infoDiagram Design Services Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 11 days ago, Apps and Software

infoDiagram Services

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Verdict: infoDiagram services come in handy when you need to add visual appeal to your presentation. They will preserve the structure and text content of your slides and complement them with eye-catching images and other elements.

I like that they take into account the overall style of your brand. While working on the presentation, the team adds your logo, selects the appropriate color combination, adjusts the fonts, and inserts the slide into the chosen template. This is a very important point if you have already had your branding strategy.

  • Vast experience in the market
  • Create a new presentation or use a PPT template
  • Make all adjustments to match your brand
  • Provide graphical face-lifting of the slides
  • Data security
  • Custom-designed projects
  • Team of highly qualified designers
  • Quick turnaround
  • The price is determined individually
infodiagram services website

You can turn to the infoDiagram design services team for redesigning your presentation or ordering visual content from scratch. Experienced experts can create attractive pictures and elements or entire PowerPoint templates that you can use in your next presentations. Just tell the team about your requirements and needs and they will provide you with a project that exceeds your expectations. Go on reading this infoDiagram services review to learn more about the benefits of this company.

infoDiagram Services – Main Features

infodiagram services logo

infoDiagram was founded by three friends who discovered some struggles in everyday business communication and rallied to create effective solutions. Over time, they expanded into a large team of highly-skilled professionals. The company consists of experienced graphic designers, business consultants, and web developers. They will go out of their way to provide you with unique visuals for your presentations.

The team offers not only a huge selection of ready-made products but also design services and trainings. Thanks to close communication with the client during the work on the project, the final result always meets all the customer’s requirements. They are ready to make any changes if you do not like something at any point.

Visual Coherence and Attractiveness of Slides

infodiagram services matching slides with branding

The infoDiagram services team has proven as excellent experts at the graphical enhancement of your slides. They will make your presentation clearer and more attractive by using charts, icons, and pictures instead of some text. They will also work on the structure of the text to make the information more readable. Plus, the team will enhance the color palette of your presentation.

They also work with slides regarding relevance to your brand. They will apply your brand's visual style to the slides by adding your logo, updating fonts and colors to match your visual identity, and inserting the slides into your template.

Creating Visuals for Presentation from Scratch or Making Deep Redesign

infodiagram services visuals for presentation

These guys can handle both redesigning and creating visual content from scratch. They can build some elements to make the presentation stand out or whole PowerPoint templates for later reuse. The infoDiagram team will fulfill all your wishes and recommendations.

Their awesome reusable PowerPoint templates include master slides defaults, fonts and colors matching your branding, preset graphics, and coherent slide layouts.

I also like that they provide relevant PowePoint slides built on coherent slide layouts, engaging text-based visuals, consistent graphics, and fonts and colors to match your branding ideas.

Moreover, the team will create personalized editable visuals such as illustrations, icons, charts, etc.

Training to Raise Competencies in Designing PowerPoint Presentations

infodiagram services training

InfoDiagram services also include training sessions to improve your competencies in designing PowerPoint presentations. You can choose individual or group online courses.

They offer 3 training subjects:

PowerPoint slides design. Here you will learn how to replace text with visuals, create diagrams in a few clicks, work with templates, layouts and presets, and many useful design tricks & hints.

PowerPoint data visualization. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn how to insert stunning excel based charts and tables, improve your charts and tables control skills and learn how to avoid common mistakes.

PowerPoint 1 on 1. At this individual trainings, they will teach you how to create amazing slides and learn more about advanced PowerPoint features. You will get a lot of useful tips and tubes for your needs. All classes are held according to the schedule agreed with you.

Pre-Made Templates Created Based on Rules for Structuring Information

infodiagram services templates

I believe that the individual development of infoDiagram PowerPoint templates, taking into account the characteristics of your business and needs, is one of the strengths of this company. As a result of cooperation with the team, you get both visually appealing pictures and well-structured texts. They rely on powerful data visualization tools to make your information more readable to viewers.

Designers pay attention to the spacing between charts and icons as well as the correlation of font sizes and styles. Keep in mind that these settings can be changed as needed when you use the templates for future presentations. Remember that the resulting slide should look attractive and the text fields should not be confusing to the reader.

infoDiagram Services Prices

On the website, there is no information about prices for infoDiagram services. To find out, you need to go to the page and click the "Request a quote" button. You need to enter your name, email, subject, and your specific work requirements in the special form. Within a few hours, the manager will give you an answer by email.


While preparing this infoDiagram services review, I carefully studied the market to find out if there are other trustworthy companies in this field. As a result, I can say that infoDiagram is the sole leader in its field. Their experienced staff creates unique visuals and templates based on depth business analytics, appropriate style and design to meet the needs of their clients.

They stay ahead of their competitors with high-quality design development, an impressive collection of materials, and a reputable name. Although you can find some alternatives, the quality of their work leaves better.