model International is one of the best commercial modeling agencies in US that has branches in Miami, NY, Bangkok, Tokyo, and other big cities worldwide. They encourage candidates to submit their portfolios online. On the company’s website, you can find comprehensive info about the types of models the agency is currently seeking.

The Green Agency is a boutique agency, the main office of which is in Miami Beach. The company helps aspiring and established actors, artists, models, and representatives of creative industries advance their careers. It accepts English and Spanish-speaking talents of both genders and various ages.

Caroline Gleason Models has departments that specialize in fashion, and fitness modeling and serve influencers. The readiness to work with people who have a non-traditional orientation is what lets this company stand out among others. The agency has its own studio and technical specialists, so it understands the requirements of models, producers, directors, and other personnel in the media field.

Modeling Agencies in Atlanta

commercial modeling agencies atlanta

BMG Models has branches in various USA cities and promotes models who want to build their careers in the fashion, commercial, and lifestyle industries. The company works with representatives of both genders and children. Their office in Atlanta welcomes applicants of 13 years and older on Wednesdays.

Click Models is a reputable modeling company that has divisions in many American cities. Each branch specializes in presenting various types of models, like plus size, fitness, etc. Besides, the agency has a talent department that is responsible for promoting actors and actresses for different film genres. Thanks to Click Models, the world knows such talented actresses as Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston, Isabella Rossellini, etc.

Houghton Talent is always in search of women and men, babies, and teens who are determined to build a successful career in modeling. They also represent families, dancers, actors, and other creatives.

Modeling Agencies in Chicago

commercial modeling agencies chicago

Models, influencers, artists, and actors choose The Rock Agency to showcase their portfolios. They help plus-size, children, and fitness models excel in the industry and become real professionals. By browsing the company’s website, you can check the most recent works and get inspired by female and male poses to become ready for an interview.

10 MGMT is one of the best commercial modeling agencies in US that work with diverse models who want to become professionals in midwestern and entertainment fields. The most notable thing about this company is that it does not impose standards of model look searching for fresh and unique appearances. Having multiple divisions, the agency prepares outstanding job candidates for any market.

Shirley Hamilton Talent is one of the most reputable platforms for actors and models who want to try their skills in various fields including film. TV, theatre, commercial, etc. They are open to cooperation with men and women, children and teenagers, and welcome non-binary gender models.

Modeling Agencies in Charlotte

commercial modeling agencies charlotte

Carolina Talent is more oriented to working with professional models and actors. Besides, they can help if you decide to get your pet into modeling. As the agency does not demand nude photos and tries to establish the most comfortable relationship with models and clients, its popularity is instantly increasing.

Evolution Talent Agency develops and represents both actors and models. Thanks to their hard work, they always manage to book excellent jobs in TV, film, and print media for all mentees. An applicant should be older than 4 years and share his/her portrait and full-length photos via the email form on the website.

John Casablancas is a popular international model who decided to create his agency and help new talents enter the industry. Thanks to his unique ability to identify and promote promising models, he has already made a huge contribution to the modeling field. When developing Elite Model Management Agency, he introduced top supermodels to the USA market.

Modeling Agencies in Dallas

commercial modeling agencies dallas

If you want to get signed, turn your attention to The Campbell Agency. It cooperates with male and female models, as well as children trying to find people with unusual appearances. Besides, they look for worthy jobs for actors, influencers, and representatives of other creative industries.

With its main office in Dallas, TX, Alice Laura Models is a global modeling institution that provides models and artists with perfect job opportunities. The agency casts candidates for various events like promotions, trade shows, etc. Note that the company only deals with models who have a higher-profile education.

Having a huge team of professionals who know how to market a new talent, Dragonfly Agency already helped many models achieve success in the fashion industry. They tightly cooperate with national and international fashion companies, offering a vast selection of job opportunities in any part of the world.

Modeling Agencies in Seattle

commercial modeling agencies seattle

QuickBook Agency is a respected commercial modeling business that recruits candidates for clients from around the globe. They usually look for models in the USA and Canada and offer them to participate in photo sessions in their local town. This means that the candidates can work virtually at their doorsteps.

As one of the most reputable modeling agencies in the USA, SMG Models recruits and develops new faces in the modeling business for over forty years. It markets candidates to clients from various fields including Fashion, Lifestyle, and Commercial. Their models were lucky to participate in campaigns conducted by Prada, Calvin Klein, and other fashion houses. Not only that, many of them are published in such reputable fashion magazines as Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and more.

The purpose of TCM Models and Talent agency is not only to find some pretty faces for their clients but also to help new talents to become more professional in the industry. The company’s agents show their mentees the most winning male and female poses, teach them how to successfully cooperate with brands, etc. Regular workshops and castings allow the company to introduce great talents to the fashion market.

Modeling Agencies in Houston

commercial modeling agencies houston

First Models is a place where both aspiring and professional models managed to kickstart their careers in the TV, media, and entertainment industries. With the help of this company, they become sought-after at local and international levels. Besides, if you want to work as a promo model, the agency can also assist you with this issue. The list of publications and brands the company cooperates with is really astonishing.

Recruiting diverse models and talents, Neal Hamil Agency sources excellent candidates for various industries. Their mentees often grace the covers of world-famous magazines, open fashion shows organized by luxury brands, and shoot for impressive commercials. They only offer job opportunities provided by reputable and respected clients.

Based in Houston, Model Essence also has departments in LA, NYC, and Atlanta. The agency is present on the market for over 18 years and during this time they’ve helped a lot of aspiring models become top-rated professionals in Photography, Modelling, Acting, TV, and other fields. Its specialists devote much time to training newcomers getting them ready for interviews with giants in the modeling business. Modeling photography enters the scope of their services as well.

Modeling Agencies in Austin

commercial modeling agencies Austin

Mazza Models is a reputable modeling institution that has successfully promoted many models allowing them to cooperate with luxury brands (Hugo Boss, Nike, etc.,). Their mentees often work in major cities of the fashion industry. The agency accepts applications from women and men of any type and with even the most extraordinary experience. But note that you have to be older than 18 years to submit your portfolio.

Callidus Agency is a franchise of SAG-AFTRA that provides a full spectrum of modeling services. It is based in Austin and Dallas. The list of industries the company prepares candidates for is quite vast including broadcast, commercial, print, etc. The models who are eager to cooperate with Callidus Agency can show up with their unique style and a good vibe during open calls held on Tuesdays at the Dallas department.

With branches in Austin and Dallas, Brown Agency welcomes models to visit their open calls regularly conducted every Wednesday. Beyond models, they also recruit photographers, make-up artists, and actors, and also look for young talents.

How to Get Signed to a Good Modeling Agency

Not that various modeling agencies have specific terms of cooperation and look for applicants in different ways. Usually, the company’s website contains detailed instructions on how a model can become a part of its fashion family.

The most frequent demand is to apply online indicating your parameters, and contact details, and attaching the link to a portfolio. The other way to make an agent notice you is to visit a casting and take advantage of an opportunity to present yourself during a face-to-face meeting.

Besides, many agencies often browse social media networks in search of new faces and types. That is why a model who is just making strides in the industry should devote much time to building eye-grabbing and professional-looking profiles on Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms. By doing so, you can attract more potential employers. Post your best shots, share your professional experience, and leave your contact info.

Another way to let a recruiter know about you is to create your personal website. Including the link to your page on your social media profile is a good idea. This allows potential employers to get a better understanding of the level of your professionalism, experience, and commitment.

Make a Professional Model Portfolio

commercial modeling agencies portfolio

Regardless of the terms of cooperation and criteria of a model selection, all modeling agencies USA ask applicants to send their portfolios. However, if you are a newcomer whose modeling experience is insufficient, you should consider participation in free campaigns. Many agencies, photographers, and studios seek free models for photography, providing you with an excellent opportunity to build a professional portfolio that can become your "pass ticket" to a modeling world.

Creating a portfolio is a very scrupulous task. Here you need to describe your experiences and skills to get the job you’ve always dreamt about. Make sure to provide all comprehensive details, and your contact info, and indicate the type of projects you do not mind participating in. Build your portfolio to reflect your personality as well as the genre you specialize in or the industry you want to work as a model.